UWI Five Islands Head Says Building Dorms Is A Priority


The interim head of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Five Islands, has reportedly told the government of Antigua and Barbuda to prioritize building dormitories.

Professor Stafford Griffith was invited to Cabinet on Wednesday in order to ensure better coordination between government and UWI.

The Interim Head explained that building dormitory rooms on campus is a priority, taking into consideration the drive which the Five Islands campus will undertake to attract O.E.C.S. students to the campus.

According to notes circulated following the discussions, “there was an informal agreement to build 100 dormitory rooms for a start, and to encourage homeowners in the village of Five Islands to begin preparing to attract overseas students to extended homes.”

An Infrastructure Working Group has been established by the Cabinet, with the responsibility to further the coordination between government/Cabinet and the UWI.

Meantime, the government says it approved a science laboratory costing EC$60,000 and $700,000 dollars will be spent by the Embassy of China to upgrade further the I.T. system.

A Trust Fund has also been created to support the UWI Fourth Landed Campus into which monies secured from wealthy contributors, by the government, can be placed for continuous upgrading.

The government says it has received millions of dollars through the fund so far.




  1. What else do Antiguans want. There is a clarion call to build dorms. Yet Antiguan entrepreneurs cannot get together and cease the moment. They wait until some foreigner or Syrian like Hadeed take the opportunity. There is absolutely no downside. Just look all over the world where there is a university there are dorms and students kill to be living in the dorm. it’s almost like profit guaranteed. But Antiguans rather keep their savings in the bank getting 2-3%. I urge NAMCO to take the lead and launch an investment opportunity for people in the form of bonds and or shares. Put up and IPO. And let is build a univeristy village. Divide the portfolio in different size investment. Social Security can buy some. The returns will be good enough for their portfolio.
    Five Island will become a University town. Having its own entertainment center and Supermarket. Laundry and other facilities.
    We can make Five Island bigger and better that all of them.

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