UWI Has Unanimously Approved Antigua Campus Says PM


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says UWI will write to Antigua on Monday or Tuesday this week confirming the fourth landed campus at Five Islands.

Browne disclosed over the weekend that the vice chancellor of the University already conveyed to him the good news on Friday.

“Sir Hilary (Beckles) called myself and the honourable attorney general last evening and he informed us that the members of the University Council have now unanimously approved the fourth landed campus for Antigua and Barbuda,” Browne told his weekly radio programme.

The prime minister said following the announcement by UWI, an implementation committee will be established by the university.

“My understanding now is that on Monday, the chancellor, after he would have informed the various council members, he would then issue a formal statement to that effect and he will then mandate the university to establish an implementation committee, the prime minister announced.

The government has expressed the wish to open the university by September 2019. No announcement has been made about an opening date.

Browne said the three campus countries which had concerns about the fourth landed campus have now been satisfied.

“You know there are three countries who had reservations, those reservations have been lifted,” he said.

The government said it would fund the university by a windfall tax on financial institutions and by diverting some funding to the prime minister’s scholarship programme.

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  1. I really support this concept of a real university campus in Antigua and I think it will make our nation stronger. I just wish that UWI itself was putting up more money for this effort, rather than Antigua needing to put up all the money. Also, I really hope the UWI-Antigua campus focuses on government and public affairs degree programs, since many foreign countries (such as China) are making Antigua their HUB for diplomacy in the Caribbean region. That would really make sense.

    Anyways, congrats on accomplishing this task PM Browne and I just encourage you to do your best to get funding from other countries in CARICOM for this effort. Also, large companies that do business in Antigua should be asked to make voluntary donations to make the new UWI-Antigua campus even better.

    • Large Companies should provide scholarships to students from Antigua first and second from the region.

  2. And now Giselle can resign from her part time job as lecturer. You really wont be missed by anyone.

    • Wow i can guarantee u r an antiguan look a the most badminded people in the world and its coming from an antiguan……gaston we need more guyanese here especially the indian women them the best type of women to make your wife. …. men if u want to experience any sort of true love get u a real women who will see your worth as a man

      • Badminded? Gisele did make her position quite clear and pellucid. So she can go retire as planned. Why do we need more Guyanese indian here? There is a saying in GT that “The only good coolie is a dead one”

        Anyway, I wish the new university much success. Our people can now equip themselves right at home with the necessary knowledge and skills to COMPETE GLOBALLY.

      • Sorry but in case you didn’t know. It was her own words that if the UWI decided to have the campus opening here in Antigua she would resign. I’m only reminding her to do what she said she would.

      • @ she cant Tek-Why do you keep polluting the forum with your baseless nonsense? From reading other comments from you,It seem you have an obsession with relationship and sex.. You need to contribute to the topic at hand or just stay off the forum, with your vulgar diatribe..

  3. “Higher education institutions serve as a focal point for increasing the education level of the local workforce…and as a source of employment. Faculty, staff and students provide a strong consumer and support base for local businesses and nonprofits.”

  4. Congratulations Mr. PM one of the best things that could ever happened to Antigua. My daughter is presently attending UWI @State College will she be able to finish here last year in Antigua? Also what r the programs offered?


  5. If all cannot unite on this topic, I say our country is in a poor state.

    This is one thing that should bring national pride and joy to all Antiguans and Barbudans.

    There is absolutely nothing negative that can be said about having a university on island nothing.

    Any one who speak anything negative about this mission ensure they never gain public office.

  6. We are a strange set of people. I cannot believe we are so shortsighted that we really believe we will be able to support a 4th campus here. Many of you who are talking, have you ever seen one of the three campuses? Do you really know what constitutes an accredited university?
    We can’t even pay our pensioners. We can’t even upgrade our primary and secondary schools. Don’t mention the state college. We are going to fund the university with another tax on the people. Are we serious? Does this man have people so mesmerized with his wizardry that we can’t see what is happening here? And UWI, are Beckles and the others so desperate that they allow this madness? Have they done the proper due diligence to ensure that we can sustain the campus? What will they do if it falls through? Apologize to UWI grads who are having a hard time internationally with their degrees?
    I still cannot believe that the University of the West Indies approved this craziness. Was it a case like Mia Mottley happily offloading LIAT on Antigua? When will this nightmare that we are living here in Antigua end?

    • Poor you. You are still in a state of disbelieve. Keep on wishing doom and gloom on this government it will not help you. Just face the reality. ABLP is a can do government. Not like the inept UPP government They wanted so much to run the country, and when they got the chance they blew it. PIT was their only answer. They didn’t even know how to negotiate with investors for the benefit of our country. See how they gave Butch All our taxes

      • Stop the world is not wishing “doom and gloom” on this government…this blogger is quite rightfully asking how on earth are we going to pay for this university and YOU have not answered that question, and when you do answer perhaps you could also give an explanation to the fund lacking issues that are affecting pensioners, schools, the State College, wages in arears, the roads and not least of all the hospital. Taxing we, the people and businesses to death is not the answer…businesses will leave and so will those of the population who are in a position to do so and all who leave will take their funds with them. I read recently that St. Lucia has had 3 years of continuous growth and has reduced taxes such as the VAT from 15% to 12.5% and a reduction of vehicle license fees to name two of the considerations that has been passed on to the people. All we have gotten in Antigua is increases and added debt that is sending Antigua into bankruptcy….In a comparison to St. Lucia I think it is called good management for the people versus bad management and to hell with the people for Antigua!!

        • Oh look!! It’s jeb the “Faithful National” returning from protesting against red plastic.

          Thank you for your sterling contribution to the development of Antigua and Barbuda. Kudos to you that the UWI Five Islands campus is set to become a reality. Stand and take a bow.


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