USA and UK train Antigua and other regional DPP’s in Anti-corruption


The United States and The United Kingdom support Anti-Corruption in Training Workshop for Investigators and Prosecutors

The Criminal Justice Reform Project, jointly funded by the United States and the United Kingdom governments, hosted a training workshop that will help law enforcement in the region investigate and prosecute corruption cases related to misconduct in public office.

The workshop, which took place on 3-4 April 2023 in Barbados, brought together over twenty-five senior investigators and prosecutors, including Directors of Public Prosecution from countries throughout the region, including Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago.

The training focused on investigating and prosecuting corruption cases relating to officials in public office.

Sessions included an interactive forum on tools that can be used in the fight against corruption, including developing a cooperative relationship between prosecutor and investigator, the challenges of collecting evidence, the organization and presentation of complex cases in court, and combating corruption through asset recovery.

The training was facilitated by UK experts Alex Ferguson and Andrew Tennant and the Head of Legal of the Major Crimes and Anti-Corruption Agency in Jamaica, Nigel Parke.

Attorney General Dale Marshall’s opened the workshop telling the group that investigating and prosecuting corruption in the modern world is extraordinarily difficult, especially concerning misconduct in public office.

He added that having forums like the workshop is especially important as it will equip its participants to better deal with difficult issues.

ChargΓ© d Affairs at the British High Commission Charley Williams pointed out that combatting corruption effectively through strong investigations and prosecutions is essential to restoring the trust of citizens in their governments and democracies.

She encouraged the participants to apply the new skills and procedures learnt at the workshop in the fight against these abhorrent practices.

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  1. Oh well…who is going to bell the big CATS…and not the kittens 😸….if we cant get an independent enquiry on traveling and drowning migrants….how are we going to investigate big cats in public office…
    We had a few enquires of note: the airport runaway…Guns to Columbia…the medical benefits scandal….and only when a minister say ” Pay, you pay”..get convicted…not the minister. And another “Black Rose” get lock up…at least a former head of government spent some time for his own steel frame. And one was faster than Usain Bolt…when he decided Barbuda sand ah fu he….and he papa pardoned he from the red gate..

    With this training some might grow tennis balls! Enough said

  2. These are trained lawyers and should know the oats they took and their responsibilities. Now if they want to be part of the corruption, no amount of workshops will help the situation. Once they become part of the corruption, they can’t be effective in their jobs as somebody has something on them.

  3. Surely not from the UK?

    Especially as they have a current House of Lords female Conservative that is currently being investigated for a Β£26 million pound hospital PPE fraud. Allegedly πŸ˜‰

    I don’t want Antiguans to be trained by the UK who can’t even get there own fraudulent country in order.


  4. Good training! Now we know how to avoid the investigating and prosecuting corruption cases relating to officials in public office. These trainers have a vast experience in it.

  5. The Caribbean Islands are beautiful. Sadly corruption in high places seems to be the buy word for most countries. Until those in higher office start yo remember whom they serve, nothing will really change.
    Beautiful Island, beautiful people now we need a government of integrity to match.

    • “Beautiful Island 🏝, beautiful people now we need a government of integrity to match …”

      Here here @ Mary Joseph – I concur with your sentiments. The sky’s the limit if ever Antigua & Barbuda get a government that puts the country and its citizens first πŸ‘

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