UWI Five Islands Valedictorian Applauded by the Ministers of Government

UWI Five Islands Valedictorian

The Cabinet invited to its meeting Miss Nadine Jean-Pierre, the valedictorian of the 2021 graduating class of the UWI Fourth Landed Campus.


The triumph and persistence of this extremely intelligent 22 year-old student from very lowly circumstances won her great applause.


She graduated with First Class Honours despite trying circumstances, including the absence of electricity at her mother’s home, causing her to move to her Aunt’s home, in order to access the distance learning imposed by the Covid-19 challenges.


Her parents are from another OECS state and work at low-paying jobs; the student was born in Antigua and attended public primary and secondary schools in Golden Grove and Jennings, before her acceptance to the Antigua State College and to the UWI Fourth Landed Campus.


The student is herself employed by Special Security Services, working at night in order to allow her attendance at class in the daytime (prior to Covid). She intends to pursue her accounting license before going on to complete a Master’s Degree.


She acknowledged receiving the Prime Minister’s Scholarship and other incentives that allowed her to complete her Bachelor’s Degree.


The Cabinet asked her what could be done to further her achievements, and she is to meet with Minister Molwyn Joseph in a few days to outline her requirements, to be approved by the Cabinet.


She resides in the St. Mary’s North Constituency.

The availability of the UWI Fourth Landed Campus cannot be under-estimated, it was agreed, defying those who failed to measure the miracle of accessible tertiary education to the masses.


The student body continues to grow each year, despite Covid.


The Cabinet applauded Dr. George Mansoor for the UWI Honorary Doctorate award conferred upon him by the UWI Five Islands, and has applauded him for excellence in his practice of medicine, saving lives and making the sick whole.


He is an outstanding citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, it was agreed.


The Cabinet also applauded Sir Anderson Roberts for the UWI Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree awarded during the same graduation ceremony for his excellence as a cricketer/sportsman.


The standard of excellence which he set is greatly admired by all in the cricketing world.

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  1. Lovely story and extremely happy for the young lady. Wonder what people like Me Byam think when they read this. Will he continue to say that ALP does nothing to educate poor people. If the university was not here chances are this young lady would not have made such a wonderful accomplishment because due the the finances she would not have been able to attend university.

  2. Congratulations to you young Queen.

    (If it were up to Lovell and Gisele, this would not have been possible)

    Blessings to you as you persist in your endeavours

    • Really u full a shit..n have no idea wat u saying..n u dam forward if the university wasnt here.she could of get help to move forward.u dam fresh

      • You evidently need to sign up for some classes. But you are not ready for university level yet, since it requites comprehension and critical thinking skills. Go back to primary school.

        (If it were up to Lovell and badminded Gisele, there would be no UWI Five Islands).

  3. Why are you people so ignorant ? The idea of a university in Antigua came from Jackie Quinn . The only difference is the location ,which was proposed at the US army base . Then the Five Islands secondary school would have ease the over crowding at the Ottos Comprehensive . Stop misinforming people . They are more serious problems going on in Antigua. Depression,stress ,cost of living out of the roof and so on . But I have come to realized how Antiguan’s are blinded by fiction and not reality . Stop the political crap and call out the ills ,whether it is UPP,ABLP,DNA or Go Green. So much conflict of interest going on in government. SMDH.

    • Yeah and you had the “idea” to create the first iPhone, 🙄 but Steve Jobs MADE IT HAPPEN. So who gets the credit? Rolston Benjamin or Steve Jobs??? 🤣🤣🤣
      Go back into your little lameduck corner and keep wishing instead of doing and see how far that gets you in life. Take a page from the young woman’s book and DO SOMETHING!!!

    • Wow… This is a classic case of Amnesia. Are you telling Wadadlians that there was strong opposition to the university at this location? You have lost any semblance of credibility. You are the the one that is so political blinded and ignorant. Please help Wadadlians to find any documents that you uppity folks support the university at 5islands. Instead of giving credit where it belongs you refer to others ignorant. For the sake of decency show some honesty and class.

  4. Big up to you girl. Just like our forefathers and current PM, you persevered in the face of adversity 👏
    The dogs barked and barked at the wagon, but it kept rolling on. Pronouncements of “watered down” and threats to resign did not stop you girl. You’re an inspiration to all 🇦🇬

  5. I am honestly wondering if antiguan’s really follow things in their country. Now ,the young lady had to moved to live with her aunt ,because her mother had no electricity. Where were the politicians to help ,? But now they are trying to benefit politically from her achievement. Congratulations to you Ms. Pierre. Keep away from the political ignorance ,and focus on your future endeavors.

    • You are a shameful person.. Don’t have any decency to give credit. You don’t have to agree with the present government but you must show honesty and decency. Your deception will not work. You have no credibility. Sometimes it’s best not to say anything but to spout ignorance is show that you are intellectual dishonest person that can’t be believe in anything you writes.

    • You are so bitter and it shows in the comments you made. You were probably one of those fools who was against the university. Just congratulate the young lady and keep it moving but no you just had to infuse the politics. Get over yourself the young lady over came her obstacles and now sits at the top. Had

  6. A very impressive story indeed!! The young lady should be a roll model to many. Inspite of her trying circumstances, she made sure that perseverance was her key….. Unlike many other Antiguans, especially those who have false pride, she took up a job that would be considered inferior by our standards and used it as a stepping stone to assist her to get where she wants to go……. Great job!! A Goal, dedication, perseverance & proper planning can always lead to success

  7. These naysayers must be feelling sick.
    University inna Antigua.
    Now poor people have a greater chance of getting an education.
    If it was up to the UPP, it would not have been possible. They said that UWI would have been watered down by having a landed campus here.
    Instead the UWI rise to even greater excellence .
    Move on up Gaston Browne


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