UPP’s Quinn-Williams supports police patrols, not closure of beaches on public holidays


REAL NEWS: Pearl Quinn-Williams, the United Progressive Party’s candidate for St. John’s Rural North, does not support the closure of beaches during a public holiday.

The Cabinet, on Wednesday, “agreed that the beaches will remain closed on the upcoming holidays: Labour Day, May 3, 2021, and Whit Monday, May 24, 2021.”

The Executive defended its position by pointing to reported Sunday events where residents flock to the beaches, with coolers and blaring music, during this pandemic.

“The danger to the entire population from these gatherings suggests that the numbers on holidays would be greater, and would result in the spread of the virus, especially by those who are asymptomatic,” this week’s Cabinet Notes say.

However, Quinn-Williams says the beaches offer a therapeutic solution for those who are now dealing with the mental stresses associated with the pandemic.

Quinn-Williams suggests that law-enforcement officers be deployed to the beaches that most residents frequent in order to ensure the COVID-19 protocols are being followed.

Further, the Rural North candidate says she does not accept the Government’s excuse that the Police Force is undermanned.

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  1. Do we have sufficient police to patrol beaches and keep persons from crowding? While they are doing this, what happens to their other duties? Its easy to simply say things that one thinks others want to hear, but real leadership calls for solutions that work. The same candidate who argues the police force is not undermanned, her political party says differently. Its 2018 manifesto on pg 16, points out its plan would be to increase the size of the police force (so also the coast guard). While in office they also lamented the need for more police officers. Their party recently was quick to point out the need for added patrols, but watch this neophyte push for them to do something, they themselves (the police) have made clear they will not be able to deliver on. UPP, the party that can’t tell its head from its tail.

  2. Heaven really help us if this UPP clan becomes elected. I can just see us having an escalation in covid cases and deaths if these people were to take power.

    • Don’t worry, Prayer Warrior, the UPP clan doesn’t have a prayer of being elected. They will not take power, not under their current leadership. They might (?) hold on to one seat, and that is questionable. They finish.

  3. Once again the UPP and their candidates are far removed from reality and what it means to govern. 🤦‍♂️

  4. Social distancing is one of the most effective ways that will prevent the spread of Covid-19. Sometimes one wonders how rediculous some Politrickians can be. Sometimes it’s best to say nothing than to opposed with utter nonsensical comments

  5. It’s a good thing these people are not in control. When government is following the advise of our healthcare professionals they criticize and when government doesn’t they also criticize. So one thing they constantly do is criticize the government. And that is what makes them look foolish. Cause the evidence is there. Big gatherings is a perfect place for spreading Covid. People meet one another and start the hugging and drinking and partying.
    By the way one day will not stop those that go to the beach for therapy to get it the other days of the week. Even if it were two days. I think the govenment should close the beaches for the entire weekend, and only open them mid weedk

    • The UPP just trying to get some attention. Has anyone EVER seen Quinn at the beach, any beach????

  6. This Lady is completely out of Her mind. I listened to the interview and I could not believe what I was hearing. These are the quality of Persons UPP attracts. UPP DEAD / FINISHED / DONE

  7. UPP trained Their CANDIDATES just to oppose. As a NON NATIONAL I believe this Lady should be DISQUALIFIED.

  8. Although DARREN MATTHEW WARD is known for asking POP CORN questions to the UPP Candidates this Lady could not answer the simple question. Darren you must be IMPARTIAL . Let’s not forget the TONGUE LASHING VENOMOUS KNIGHT put on DARREN a couple of weeks ago. I heard that UPP will fire FRANZ and replace with DARREN.

  9. What I am observing is the UP is having INTERNAL PROBLEMS. These Candidates will be burnt out soon. DON’T forget election 2 years away.

  10. My UPP please DO NOT just send Anyone to do interviews. I listened to the interview and I was shocked. Do We really want to win the next election ? Plesse do something quickly.

    • J.P you did not say why you were shocked with the interview. You could not have been shocked with the delivery or content, so I am at a loss as to why you are shocked.
      Pearl was superb and is a perfect example of the quality of the new candidates on the UPP ticket. They are really ready to rescue and redeem Antigua (you will notice I did not include Barbuda) from the ALP neanderthals.

  11. The anatomy of a pearl

    Here he here he comes the big blue wave. As it splashed on the shore an oyster was deposited and contained therein is a pearl. A pearl with all its pump and pride perched itself on the sandy bank. Never until this day was this pearl prepared to associate with the picky picky grassroots that are planted beyond the sea shore. Interestingly our gem has now become sanctified and holy wanting to now lead the masses to that pearly political gate. It is often said that one should not cast pearls before swine, but maybe just maybe our swines have every reason to remain in their current state because this pearl is as fake as they come!!!

