UPP’s tax cuts are bad for business, says PM Browne


Prime Minister Gaston Browne is warning against opposition plans to abolish the Unincorporated Business Tax and the Entertainment Tax.

The main opposition United Progressive Party is of the view that the taxes are unproductive and a disincentive to small business.

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  1. More jobs less taxes. This man just want to stay in power after he destroyed this country. Red is dead

  2. Gaston you are bad for business. You do not have the capacity to negotiate a simple contract. What about all of the tax concessions that were given to YIDA and WISEZ? What do we have to show? You gave away the whole store and ended up empty handed. Incentives given nothing gained. So Antiguans and Barbudans don’t deserve some relief? The greatest creator of jobs is consumers with money in their pockets to spend. Harold Lovell wants to ensure that people have more money in their pockets. You don’t care about the common man. For someone who came from poverty, why are you so heartless when it comes to poor people? That’s why you will be voted out. Your poor boastness.

  3. Gaston Browne was you complaining for all your self enrichment program you can pay tax for every body in the country.

  4. Notice how Collin Oneal listened without saying anything as usual. Collin knows Gaston is chatting a whole lot a Bull chit and his only concern is the dollars that he collects.
    Right Collin!!!¡

  5. Mr. Prime Minister, where is your evidence? Please provide the public with a breakdown of that $240 million. Also, what economist was consulted for your statements on the fall out of lowering income taxes? If they are of no benefit, why did you campaign on a platform of lowering income taxes? Truth, lower taxes stimulate consumer spending, increases value added taxes, increases corporate taxes, stimulate the economy and enable consumers to depend more.

    We are waiting!!!😳😵‍💫🙄

  6. Alphonso, you believe your own lies. You talking so fast that you cannot remember the lie that you told seconds earlier. Man this is some deplorable conduct. Unbecoming of an elected member of government. Come on man!

    You have lost your moral compass, your country first mandate and replaced them with deception, deflection and downright information confusion.

    You are a “SPENT FORCE”. No amount of boosters can return you to championship level. Big Blue Wave is the right choice, have the right plan, right direction and right leadership to return Antigua and Barbuda to its rightful place. A beacon in the Eastern Caribbean.

    Twenty six failed development projects in eight years of your leader ship, stewardship and finance minister. You are done Alphonso. We sending you back to your battle ship. You’re confused and corrupted mind!

    Me done!


    Since when reducing taxes will be bad for business? Did not you promise in 2014 that there will be more job with less taxes, so only when ABLP suggest it that it is correct? YOU HAVE ALL THE SOLUTIONS TO LIFE’S PROBLEMS IN ANTIGUA, THAT IS WHY PEOPLE SHOULD NOT SUPPORT YOU HYPOCRITES AS ANTIGUA IS ON A FREE FALL.
    Economics have taught us that lowering taxes produces more disposable income for others and if businesses receive a reduction in taxes it enable investment in Plant & Machinery and aids business expansion and the cycle goes on.

  8. Gaston Browne is VERY WEALTHY today. Don’t we all wish we could get $20,000 US per month house rent from an investor who pays no taxes? He doesn’t give a damn about the ordinary man. Gaston is against every UPP tax reduction and every single UPP measure to lower the cost of living. He has long been against raising wages to a fair level. He admitted his Ministers want raises to THEIR pay, even while they refused to touch the Minimum Wage since 2015 or give government workers more than the one 5% increase while food is up to the moon. LIAT workers, CAS, Jolly Beach… can all go to hell as far as ABLP is concerned. We have seen enough. Time for change to something better. UPP is not perfect, but at least they have a heart. We NEED a reduction in the cost of living. We are TIRED of ABLP FAILED PROJECTS. We need JOBS! Vote UPP! #RedDead

  9. UPP will just introduce a differnt tax. Maybe bring back person income tax.

    They nearly killed small and medium businesses with their red tape. Every three months you had to get all the statutory bodies to write a letter saying you were upto date else your businesses goods were held hostage . Real smart buisness move that delayed clearing goods and ground business into a paperwork shuffle. That’s the UPP logic. Create more bureaucracy .

    • @ Jackson brown

      LOL, try something else . – its ok for ABLP to reduce taxes to win an election, but IT’S SINFUL for UPP to reduce taxes generally to spurt growth, MAKE YOUR MINDS UP MINIONS, where in this world would reducing tax hurt businesses, GASTON IS JUST A PURE DUNCE ELEMENT AND IDIOT (USEFUL).

  10. I ran a buisness under both regimes and I do not have a interest in politics. What I do know is the facts the running under the upp a small and medium sized company was more difficult by far . More paperwork due to personal income tax and more headaches try to get goods on the shelves ina. Timely manner . That’s the facts from the business community who has to endure more process and procedures because there is a sentiment in antigua . upp and albp need to not spend money ineffectually . Upp just did a worse job at managing a playing ground for buisness to flourish .

  11. jackson browne.
    Many small business owners would disagree with you.
    Life is much harder the ABLP.
    ABLP is not paying.
    To put it simply, many business have refused to do business with the ABLP government.
    You know that is the truth.

  12. If they sent paying you then don’t do buisness with
    Them or demand payment up front. Not that you fall into this category but people think that doing business with government means they are doing well. It’s corporate welfare. Don’t build a business if it’s based on doing work for government as it’s a bad business move and you deserve what you get if you go down that road.

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