USA Today publication describes St. Kitts and Nevis As “Caribbean Economic Powerhouse”


St. Kitts and Nevis: A Caribbean Economic Powerhouse Spotlighted in Business Focus Report for USA Today

The Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis has garnered international attention, being prominently featured in a comprehensive country report by Business Focus, a distinguished subset of USA Today headquartered in the United Kingdom. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP

Business Focus, renowned for its impartial and meticulous analyses, aims to elevate the global recognition of nations, trade blocs, and international bodies while alerting and enticing foreign investors to emerging markets’ potential.

USA Today, reaching over 2.5 million print readers daily is recognized for its innovative approach to news delivery, featuring visual storytelling and comprehensive coverage across various sections including News, Money, Sports, and Life.

With over 3,500 journalists, the USA TODAY NETWORK attracts approximately 110 million monthly unique visitors, accessing content through desktops, smartphones, and tablets, further amplifying the reach and impact of the report on Saint Kitts and Nevis’ economic potential.


The country report titled “St. Kitts and Nevis: An Economic Powerhouse in the Caribbean” highlights the Federation’s ambitious endeavor to pioneer sustainable practices, positioning itself as a beacon of opportunity for investors and a magnet for tourists.

Ms. Ana Molinos, Project Director at Business Focus, undertook an extensive exploration of the Federation, conducting insightful interviews with key government figures during her visit spanning December 2023 to January 2024.

The report highlights the Government’s steadfast commitment to fostering green and inclusive economic and social development across various sectors.

Emphasizing initiatives in tourism, renewable and geothermal energy, climate action, international investment, education, healthcare, and technology, the report underscores the Federation’s multifaceted approach to sustainable progress.

Eminent government officials, including Prime Minister, the Honourable Dr. Terrance Drew; Premier of Nevis, the Honourable Mark Brantley; Senior Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Right Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas; Minister of Public Infrastructure, Energy and Utilities, the Honourable Konris Maynard;


Minister of Tourism, the Honourable Marsha Henderson; Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment, and Climate Action, the Honourable Dr. Joyelle Clarke; Head of the Citizenship by Investment Unit, Mr. Michael Martin; CEO of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority, Mr. Ellison Thompson; CEO of the St. Christopher Air & Sea Ports Authority,


Ms. Adeola Moore; Director of the St. Kitts Investment Promotion Agency, Mr. Stanley Jacobs; and General Manager of the St. Kitts Electricity Company (SKELEC), Mr. Clement Williams, contributed their insights to the report, providing a comprehensive overview of the Federation’s progressive vision and strategic direction.

This feature in Business Focus underscores Saint Kitts and Nevis’ emergence as a dynamic economic force in the Caribbean, poised to seize new opportunities and drive sustainable growth in the region and beyond.

The full report can be viewed here





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  1. In your face Gaston Clown
    I would tell you to take a few pointers from St Kitts and Nevis but because you and your government officials are a bunch of political parasites it wouldn’t help
    Tek that IMF on you tale
    Hey can you say how much money has being pumped into the ALFA NERO?

  2. Gaston and crew you’re giving Kitticians and Nevisians wud fu clap inna Antiguans tail.

  3. What happens when you take care of your people first. It was the boast of the dunce we have as finance minister here but Antigua is more like an economic Poor house. Well done St. Kitts/Nevis. They get this positive review while Antigua is being watched for it SEZ among other things. SMH.

  4. Imagine you all personalizing it about Gaston when I am sure his standard of living is much better than you all own.

    • He is the Prime Minister so it has to be personalized and the focus should not be on his standard of living but on the standard of living of the vast majority of the population. That is how a country’s success is measured.

    • @ . I hope you’re not a male because (.) is also called a period and it seems like your always on it. Gaston living better because he takes from the nation, all the politicians are living on tax payers Eg. travel allowance, gas, vehicle, home, water, electric and don’t forget full pension. If only the blind voter would get sight.
      Go change your name to tampon or pad
      Like I said the are political parasites

    • You are such a clown. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that the citizen enjoys a high standard of living and not just a few politicians. This is done through proper infrastructure, proper health care, and education. The creation of employment and elimination of poverty. Now truly gaston standards of living is not better than ours. He might have a few dollars more but he still lives here in antigua where the living standards are sub par. Enclosing one self in a mansion surrounding by money does not make your living standards better compared to your fellow countrymen. It just shows that politicians such as himself has embezzled the countries recourses for personal gain instead of making the lives of the citizens better. I am sorry that you choose to live in squalor while gaston is living in luxury. Dont fall for scraps. Strive for the big prize.