  12. @ JP
    I have reading all the contributions to this topic and NOT one Person supports this Lady. I have never seen this before. Where are TABOR. JACKIE BLACKMAN ? You Guys are so ASHAMED of your CANDIDATES that you are HIDING. TABOR let’s have a discussion on this ….I told you that the UPP CANDIDATES and LEADER HAROLD LOVELL are a bunch of WANNABEES.

  13. Let me help her out here…

    To my fellow UPP supporters, let us be a discipline and law abiding citizen. The ruling government is facing a huge challenge in its effort to contain the spread of COVID19. As we have seen globally, this is no easy task. Let us do our part by respecting the order of the authorities and reframing from large gatherings and what ever else you can do as a citizen to benefit the entire nation….. Stay safe

    To paraphrase the Burning Flames tune….
    You want to have Carnival next year? Check!
    You want to have picnic next Easter? Check!
    You to have fete? Check!
    You want to have boat rides? Check!
    you want to have sailing week Check!
    You want to win the next election? Wait! hold On! Me no want none brakes!!!

  14. @ JP

    You are just focussed on winning election….You and the UPP must get a BRAND NEW SET of CANDIDATES with a chance of winning one seat. By the way where is JAMALE PRINGLE. I heard Harold is hiding Jamale because of His POOR Grammar while speaking. What a mess UPP is in…..Hon. Gaston Browne will give KNIGHT , UPP and OBSERVER Their TOPICS for next week on the BROWNE and BROWNE show this afternoon.

    • Do you ever heard Sir Robbin talk? I am not a big grammar person but I was thought in public speaking class that we should know the audience we are speaking to. Pringle, Robbin, Weston, Cutie, etc are speaking to their audience. It is not all words in the vocabulary we can pronounce in our speech. Even the best public speaker stutter over a word or two. God Almighty is the only perfect speaker.
      For example, people who stutter know what they want to say, but they have difficulty saying it.


    You are so correct. Hon. Gaston Browne knows how to keep His name in the HEADLINES every week. The Prime Minister is a CRAFTY POLITICIAN He knows how to give OBSERVER , UPP and KNIGHT Their Topics for the following week. Those People do not realize that They are doing the Prime Minister and ABLP a HUGE Favour. KNIGHT will REPLAY the BROWNE and BROWNE show for the whole week. Listen this afternoon for your topics. WORLD BOSS is the best.

    • The PM make them look silly, and they fall into his trap all the time. We are blessed to have such a man at the helm in their troublesome times.

  16. I am not fond of the UPP but she makes sense, the beach is where people go to relax and enjoy……after hard days at work. The people with the speakers stay on the road and are not on the beaches. Our CMO and Minister of Health are so dunce……..send the lazy police and defense to do some work instead of eat our food and get fat! Patrol the beaches look for the violators and deal with them but the people who got to the beach to relax and enjoy the sea are being punish for a foolish few.. Wake up Gaston stop being a fool………you are losing support………Maybe Molwyn want you out……wake up!

  17. The problem with the UPP is that they were all only in it for the money. And the reason I can say that is accept for Harold who wants to be PM ALL of the previous candidates that run on the 2004 through 2014 tickets went home never to come back. They earned their pensions, got their kickbacks, build their homes and are now set for life. Never to be bothered about the people they were representing. Those people will now have to represent new candidates who they know little off. That can’t work. That is why they will lose big time

    • @ Sideline
      The previous UPP candidates have made their contributions and have no need to become dinosaurs like Robin Yearwood and Molwyn Joseph. Why would anyone want to run for UPP when some labour supporters go around terrorizing, raping and firebombing UPP family business? The UPP female members of parliament had to beg for police protection. You can ask Gerry Watts why he didn’t run for political office again after labourites were cussing his mother on Market Street.
      Labour politics in Antigua is gutter politics. You only have to listen to Gaston on Pointe FM and read a lot of the comments on this medium from the labour operatives. You think labour politicians aren’t in government for their pensions especially when they qualify after serving two terms? Think again.

