UWI describes headline to reparation story as ‘inaccurate”

Sir Hilary Beckles

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, has described as “inaccurate” the headline of a story indicating an agreement had been reached with the University of Glasgow to pay £200 million (One British Pound=US$1.27 cents) in reparation payments to the regional tertiary institution.

In a brief statement, Sir Hilary said that the headline of the story originally published in the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper last weekend and subsequently carried by other regional media outlets “addressing the vice-chancellor of the University of Glasgow’s admission that £200 million in fees, endowments and grants were received from Caribbean slave owners, and attributing reference to an “agreement” with the vice-chancellor of The UWI to repay the said sum, was inaccurate”

The statement said that the “universities are working through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) built upon the principle of “reparatory justice”, but there is no “agreement” about the repayment of £200 million to The UWI.

“In good faith, the two universities, ever since the vice-chancellor of the University of Glasgow, Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli, indicated that his university seeks to be excellent and ethical, have had excellent conversations about how the University of Glasgow can contribute to cleaning up the colonial legacies of slavery that are holding back the region”.

The statement said that a working team has been established, which has made many reparatory justice submissions, “but is yet to complete its deliberations”.

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  1. lol wow! Did Hilary get a late night call from the same colonial masters instructing him to deny the veracity of the headline? LMAO. They still got y’all fooled. You and D’obrene O’Marde fulla fart and waste of time when it comes to this reparations “snot” fest. Good luck.


    Know there are simpletons across the globe and still others that are dull-witted.

    However, do not believe that some people would have been so ‘…gullible’ in believing that the Principal of the Glasgow University could simply ‘…put his fingers’ in the kitty of the University and dole out a ‘…compensatory or reparatory package’ to another University for the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

    What would the two ‘…Red Thumbers’ now do in respect to this statement by the goodly Vice Chancellor, Sir Hilary Beckles and my earlier ‘…Skeptical Comment’ on the same news item?’ [ANR: November 25, 2018].

    Watch it ‘…the real rastaman.’ Seemed that while others may have been ‘…counting chickens before they are hatched,’ you may have been ‘…nibbling at a line without bait.’

    There is nothing to cushion a bait-less hook.

    Hungry fishes sometimes grab and are hooked. Remember Mighty Arrow’s song ‘…They Hook?’

    Well, hook on anyone of those he referenced in the song.

  3. @ Mr Pompey reprinted from 25th November 2018

    @ sideline do you really think this University could do such a thing without the consent of the nobles?
    To catch rat you must bate the trap.
    The Caribbean is broke and out of ideas to generate new money, they are fully aware of this so they are using money to re-enter.

    200 million pounds would sound like a lot of money to a broke man to the wealthy it’s a small price to pay in order to achieve a covert or overt operation


    You are so right; ‘…to catch a rat,you must bait the trap.’

    Seemed our good friend ‘…The real rastaman’ walked into a ‘…baited human trap.’

    Not for Sir Hilary Beckles for sure. Interestingly, he chairs the ‘…CARICOM Reparations Committee.’

    Though not as bright as these intellectuals, it boggles the mind that the ‘…Glasgow University would have sidelined the ‘…CARICOM’ umbrella body and singled out the institution of learning, the ‘…University of the West Indies (UWI),’ of which instructively, Sir Hilary is the Vice Chancellor.

    Was this coincidental or has any relations to nest feathering? Rather not impute nor speculate.

    Even so, a true believer of what Pastors do, – ‘…first Christen their children.’

    None may be blamed but the ‘…Jamaica Gleaner,’ which headline appeared to have provoked consternation in the Glasgow community and Sir Vito Antonio Muscatelli.

    Do believe that a ‘…partnership agreement’ is still possible, but it may not be called ‘…Reparatory Justice.’

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