    • @. “when I am sure his standard of living is much better than you all own.”. Alas what you state is true and all thanks go to foolish people like you. Don’t forget that his and his family standard of living is far better than you and your family as well.

    • Why Antigua always want to be in competition with us .we didn’t write the article yes we have a high murder which is gang related and am not pride of that but it is what it is Antigua teenage pregnancy is 6.8 our is 6.1 Antigua have much more robbery than us even tourists you all rob the last time a tourist got rob is almost 10 years ago . Before COVID we was getting a million passengers while you all are proud of getting 5000, look at you houses ours are much nicer in fact about 3 weeks ago I was driving around a lady from Antigua and she ask we if those houses were guest houses had to tell her no those are people houses and I was not even in the upper class area deal with u all problems and we gon deal with ours stop .look at the CIP program we started it you all come follow we have 2 pier that can accommodate the largest ships in the world we have our problems but we are much better off in st.kitts

  5. The USA Today must be terribly mistaken. As far as we are told by our Prime Minister Antigua and Barbuda is the undisputed economic powerhouse of the Caribbean.

  6. An economic powerhouse refers to a country or entity that possesses significant economic strength and influence in the global market. It is characterized by high levels of industrial production, technological advancement and substantial economic growth.
    We have always been good with words. Decide for yourself!

  7. Meanwhile hear what a comment is on Everton Powell’s page “St.kitts n Nevis had and still have the most doctors and lawyers as politicians and the place still in a dam mess .

    Healthcare is sh#t , justice system is f#ckup , every administration full of corrupt politicians and the list goes on. I Done decide when ever elections come
    any lawyer or doctor on the ballot where I vote am not voting.”

    • @. for brains, are you sure you are not talking about Antigua & Barbuda under the terrible governance of the ABLP and Gaston Browne?!

      Reading your last paragraph, … SURE AS HELL SOUNDS LIKE IT!

    • @ .

      Jerk. I agree with what ‘You want one SHOVEL like rocker man’ above wrote about you!

      You waste of a MINION.

  8. Yet there are more Kitticians living in ANU vs Antiguans living in SKN. May have to do with the fact that as of the end of 2023 (SKN) they had 31 murders yet have a population of 48K persons (A&B 100K). Sad that we have born A&B citizens who can’t see how blessed they are

    • @tenman > boi you have eaten so much of gaston faeces that you sweat shit you burp shit you piss shit you spit shit that there is no difference your smell and that of a ceptic tank. This makes you an all around piece of shit. Even when credible reporters break it down in simple terms you still talking shit. St.Kitts murders are mostly gang hits or retaliations.

      • @tenman you… Skn has major social issues. Why are young men there turning to gangs if things are great? Why is there such a high level of crime that’s drug related? Why are there so many young ladies having children before they are adults (adolescent fertility rate) ? Guy I have ties to skn since ii have family there. Fact is A&B offers better.oppertunities from growth than skn

        • tenman. Have they not tired you out by now. The minute there is article in which they can put their country down, they would run with it. As if we are in compitition with St. Kitts. Our numbers speak for themselves. Look at the Cruise Ship passengers number we just surpases 500K. Our Economy is the fastest growing in the region. Our crime rate is the least.
          You are wasting your time with these people. Gaston told me not to bother with them. Just let us focus on doing the work. LIAT 2020 soon to start. And you see since Gaston told them he would make LIAT fly again, the regions heads are trying everything to make him fail. Now Sunrise Airways is settting up here.
          Inter Caribbean is trying to take over LIAT’s routes. CAL is buying more planes. ALL because they are hell bend to stop Gaston Browne in his track. And our own so called opposition, will put party before country. They cannot call themselves PATRIOTS. When they spoil their country’s good name. Never talk good about their country.

          • @ Sideline. “They cannot call themselves PATRIOTS. When they spoil their country’s good name.”. Who cares to be called “FAKE PATRIOTS” and being afraid to tell the truth when our nation’s future, our youths hopes of a better life- not paying for the vanity projects of Gaston Browne- are being dashed by this joker and those that support him. By now you must know that you are on the wrong side of history and are now just trying to save face. St Kitts & Nevis is recognized as an Economic Powerhouse. Show me where-outside of Max Hearst and yourself, & ABLPites- anyone has said or believed that?
            You guys need to get real. Our lives are not a joke and as a PATRIOT, it hurts to see my country being driven into the ground by those who are charged to improve it; not by mouth and spin but so that anyone inside and outside of Antigua & Barbuda can truthfully, note the word, attest to its growth and development.

