UPP’s Progressive Youth Encourages Greater Youth Participation in the Political Process


The rising influence of youth politics across the globe, underscores the need to create meaningful opportunities for the youth to participate in the political process.

Progressive Youth, the official youth arm of the United Progressive Party (UPP), will celebrate Youth Month throughout August, with a program of activities that focus on youth education, engagement and empowerment.

Youth Month will create user-friendly pathways for the youth to contribute their ideas and participate in discussions about the best solutions that will improve their future development.

This initiative will illuminate the exceptional talents, abilities, expertise and vision of the youth through the Platform for Education, Advocacy and Community Enhancement (PEACE).

Using this comprehensive approach the Progressive Youth will help build skills, knowledge and confidence among the youth to express their voices and take actions that affect the changes that they seek. The PEACE Program is based on five tenets:

  1. Platform to express needs and concerns
  2. Education about the principles of our democracy
  3. Advocacy for those who are marginalized
  4. Community engagement based on a shared purpose and common goals
  5. Enhancement by ensuring that the interests of youth are prioritised

“We are a generation with a hunger for something different than the status quo. The youth fully understand the issues and challenges in our society, because we live them every day. We must create a meaningful platform from which our voices can be heard and there are real opportunities for us to make a difference,” said Johnathan Wehner, President of Progressive Youth.

Among the youth activities planned throughout the month of August is the commemoration of International Youth Day on Friday 12th August.

A Youth Symposium and a sound clash edition of De Right Riddim Show, are some of the main activities that the public can look forward to.

The Progressive Youth will also continue to help those in need through its community work. They will

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 736-4551 also conduct community outreach through a series of voter registration and engagement initiatives.

The Progressive Youth targets persons ages 15-35 from all 16 constituencies throughout Antigua. Their call to action is simple, “Today’s youth is the future. Get involved!”

Contact information: [email protected] (268) 736-4551

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  1. It’s always a good idea to let highly emotional children with no life’s experience get involved in the future of a nation. Better still, “progressive” (a synonym for Marxist) indoctrinated children. Want to see how that ends? Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon have young, “progressive” governance, their “leadership” are largely in their 30s and highly “progressive”.
    Look those two cities up and see if this is a society that is desirable to your nation.

    • Scott. Thanks for sharing your life experience with us. I trust that it is not too late for you to get the mental health treatment that you need. I hope that you only talk crazy and don’t actually act out your craziness.

    • @Scott…

      #Jumbee_Picknee, my bastardised twin, as a result of the Vatican and the Church of England would appreciate it, if you can name several cities in America which you consider, to be great examples of Hood governance for #ALL, not dome #ALL American citizens.
      As to San Francisco, I have a 30 year old step_daughter who is an MD with Kaiser Permanente! She grew up in da Hood, of the DMV – Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Baltimore City and New York. She was a finalist in America’s Top Model, she’s very #progressive, and decided to settle down as an MD, with Kaiser, again in San Francisco!

      Next city which you mentioned, Seattle, my other daughter, the one with my “progressive” HELA CELLS, is with NIKE Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon in the Seattle metro area. She’s into textiles, is very conservative, yet progressive, as her mission in life, is to help manufacturers develop better means and methods when dealing with the negatives plaguing nature, due to deforestation etc. Again, she grew up in one of those War_Zones called American Ghettos.(purposefully designed, built and managed by Capitaline Hill for Decades.

      The “progressive” youths who came through my family, and resided in all of those cities which you mentioned, as being violent and destroyed due to “progressives” are now, attorney’s at law, tech geeks, teachers, and yes one is even a Federal Judge, and have being since her 40’s. Again, a product of the ghettos of New York.

      Oh me, I still live in da Hoode of B’more and I’m a “progressive” who wants to get rid of the crooks and old order in City Hall who’ve being allowing, crime to run us over, under the watchful eyes of the crook d police for decades.

      Again, tell me your examples of great American culture which serves ALL, of their American citizens equally from EDUCATION to HOUSING to HEALTHCARE.

