UWI appoints new head of site in Antigua


The University of the West Indies (UWI) open campus has appointed Coleen Letlow as head of its country site in Antigua and Barbuda with effect from August 1.

“Ms Letlow has 15 years’ experience in the higher educational sector,” UWI said in a release.

The communique outlined Letlow’s experiences as serving in several leadership roles at a private tertiary institution in the region before joining the UWI team; over five years as its student finance director as well as director of entrepreneurship and professional development programmes; and online programme manager.

Letlow obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education (Cum Laude) and her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Andrews University in Michigan, USA.  She also holds an Associate Degree in Banking and Finance, and is currently a doctoral candidate at Walden University, USA, pursuing a doctorate in business administration with specialisation in entrepreneurship.

“Ms Letlow is a confident, charismatic, and caring leader who believes in the transformative power of education and training,” the release added. “She asserts that the opportunities of a sound education can change individuals and society for the better. As a result, she aspires to inspire those around her.”



  1. She doesn’t hold a PhD and she is not a university administrator. This seems weird. ….and what she will actually be doing? Sad to see our first major university in Antigua lose all its monies in salaries for useless staff.

    • Is the Open Campus still near the Hospital Holberton.If it is,we used to call it Extra Mural Department.Good luck young lady.You are going to need it.Just go about your daily work in a professional matter.Let your performances speak for you.The end results are what should mattered.One does not need a PhD to teach and inspire others at the highest levels.

  2. Um….er…..did…..I ….miss….the….part…..about…….what…..her……DUTIES….will……entail???

  3. Is this young woman from Guyana….? To me, the surname name sounds Guyanese…. Wasn’t there no locals qualified & interested in the job…… Sorry, if I sound prejudice but according the good book, charity begins at home.

      • But yes she has Guyanese roots. But how can you all claim to want to push for “One Caribbean” and whenever an individual from another territory is given the opportunity to serve you react negatively? There are loads of Antiguan national who have different positions in other universities in the Caribbean and I guarantee you the other territories don’t react the way y’all do about it. You cannot expect everything to be “kept to yourselves”

        • 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

          You right sir. She also lectured me while doing my undergrad and I have the utmost respect for her.

  4. Couldn’t UWI attract an individual with comparative academic, professional qualifications and experience as in the other UWI campus territories? Something seems amiss here. Accepting second-rate standards at this level, at this critical juncture in the life of the Five Islands Campus could impact negatively on its present and future development. Not at all impressed. Something seems amiss here.

  5. The University of the West Indies (UWI) open campus has appointed Coleen Letlow as head of its country site in Antigua and Barbuda with effect from August 1.

    This clearly said Open Campus not Five Islands omg. People read and comprehend omfg

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