          • @From The Sideline…aka Mrs. Condescending! I’ll definitely, cast #tenman aka 🦎_of_hugHES, as Mrs. Doubtfire’s Rich_Son who recently found out, he was adopted as a child by a #Tranee_Couple (man became the woman and the woman became the man). The #Trannee Couple got divorced, after taking a cruise to Antigua for Sailing Week, on their Mega Yatch – Alfa_Nargo. While the family was enjoying the Sailing Week festivities, #Washee got invited by his former boss Asot (da_Pimp) who finally became PM after, the current PM mysteriously vanishes coming from Africa (you know, similar to Ron Browne and Koby Bryant and the Nigerian Billionaire Banker and his family).

            Since, as you have already alleged, there are powers in the Caribbean, ready, willing, wanting to see the #Top_Dawg fails.
            The #Top_Dawg and Ms_Pixie(Black Brittney Spears characterization).

            Now to St. Kitts and the USA TODAY REPORT, what’s new in the world of Medium(s), and their MEDIA.

            SIDS4 is here, and ANTIGUANS should be ready fu…

            …show aff, dem Big Backyard!
            …no matter, it’s small, medium or large!
            …you should have been taking charge,
            …and, now that; the rains are falling at-large!
            …what better time!
            …to show off, everything; from ginger to lime!
            …and, show the world how cook
            …serve, the finest of wines!
            …regardless, as to where you eat or dine.

            …now, not only is SIDS4 important,
            …to the entire Caribbean Region,
            …Antiguans, must understand such significance
            …so, regardless as to whose song you dance to
            …there’s ONLY, one Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA.
            …and, as far as I know
            …there is neither St. Kitts nor Nevis
            …mentioned, in no part of this!
            …therefore, I must concentrate on what, I sow!
            …’cause, one thing won’t change
            …no matter, how you play the game
            …we all must, take the blame!
            …we gonna reap! Reap what we sow!

            Now speaking of reaping and sowing, have the ABLP developed the area South of Potworks Dam, where the Site marked by the Tamarind Tree, of Our Original Freedom Fighters who defeated the then EUROPEAN GANG called The #Moody_Stewart Syndicate?
            That location on the Bethesda Main Road, east of the Donkey Sanctuary should be an excellent Park. As a matter of fact, there is where Statutes of Our Warriors, Leaders etc should be located!

            Your buddy Tenman knows the area which I’m speaking about. Him and a Yearwood and others from the ABLP felt embarrassed , for the dilapidated conditions which such an important site to Our History was in.

            #SIDS4 ah cum!
            #cleanup r u backyard!
            #flowers should be blooming in their full splendour and regalia!
            #the rains are on time, so, there should be no excuses nor fluff!

            Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
            De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

            Vere C. Edwards

          • @ From The Sideline’s, I’ve missed your utter drivel.

            Pray tell, what’s wrong with Patriotic Antiguans wanting a leader that shows TRANSPARENCY and wants the BEST for the country.

            People like you and tenman hate ANY scrutiny of Gaston Browne. Why is that?

            Pray tell …

            I must admit that when you slurred:

            “Gaston told me not to bother with them …”,

            I had good laugh 😂, because I didn’t realise that you guys were close buddies. How quaint!

            Listen mi, as you’re so tight with the PM, can you ask he, how is he going to stem the tide of rising crime?

            If you are also concerned about crime ask he …

        • @@@Tenman aka the 🦎Chameleon of many hugHES.

          It’s obvious, that you’re lacking in knowledge, as to what constitutes a [gang]; which is basically an INDOCTRINATED ORDER.

          All military branches, all law enforcement agencies(private or public), all RELIGIONS and ALL POLITICAL SYSTEMS are #gangs/orders. Some sanctioned and others are not.

          All #gangs/Orders have a system of hierarchy. Example the Jesuits to the Cosa Nostra to the Cartels are all gangs/orders which have their tentacles in every aspect of HUEman life.

          What you are referring to, with your simplistic analysis of the gang culture in St. Kitts is the low hanging fruits of the gang culture. There is no doubt, these low hanging fruits/street thugs are nourished and enabled by those in the purported [upper] eschelon of the Society.

