Urologist Blames Recent Local Increase In Prostate Cancer On The Environment


Urologist Dr Dwayne “Baba” Thwaites revealed that there is an increasing number of men presenting with prostate cancer locally in 2019 and suggested that the environment is a primary factor.

“More so this year than anything, we’re seeing low PSAs [Prostate-specific antigen] with abnormal rectal exams. And these guys have prostate cancer,” explained Dr. Thwaites.

“The environment seems to be a big, big deal in the whole issue.” he added.

According to Thwaites, there was a record turnout of men, aged 40 and over, to this year’s annual prostate screening.

In August, 976 men were screened for prostate and other health checks provided by the Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) and other medical partners.

Research has shown that black men have the highest incidence of prostate cancer worldwide and are more likely to develop disease earlier in life when compared to other racial and ethnic groups.



  1. What does he mean by the “environment” is he blaming global warning? This such a shallow reasoning!

  2. The environment is everything that comes from the earth working in harmony with what is above the earth.

    “As above so below as within so without”

    Global warming does not exist. The Earth is transitioning to the age of Aquarius. Many things will change during the process.

    Anything that man makes works against the environment. Therefore all the inventions are harming the environment.

    What you refer to as modern and progress works against your longevity.

    Understand this there is only one creation. There is no difference between a mammal, fish bird, tree, aggregates, beast etc. They are all made from the same material, slightly configured a different way.

    Mankind has moved away from it’s natural habitat to an artificial liverty.

    Think about this your wireless internet works through 6″ thick walls what effect will it have on you considering the walls will out live you?

  3. You clear the trees to build houses? What do you think cleans the air you breathe?

    People working shifts disrupts the harmony of the body.

    Most importantly your mind is not in your head, it is in the environment. If the environment is damaged you will be affected adversely.

    Scientists are fully aware of this since the 60s. Quantum physics has proved all these things.
    The body works on electricity, created from a single cell.

    Modern medicine is been rolled out bit by bit. It is called stem cell, quantum physics.

    Not sufficient time and space to address this topic.

    Consider this steam, water, ice, and air are all the same thing, get the drift yet?

  4. It would have been more helpful if the good doctor had stated what exactly in the environment is the cause in the increase of prostate cancer. “Environment” is wide ranging and can mean so many things. For example, Half Moon Bay or the lovely mangroves at Seatons are part of the environment. Surely you weren’t referring to these doc🙂

  5. You have slowly poisoned your food supply and water catchment with harsh chemicals from pesticides like round up to fertilizers,nitrates and all end up in our drinking water with all their hidden dangers some of you are ready to crucify the messenger of the facts, just a research is all that is needed to prove this ongoing madness ignorance is really bliss ,get it in your thick skulls that man and the environment is inseparable

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