US$10K on tickets and EC$ 7K on per diems for PM and wife to attend coronation


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says he saved the country money when he accepted to fly to England for the Coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla.

Browne said the direct flight for himself and his wife was originally at US$30,000 but he opted to fly stop in New York making the flight US$20,000 less.

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  1. Avatar photo When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬

    Mr PM, Gaston Browne, who sponsored the rest of the delegation that attended King Charles coronation?
    Simple Question!

  2. thank you for the T-R-A-N-S-P-A-R-E-N-C-Y Prime Minister. Now speaking of the UK, can Trevor Walker tell the public how much was spent to fly all the way to the Privy Council only to hear:

    “the claimants have NO REALISTIC PROSPECT OF SUCCEEDING in their claim under section 9(1) of the Constitution so that the Court of Appeal was correct to strike out that claim. The Board will therefore humbly advise Her Majesty that the appeal should be dismissed.”

    4 MEN
    4 ROOMS
    4 LUNCH
    4 DINNER
    4 TEA n SCONES

    And where is the final report of the HUMAN RESOURCES AUDIT the Council paid approx $50,000 to some unpatriotic person?

    • You know. Cutie cited the African Lawyer on the Medical Benefit Inquiry. Don’t wake up a sleepy lion. I’ll tell Trevor; If you’re living in a glass house, don’t throw stones.
      We need an audit of the Barbuda Council as a matter of urgency. They didn’t have one for a long time. And they have used hurricane Irma as an excuse that all their records are gone.

  3. Wow!!
    This is the funniest looking pic I ever saw..
    Look closely at the pm smile 😃
    This is not a very flattering pic of the happy couple..

    • Don’t get jealous now Sandra. I know the man is not photogenic, but that is why he has such a beautiful wife. Focus on her. Isn’t she lovely?

      • Avatar photo When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬

        Is that his wife?
        Sorry, thought it was his god-daughter or his daughter.
        Now, I am not surprised that there are so many rapists in Antigua.

        • @When will Gaston push for the illegal printing…..You are an idiot of the first class kind.
          Were you raped or something. Just chups, chups ,chups.
          Idiot. Go back under the rock from where you came.
          Idiot. Chups.
          You mussa know dem personally or something.

          • Avatar photo When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬

            Bex. Are you a rapist or raping is ok with you? Did yourape the tourist or the lady in the bushes recently?
            Mess with my family.

        • @when will the Gaston Browne administration……The answer is yes and yes. I did that to them and the whole country . STUPID idiot.
          You all are so messed up by politics. Can’t see the forest for the trees. Stupid idiot.
          If anyone is smart they keep faaar from your family.
          Cause if you are a representative of them.
          Lord help us. Just chups and chups and ccccchhhhups.

          • Avatar photo When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬

            An empty response indeed. BEX..
            Keep on being a rapist and enjoy being raped.
            You will be caught.

        • Wow wow wow My Wife Mother and I was Employed at the same Establishment Years ago I was told something so I am going on the Maury Brown Show

      • Talking about beautiful wife, beautiful wife. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. There are a lot more beautiful and attractive women in Antigua. All she is, is a Dougla. She will soon leave the old man who is showing his age. I guess he wanted a child that he can dress up like a jack in the box. All the other women wore bright and cheerful dresses. She was going to a funeral. And as to that pink floral outfit and pink purse. Another era.

    • I stand by my statement the pm is funny looking, I didn’t say ugly i said funny looking..
      Yes the first lady is gorgeous but the pm, is not what we would call handsome
      I’m not jealous, not at all.
      But if feel if I was dating a man almost twice my age, perhaps I would look like her..
      We ought to talk about that!!
      He’d too old for her.
      It’s called being groomed.

      • @Sandra Clarke.
        Some of you all idle .idle idle.
        Don’t you have work to do somewhere, someplace, anywhere?

        • I’m actually at work!
          I got a good job!!
          Plenty of free time!
          I love it
          He’s a pedophile!!

        • @ On vacation. Hope I can read these kinds of responses from you, when blue
          people are being ridiculed. Waiting.

      • Are you now a match maker? Are you to determine what the age difference should be between couples? I understand everyone has their own taste of what is a handsome man and or a beautiful woman. To each his own. But yes, we have stereo types. And even as a man I can say which man I think is handsome. However, that is not at first look. And certainly not from a sexual perspective. And the stereo type women is also there. Did you watch the movie Boomerang with Eddy Murphy? He judges the women by their feet. Never heard of something so ludicrous. But indeed, some couples look odd in some people’s eyes. Many have told my beautiful wife, how come she ended up with an ugly guy like me. And I always smile. And tell them it certainly wasn’t the look, nor the money. And Gaston Browne can consider himself one lucky guy. To have such a beautiful wife and he cannot claim to be such a handsome man. Age difference is something else. They say women mature faster than men. Especially in their teenage years. And therefore, you would see teenage girls more frequently going out with guys in their twenties or thirties. It troubled me so much in my teens that I decided not to waste time on girls my age and go for older girls. But then I had to act mature. Like I was one of the big guys.
        In the old days it was a blessing for an old man to marry a young woman. Going back to Abraham and Sahra. Or even to Joseph and Mary.
        Famous older men with younger women are:
        Donald Trump and his wife Melani. Age difference 24 years
        Larry King and his wife Shawn age difference 26 years
        Prince Charles and Diane age difference 13 years
        Gaston Browne and Maria age difference 24 years.
        It may not be your preferred choice, but people make their own choices. That’s the beauty of LOVE.