          Murder rates nor teenage pregnancies are not an indicators of an impoverished society. As a matter of fact, the exact opposite argument can be made, as in, a vibrant economy will attract more criminal minds which leads to increased criminality and teenage pregnancies could be as a result, of teens lacking in putting things in proper perspective uses the #SPOILT_BRAT and #RICHY_RICH SYNDROME to justify what they are doing.

          Things such as generational wealth, access to services addressing Community development are what MUST be focused on, to build powerful communities which in turn build powerful Nations.

          While Antiguans have realised the importance and necessity of what the concept IT TAKES A VILLAGE means, we are still a long ways off in terms of understanding the MENTAL and SPIRITUAL powers which such possess and how such are major factors in, again; the development of a Nation.

          Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
          De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

          Vere C. Edwards

    • @Tenman, as the expert in this area, that dumbest thing any person could say. You use 1 year. Show me a pattern comparing both countries murder rate for the last 10 years. Then the picture you are attempting to paint would be valid, if St. Kitts murder or crime rate is higher than Antigua’s for more years. You in fact strengthen the reputation of St. Kitts by listing only 1 year. Everybody have a bad year. Show me a pattern.

      Based on your response here, St. Kitts win. ANTIGUA, sadly, lost in Tenman’s response

    • @tenman
      My understanding is, and I may be wrong, SKN’s high murder rate is largely gang related. For my part I would rather live in a gang related community than in one where violent robbery is committed against the person. I would have little fear of being attacked in my home or business. The subject on hand however is ” Economic Powerhouse”. Stop using your usual deflectionary tactics and address what USA Today Network said. Neither Prime Minister Browne (9th of 10) nor his so-called fairy tale Economic Powerhouse attract favourable comment.

      • @Oversee to your mind SKN does not have businesses being robbed? This simply showed your ignorance. Before garbage it would not have been easier to simply google? Here is a headline there from 4 days ago: “NEVIS ARMED ROBBERIES UNDER POLICE INVESTIGATION ” The article states: “The police are investigating two (2) armed robberies that occurred on Nevis on May 5th, 2024, at Gracie Snackette and Bar located at Brown Pasture, Nevis, and on May 6th, 2024, at Daytan Service Station in Jessup’s Village, Nevis.”. The headline in SKN a few months before was: “St Kitts and Nevis under pressure from robberies, thefts?

        SKN has always had a high numbers of murders (per capita) and is known as the murder capital of our region (eastern Carribean)

    • @Tenman. Shut Up!!! The fact of your first sentence should cause you to hang your head in shame because it shows that we are moving backward from a once prominent position under ABLP and Gaston Browne. Give us some stats as to how many are still coming? Those that come now are the least skilled from places like….well, lets leave that there.
      The fact that we don’t have more murders is pure luck which can change at any time; certainly the shots have been fired. The spate of robberies, muggings, break-ins etc I can assure you are more than in St Kitts. It’s just our luck that a lot of these do not end in death; certainly not something to boast about.
      St Kitts and Nevis leadership knows how to forge an Economic Powerhouse and while your jokers were just mouthing it off; using it an Independence slogan etc, they were working towards what everyone can now recognize to be what your jokers would love to have. What is more, the people feel the advancement! With bonuses, real increases, good infrastructure etc. So they are in lockstep with their leaders and the politics is what its supposed to be. That is: both parties working to improve the lives of their people; not one promoting self enrichment.

  9. I wish Antiguans and Barbudans see what I saw. I wish my family see what I saw.

    I must say that more professionals are in St. Kitts, folks with the appropriate degrees that fit the position they are placed. It seems to be so merit based in St. Kitts and Nevis that even Antiguans with degrees get a position over there.

    I have approached them (St. Kitts and Nevis) about opening up my crime victim advocacy and research endeavor there and their response has been better than the ignoring or the “I cannot help you” response I get from every politician in Antigua on the ABLP party that I preferred and my family worships.

    I can see St. Kitts and Nevis being a better fit for the name economic powerhouse, better developing nation, fair, and so forth more than Antigua.

    You know you are probably dealing with an incompetent government or an unfair government when you send them a notice of intent/interest via email the main staff do not understand what it means or purpose.

    I hope one day I see in Antigua the substantial progress I see in St. Kitts and Nevis.

  10. Antigua doesn’t have a leader or prime minister, gaston is a clown reaping taxpayers money…….Well done SKN

  11. This was paid for. Let me explain how this works. These publications come into a country promising a promotional feature. The government agrees to pay for a certain amount of pages and then give their blessing to the publication in a letter to the private sector who then advertise for a certain amount of editorial in return. Then the publication get a backhoe to take all the advertising revenue out of Antigua. My business sees at least 3 of these every year. So don’t be fooled you can buy anything. The last one I did was the Financial Times which cost a bundle and gave my business no returns.

