USA: Man who raped 5-year-old boy jailed for 10 years


A Grenadian man  Treverson Roberts has been
jailed in the United States for 10 years, without the
possibility of parole.

Man who raped 5-year-old boy jailed for 10 years.Roberts pleased guilty in a US Court on charges of committing a sex crime in a foreign Country.

Roberts sexually molested a Grenadian boy in 2019.

The child was five years old then. A Magistrate in Grenada ordered him to pay a fine and he was free to leave the Country.

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  1. Guess he now knows that as a US Citizen he’s subject to US Law no matter wherever he sets foot.

    He’ll be well accommodated for 10 years. Literally and Figuratively. He deserves every last second of fear and anxiety of what awaits him daily.

  2. These Caribbean islands need an overhaul of their. Justice system!
    How could raping a 5 year old boy get you a fine!

  3. Nothing stated he is a US citizen and he doesn’t have to be one. He molested a child in Grenada and got thought he got away scotch fee . There are West Indian politicians in Jail in the USA for committing fraud in the Caribbean while in office. I know of a Barbadian with politician who did frauds. Similarly FIFA Soccer Bosses from our region are spending time in Jail right now in the USA for football fraud . Many others are wanted and cannot land in the USA.
    There are very wealthy men here that likewise using their wealth a having parties with young girls,especially those from the Spanish community. Parents when your daughters are coming home with expensive gifts , Apple watches, cell phones and more money than you. Call in the C.I.D . I can recall the previous owner of a big supermarket use to abuse girls. It was a known thing in Antigua. She and her mother use to push two carts full to the brim. Heard he built on a room on their house . When they reach certain age he dump them. There is no statue of limitations to these acts , so as an Adult the young lady took the matter to the law. This old man had to flee Antigua. Run left supermarket and every thing he owned.
    The Guyanesse Indian community right here in Antigua are carrying out the same tradition like in Guyana and Indian. They are giving away there teenage daughter to Indian adult males. This is still happening in Guyana in the Indian community.

    • You are wrong in your thinking and interpretation.

      I’ll tell you why. There is a provision is US Law that is codified. It says. Federal Law(which usurps State Law), provides “Extraterritorial Jurisdiction “ over certain sex offenses against children. Extraterritorial jurisdiction is the legal authority of the United States Government to prosecute criminal conduct that took place outside of its borders.

      I’m not talking about what the Guyanese culturally do in Antigua and Barbuda. I’m not making any reference to any FIFA scandals. I’m not talking about so called “wealthy” men doing whatever in Antigua with spring chicken Spanish girls.

      I know much about the big man with the Supermarket. I’m sure you are very familiar as you referenced it.

      What I am referring to again. I hope it is clear this time. So wipe off your lenses and read. United States Citizens can and will be prosecuted for offenses against a child; inside or outside it’s borders that are sexual in nature. Fact Check Dat!

      Might I add other Crimes they deem worthwhile to pursue. IE: R. Allen Stanford. He’s a Janitorial Supervisor at The Federal Prison Complex. The USP Coleman to be more specific. See, the US Alphabet Boys do not play around with sculduggery.

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