  18. V.GORMAN I am still here and have not gone anywhere. What was so wrong with the comment made by Pearl that rather than closing the beaches on Labour Day and Whit Monday, that some police men and perhaps defence force men be used to patrol the beaches? In fact, so as to make the exercise easier and more manageable, the government could designate a few beaches eg Ffryes, Fort James, Darkwood, Valley Church and Pigeon Point as the beaches that should be used. TENMAN are you telling me that with a police force of about 700 that this monitoring of 5 beaches is beyond them? The proposal was never tried so none of you have any evidence as to its workability and effectiveness. All that all of you ALP apologists are doing are just criticizing the proposal for criticizing sake because it is coming from a UPP candidate.

    • like seriously…try to imaging people accessing only 5 beaches and tell me what type of crowd you see…dumb

        • KRISTI tell me why am I joking. The proposal is workable once the proper systems are put in place and people on the beach, ie not swimming, wear their masks. What is the difference with thousands at the market on a Saturday? Their is no police patrol there. At least at the beach their would be police patrol. The objection of people like TENMAN is that their would not be enough police to undertake the patrol. How does he know that?

      • Just amazing that Tabor is so lost. Clearly his party thinks its enough to spout ideas without examining their feasibility. They have no knowledge of how to properly implement. Reminds of (just listing a few): 1. bridge Daniel proposed to build to join A&B. 2. The decision to offer voluntary severance where they ended up worsening the brain drain, ignoring all warnings 3. The decision to give one hotelier a special tax advantage 4. The decision to have two separate teams negotiate for a power plant when we only needed one plant 5. The decision to impose a tax Clarence cert on importers

    I was addressing POLICE TO PATROLE THE BEACH. I think this was completely out of order.

    • Ok J.P great, you were not dissatisfied with the delivery or content just the idea of the POLICE patrolling the beach. So what is so wrong with the idea if the police are available to do it? We can go to the beach on a normal Sunday (and I do religiously). Let us suppose hundreds of people start to go to the beach on a Sunday like say Whit Monday, what would the government do then ban going to the beach on a Sunday. For your information, I have read studies that suggest that the sunshine and beach are very good in the fight against covid.

  20. I am a strong UPP supporter and I don’t agree in having police or defense force patrolling the beaches during the two coming up public holidays. We don’t have enough security forces to manage this task. We are dealing with a different demographic and culture behavior of people especially within the younger population. Just closed the beaches for the two public holidays until we learn to avoid having large gatherings, beach parties, etc…. As old people does say that the innocent suffered for the guilty.

  21. I am really wondering what is the UPP’s position as it relates to containing the virus if they are elected? What exactly would their approach be be because it can’t be one where they allow persons to flout proven protocols. So what exactly is this approach?

  22. Me siddung on me gallery an hear wan dag barkin. To me he sung like wan tap dag because de bark wasn’t narmal. Me nayba Ben Blue look out an seh, “why dat dam dag nah hush he nise. He jus a bark bark bark an me nah know wha he ah bark bout. It nah mek no sense tarl.”
    Well de tap dag stap barkin.
    Afta some moments of quiet, me nayba Ben Blue jackass start brayin he haw he haw he haw. Suddenly me nayba window fly open again an me dun seh a wan nadda cussing again because de jackass was mekkin plenty mo nose brayin an fartin. To me supprize, me nayba was happy beyand he self. He seh how he jackass was on a roll, he was pan target an dat is de kinda nise he like fuh hear.
    Nex ting me know, de jackass inna was derby. Fuh win wha? CHUPPZ!

  23. @ JILIAN ***LEWIS

    Why the hell don’t you speak proper English in order for People to understand and stop your stupid talk.

  24. I am a supporter of my Antigua. So it doesn’t matter which party speaks wrong does not become right because of the colour on the podium. I heard the interview and I did not agree with the rationale for the beach opening and all that. BUT Pearle said other things too, she praised the government for doing certain things. Where’s that in the excerpt???? But not this colorblind nation, all you see is UPP and ABLP. Let the 2 parties show us the plan where they taking this country in the years coming* what will become of the elderly and our children * what’s is the plan if we face another pandemic and tourists can’t come, HOW WILL WE SURVIVE* ?open your eyes , put away this childish bickering because one way or the other the future is coming. IS ANTIGUA READY?🤔 SHOW ME HOW!

  25. Closing of the beaches is the biggest bullshit being done to us people of Antigua. How much more are we going to allow the govt to keep from moving around freely while the same members of govt are moving around as they like?

    This govt must be removed from power and let people who are not practicing creative enrichment schemes represent we the people. The time for people like traitor dictator Gaston and his cronies is over and we the people need representatives who truly represent us and our country. We need to stop being financial slaves to the govt.

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