  12. I’m surprised, but congrats to St. Kitts and Nevis…back in Antigua, Bird people are still holding Antigua back from achieving its full potential.

  13. When there is harmony in the home, love falls upon the nation and with this love the world will then see peace. We Antiguans always find away to put down our little paradise and enthusiastically big up other islands and Prime Ministers. Wha King Onyan say? “A ya me barn” listen the lyrics.
    At times after reading some of the comments, I think Wadadli is the worst place on earth, everybody poor, hungry and starving, can’t get pay, pension, gas price too high, no water, so why is it still so appetizing to foreigners?
    We selling out to China is the big thing, but did you check the other Caribbean islands, did you check Barbados how about Africa? No matter what government runs this nation they will gladly run to China for assistance.
    Yes SKB is doing its thing and have been doing it for some time now, but we are doing our thing too, didn’t they provide a loan to us some years back?

    • @Carvaa- I recall under UPP, A&B providing SKN a loan via our Social security investing million in one of their bonds. Unfortunately they ended up defaulting during the period they did a wholesale debt restructure (see St. Kitts debt default could negatively affect entire OECS). After this happened for at least 3 years, due to SKN actions, the appetite for long term government debt via EC exchange disappeared. Anyway SKN due to essentially vomiting on us all, can now boast it has a low debt to gdp figure.

      • @Tenman. “I recall under UPP, A&B providing SKN a loan via our Social security investing million in one of their bonds. “. Tenman! is that you? UPP did what?? That horrible govt UPP did what?? And still managed to pay their bills unlike ABLP??
        Ok, now that I got over that, do you think St Kitts, or anyone else, would look to an ABLP govt for a loan? That’s a rhetorical question obviously because we all know the answer.

        • @Zackie are you serios? The actuarial report for that period points out this was when the SS scheme went bust. UPP did not start making its contribution to SS until we were on a IMF program. For years the director K. Smith lamented, at labor day events, on the lack of payment by the then UPP admin. Take a read of the budget statements and you will see especially debts for local suppliers being unmet. You foget Sembcorp over 20 million owed that they took the gov to court? Wioc? What of the millions owed to Antgua Power Company? In the same vain, you forget BS making excuses for late payments to government workers, which extended to another month. You forget government workers striking for non payment? Staying on message, SKN debts were much higher than ours but they took the route of reneging.

      • @ Tenman true to form whenever there is an article you cannot dispute, you always come on hear stinking up the place with red herring, pulling it across the page.

    • @Carvaa
      SKN debt to GDP, as of the end of 2022, now stands at 61.1% (was about 200 percent before the default and restructure)

      “As one of the most heavily indebted countries in the world (public debt around 200 per cent of GDP), the credit rating for SKN was pretty low before this credit event took place,” said Arjoon Harripaul, head of ratings and research at Caribbean Information and Credit Rating Services Ltd (CariCRIS), the region’s credit ratings agency based in Port of Spain, Trinidad, in response to an Abeng News query.
      “Wednesday’s development means that the rating for (the) Government of SKN would now be D – Default,” he said, explaining that CariCRIS does not have a public rating on the Government of St Kitts and Nevis. “However, as part of our benchmarking and monitoring of developments in the Caribbean, we do maintain a private rating on each Government in the Region,” Harripaul added. see The St. Kitts-Nevis Times, Dec 2011

  14. Just September last year, a major publication had a headline “Crime remains pervasive in St. Kitts and Nevis” It continued ”

    St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): For the first time in five years, the murder toll in St. Kitts and Nevis rose to more than 20.
    The country recorded its 20th and 21st murder in less than 48 hours of each other; a shooting incident late Saturday night September 09 and a stabbing incident early Monday evening, September 11.

    When the homicide toll surpassed 20 in 2018, there were 23 recorded – an equivalent to 2017.

    Yet watch some foolish Antiguans, a reminder of a dog with a bone, pretend the grass is greener in SKN. SKN has done well with its CIP due to its first mover advantage. No doubt their program paid for this USA today publication. They had CIP in place since the 80’s. However SKN has some fundamental problems that money can’t fix. Sadly even they admit that they can not keep depending on CIP. I do wish them well, since this is among the islands I also consider my seconcd home.

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