UPP Women’s Forum salutes Sister Joan Peters as its ‘Woman of the Year


CITATION: Sister Joan Peters, the President of the Antigua and Barbuda Public Services Association (ABPSA), is best described as an advocate for The People.  A real grassroots, down-to-earth woman, she tells it like it is and believes that everyone has a right to be heard and each one’s views should be respected.

She has a distinctive voice, a larger-than-life personality, and an even bigger heart filled with a genuine love for people and their well-being.

Peters started her journey in the Association in the late 90s.  As long as she has known herself, she has always wanted to help others to get ahead in life and the Union seemed like the perfect avenue to make this happen.

She is often heard emphasizing that “the Union is bigger than any one of us.”  Accordingly, she encourages colleagues to take hold of whatever opportunities become available in order to become the best Union members they can be.

No one is too old or too dumb to give valuable, immeasurable contributions; and, as such, everyone is welcomed where ABPSA is present.

In this regard, meetings are her default setting; and if it were up to Sister Joan, they would be held every week, multiple times a week, just to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to air their views and add to the decision-making process.

Sister Peters has always been a hard worker and gives her all 100 percent of the time, believing that once you commit to something, you must see it through to the end.

Long before she was President of the ABPSA, she was an advocate for co-workers at Holberton Hospital, where she was employed, and always supported fund raisers and other events.

She is passionate about seeing workers treated fairly and receiving what is due to them – as evidenced by her untiring activism on the streets and in the media.

She has served her Association in various capacities, moving from Regular Member to General Council Member, Executive Member, and Vice President and, in March 2017, was elected President of the Union, a post she holds up to today.

During the period 2004 – 2018, Sister Peters also served the Antigua and Barbuda Trade Union Congress as a Trustee, a General Council Member, then as an Executive Member.

She was elected President of the Caribbean Public Service Association from 2017 to 2018 and has represented the Union at regional and international meetings, including at the United Nations. She is respected by her counterparts who are all ready and willing to assist her in whatever way, once she asks.

Sister Peters is also a woman of God: a praying woman known for encouraging members who are facing difficult decisions or situations. She advises them to fight with all their might, but never to forget that it also includes getting on one’s knees and calling out to the Lord. She is very active in her church and takes her advocacy wherever she goes.

Sister Joan is equally devoted to her own family, where she is wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, and friend.

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  1. The year just start 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 looka attention starved Lovell desperately trying to appear compassionate 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Dear Well, well, well, today is International Day of the Woman, a day recognized around the globe. A deserving woman has been singled out for her efforts and all you see is petty politics?
    Why not instead either give congratulations to Mrs. Joan Peters or find another deserving woman to make her also shine in the spotlight.
    To Mrs. Peters, your accolades are very much deserving and I would hope that there are other young ladies who look up to you as a mentor and would emulate your years of service and dedication to your causes. You are to be congratulated.

    • She or no one can be Woman of the YEAR and we are in March of 2022. The year nah done yet 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 sorry for you if that flew over your little brain.

  3. I support you Ms Viera, politics enters everyone’s brain. It is not about who you support but the highlight given to an individual. The party , church, community, group that you or anyone is affiliated could do the very same.

  4. This woman is a CRASS, LOUDMOUTH, POLITICAL PUPPET who gets her talking points from the UPP-ABWU.

    She is POLITCALLY INFLUENCED and does not care about workers rights as much as she cares about carrying out the wishes of her political vampires. Her puppet strings are short and thick. They will not burst anytime soon.

    No recognition from SHERFIELD BOWEN for women? I wonder why. No recognition from IAN MAGIC HUGHES during his Crusader Radio program? I wonder why.

    After “SISTER” JOANNE MASSIAH got such a nasty kickout thanks to Harold Lovell, he has the nerve to be talking about “sister”?? Joan, when dem done wid you and drop you flat a grung, hope you can manage.

    WIKKID SETTA PEEPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Although her politics and mine don’t always go together, I do want to congratulate her and thank her for her service to the nation. Congratulation is in order. You are a Great Lady. God bless you.

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