US company wants to build ‘sturdy’ homes in Antigua


Popular Designs, a company out of the USA is seeking Cabinet approval for the construction of “sturdy homes at US$85.00 per square foot.”

The company says the homes can be built “in a matter of weeks.”

According to the government, the prefab houses are to be built on a regular foundation of cement and steel; the sides are made from cement slabs, supported by steel ring beams at the foot and where the roof joins the walls.

The houses can be designed to have as many as three bedrooms and one bathroom. A cistern and a septic tank will also be built within the $85.00 per square foot cost.

The houses will also be wired for electricity and Internet.

“Cabinet invited the principals to submit an MOU and to prepare to build a model that can be examined by consumers.”

“The Cabinet would also identify Crown land on which the homes could possibly be built,” a Cabinet statement said.

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  1. Us homes. Have you ever see those houses in the us when they get a Strom?
    A three bedroom house, and only one bathroom.
    What is the size of the house?
    What are the sizes of the bedrooms?
    Details, details, details.

  2. Let me hear what y’all gonna say about this, Antiguan people criticized when the Chinese wanted to help build, now it’s the US. If you guys were trying to help yourself rather than wait on a government to do everything, you would be stronger. Out of all the Caribbean countries I have visited you guys are the ones who rather be for yourself instead of helping the next guy up. Let the negative comment flow about how much the government depends on another country, but not about how much you guys don’t try to help each other first.

    • Not that I care for any American built home but who are you helping anonymous traveler. Your lie is not anonymous.

  3. “The company says the homes can be built in a matter of weeks” smh another BS from these lying American exploiters!!!
    No house in the US is better built than the houses we have down here, and further to this, our houses withstand more pressure than theirs as it relates to natural desasters like hurricane etc

  4. Wasn’t the government housing project is enough? Then the Chinese are going to built homes now the Americans… What next?? Are these homes are for Antiguans and Barbudans born nationals? If we can’t afford the homes the government is building through the housing project, then how are we going to afford these on income of $350 to $500 per week? It is better the government just sell us the lands which is much more affordable and leave us to built our own homes.

  5. OUR CABINET WAS KIDNAPPED AND REPLACED BY IMPOSTERS. No way PM Brown, MP Joseph, and MP Weston would sanction these strange unpatriotic undertakings.
    Please take a gander in Light Foot and look at the houses constructed by a son of the soil absolutely beautiful and just what we are accustomed to.

    Take a drive into fort road and gaze at Ryan superb village.

    Glide over to Herbert’s and examine the work of Bradshaw awesome housing project.

    Give these guys the crown land. Miles, Ryan and Bradshaw are proven, and would love to get some more crown lands.

  6. Every article on this site you see the same set of trolls who don’t ever have anything postive to say. I wonder how much any of you trolls do to contribute to the development of these low income families. The easiest job is to be a critic but when you are given the task you dont know your ass from your head.

  7. Bring on improvement to the island. This innovation is great for all of the people. Secure, safe housing projects benefit children, families and the elderly. What is the fear based negativity stemming from?

  8. I tried a Google search for Popular Designs US Company prefab homes. I got lots of results (about 147,000) but nothing for a business / company called “Popular Designs” constructing prefab homes. Maybe it is really there – I confess, I did not go through all the pages.
    Has anybody else found them?

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