      • She is Old Enough To Be My Daughter So My Children Could Be Her Sister and Brother And She Could Be The Mother Plenty Ah Mix-up

    • Avatar photo When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬

      What ah ugly man!

      • Can’t push for the matter to be prosecuted it is going to be nasty The Cute Bed Spread Again Serian Smuggling ah Me Remember Linda she went to Prison Malvo Again Ah Me

  4. This guy is so arrogant, he expects all and sundry to just accept the crap he emits. 10 thousand US for tickets is no joke. If,as he says, he connected through the U S to save and still paid so much, then what of the others? Just a confirmation of the wastage.
    He threw Rodney Williams under the bus and then contradicted himself by saying the crown selected the participants. A complete idiot.

    • I guess you have no Clue about First Class Travel airfares. You are accustomed to traveling at the back of the plane. That is not suitable for a statesman on official states visit. That means it was only US$5K per person.
      I have paid more when having to make certain trips as an executive of a major financial company. And that is why many times they end up chartering a flight. The UPP went to CARIFESTA to Surinam and Chartered a plane for that. Over US$25K.
      Ambassador Goodwin Chartered a plane to bring some students home to come and vote. Over US$25K. I guess you guys were never interested in those costs.

      • @From the Sideline
        If you were travelling as an executive for a major financial company, why were you paying for the Trip? Companies book pay for business travel. I have never paid once.

        • Have you heard about Travel Expense refund? It means you pay first and then get refunded. But any way I knew how much the first-class tickets cost me. Because my secretary dealt with all my travel arrangements.

    • Avatar photo When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬


  5. where is Pringle wife? Is a black baby daddy UPP want to “lead” them? Richard Lewis married tho

    • Wasn’t Gaston several black babies daddy before he married Maria? What is you point exactly?

  6. I really don’t even understand why this made the news. The amount stated is really a minor cost for travel expenses for a head of State and his wife. Whether it is PM Browne or Spencer, it does not matter.

  7. Lovely indeed. When was the last time you bought a $5,000 dress?

    One thing I’d say about this power couple, they are living there best lives. Enjoy it while you can. I forgot, the head of lands & housing and the head of finance are very wealthy. Aided by a crooked lawyer who’s wife is high up in the land registry office setting up all the land parcels in Barbuda, I’m sure. I wonder how much land they’re transferring to each other behind our backs. ( not in their names, family) wouldn’t want to get caught. NW, Cutie got their back. Hope someone is keeping a watchful eye……
    Mr. PM, how do you justify spending all that money when you can’t pay the hard working people struggling to make ends meet.

  8. What a joke from a pair of jokers, Virgin fly First Class to London for less than $20,000 Eastern Caribbean Dollars each….not no 20K or 30K USD!!!!!

  9. gaston, you and your child wife right.

    Keep travelling and spending tax payers monies and enjoy yourselves as them beggy beggy trupit public servants go unpaid and hungry and can’t pay their bills.

    What a bunch of fools these public servants are.

  10. If we so want to break away from the British monarchy why waste tax payers money to witness the crowning of a demon who came from a linage of slave owners, taking photos with them in all smiles as if there’s something to smile about, when I look at the situation I know the prime minister is a fraud who is sitting and laughing with the enemies who gain there wealth off the backs of slaves.

  11. They say Gaston’s wife is a Bird … the DNA should prove otherwise. Barbadans should ask for a DNA in the fight about Dulcina.

    • @Winston Southwell. I guess you would know for sure what her DNA would prove since you are the one who screwed her mother.
      Bunch of dunces you all are.
      Once her mother and father know they made her it’s nobody else business.
      How does who is her father help to run any representative ministry?
      Just so you know the real Bird won that rural east seat.
      It’s obvious.

  12. Could a one dollar a one too much plus all our tax dollars being spent to maintain the super Boat. That money could have used to do some much at our hospital. Even if it’s one grandchild of a slave get the help.
    The Governor General , his wife and the flag bearer would have been more than enough If you All insist. England and the monarchy plundered our country and their white subjects killed, raped, enslaved our fore parents- so what to celebrate about. Murder- rape- enslavement. Worst yet the PM is speaking out of two corners of his mouth- on one hand he is taking about moving away from this evil past and on the other had he is bowing and kneeling like a royal subject.
    Of course they will invite to let themselves look relevant. However, not a dollar or any tax payers time should have been spent. Them civil servants that went are going to get paid from the treasury for bowling as his majesty’s Royal Subjects.

  13. What the heck is she wearing? And I don’t mean the ugly old man next to her!
    Lady, you must have rented that montrosity from the rejects bin…did you look in a mirror?…could those buttuns have been any larger?…and that thing on your head…good heavens.!
    So glad I’ve completed my worst dresses list or you would have been #1…UGH…What a mess!

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