      • You live in Baltimore, Baltimore has voted for “progressives”, read democrats whose policies have completely destroyed the city and you see no issues with that…
        Well, alrighty then…

        • @Scott…again, please do comprehend my question, name a few Cities in America which you deem worthy of mentioning, pertaining to equality, for ALL, all of their citizens as it pertains to…

          Now, as to Baltimore, Baltimore’s City, a city purposely segregated by REDLINING, those neighbourhoods which were starved of education, for starters became the conduits for DRUGS being peddled and pushed by BIG PHARMA’s, law enforcement, the white elite conservatives who owns the yachts, Lear jets and support more guns on American streets. These are the players which helped to fuck B!more BLACK COMMUNITIES. Nobody, dare fuck with rich neighborhoods such as Mt. Vernon, Roland Park, etc.

          Again, answer the question, Mr. Scott Comes To The Ghetto!

          • No sir, the black community is responsible for effing Baltimore, Chicago, L.A. etc through their devotion to the democrat party. Don’t you realize democrats were the party of slavery? Don’t you realize that democrats are the party of segregation, of intentionally keeping the black community on the plantation and of abortion which overwhelmingly murders black and minority infants? Democrat hatred of minority communities transcends race as their are many black democrats that support the aforementioned.
            I sincerely ask you this as well Mr. Smood, why is it that in the black community anyone who aspires to better themselves or achieves wealth is pilloried as an “oreo” or “uncle tom”?
            I sincerely encourage you to have a look at http://www.blexit.com.
            Candace Owens is sharp, intellectual and very outspoken, democrats hate her as her message to the black community is very similar to mine.
            Stay safe.

        • @Scott…please, recycle your shit, to fertilize others.
          You’re the regular American who denies the #True American past. I can understand your #FEAR!

  2. SCOTT is you and who. I did not see anything there talking about children. I saw youth. Would you define persons between 18 to 35 as children?
    If you are eligible to vote, why shouldn’t you take part in the decision making process of your country.
    I assume that you want to sound relevant. Ok, good. Now go back to bed

    • Janice- I’m in my 60s and I do take part in US elections. I also see what “progressive youth”in this country (millennials and gen Z’s) have done when they have achieved positions of authority.
      I challenge you to take a trip to the aforementioned war zones of Portland, Seattle, San Fran, governed by these petulant, Marxist “progressive” youth. Otherwise, perhaps you should get informed before launching ad hominem attacks.

      • Scott for a 60 year old supposedly educated person your position seems rather misguided and disengenuous. What does the progressive youths of the UPP have to do with the so called progressive youths in the USA that you describe as petulant Marxists? Our youths are now stepping up to the plate to make a useful contribution to nation building and the political discourse and all you can do is to criticize them.

        • Mr. Tabor – if indeed it does happen that “progressive” means two radically different things in two different societies then my regrets, however and with all due respect, I tend to doubt that there are many differences. Progressives here in the Deranged States are typified through the likes of the democrat party, BLM and antifa. The US as it currently stands terrifies my wife and I and we’re looking to Antigua as our escape route.
          I truly do not want to see Antigua follow the US’s path to destruction through “progressive-ism”.

          • Mr. Scott my concern on your comment was not so much with the term “progressive” but rather when you implied that the progressive youths of the UPP were like the “petulant Marxists” in the USA that you spoke about. It is your comparison that I found offensive.

      • Thank you for using the phrase ” ad hominem”. I am sure that when you were studying philosophy 101 you would remember your professor telling you that you must not be “reductionist”.
        Did you miss that class?
        You seem so simplistic.
        Please refer to your PHIL 101 course outline. You will see the other modules that you missed that would have assisted you to have become a more critical thinker.

        • Thank you Ms. Jones for helping proving my point. The insubstantial leftist responses that I received ranged from schoolyard personal attacks questioning my mental state to your lofty rhetoric about missing modules in philosophy class but no *factual repudiation* of my opinion at all.
          If you can’t defend your point, shout your opponent.
          Good day

  3. Pity that TESSA BARTHLEY R.I.P was snuffed out in her YOUTH. She was robbed of a chance to vote and contribute to national development.

    😢 😭

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