UPP will seek help from Israel to remedy water problem in Antigua says Pringle


The Opposition Leader in the Antigua and Barbuda Parliament says Antigua and Barbuda should seek help from drought-prone countries like Israel.

Jamal Pringle was responding to a question posed to him at the Virtual Diaspora Forum last night in which he also stated that there will be no quick fix to water shortage problems in the country.

Here is his entire presentation on the water problem.

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  1. Gwarn up Pringle. Use your superb negotiation skills to engage with your Israeli allies you met at university. After all it was those same superb persuasive/negotiation skills you bragged about saying that you convinced Vere Cornelius to leave the DNA and join the UPP. 👏👏👏

  2. The Israeli people figured out a long time ago. How to become resourceful with water.They introduced something known to all now as drip irrigation.So seeking consultation with the Israeli Government is not a bad thing.

  3. If people in Israel can figure out how to solve their problem why is it we cannot figure out how to solve ours?

    Why do politicians think we cannot help ourselves, why are we always begging help?

    After 40 years of independence what is our contribution to the Universe?

    We all have similar ability, the mind set and lack of long term planning is our poison.

    • One of the main problems is having water storage facilities/tanks. Antigua is a small island and having few reverse osmosis plants located in different corners of the island will help. Each plant should have several storage facilities that can store a total of up to 10 to 20 million gallons of water. These plants and storage facilities should frequently maintain which is one of our biggest problems with maintenance and having a par level of spare parts always on hand for repairs and replacement. We can do it if you put our heads together. Nothing wrong with getting advice from outsiders but it would be good if we can give some of our young bright mine scholarships to Israel. We need to start handing out scholarships to study in the field to help improve out infrastructure especially our water situation, roads, electricity, communication, medical, education, security forces, food security, etc.

    • This is the greatest comment I have seen anyone in Antigua make and I’m this election backing UPP and I am not saying that Pringle Idea is bad . But as you said Why can’t we help ourselves. Why is it we have to look abroad for expertise. Why are we developing our educational system to develope technicians archtectures engineer etc. For no reason? What will be our one contribution to this world as an Antiguan society that 100 years from now people would say this was invented by Antiguans and Barbudans, “The Antiguans and Barbudans did it this way first”. I am not saying that ok they should not get a little aid from abroad and Ideas from abroad as I said Pringle Idea isn’t bad, but get those help from abroad and ideas from abroad and then find ways to make it our own adatable to Antigua and Barbuda and a greater contribution to our society as a whole. Well said comment my fellow country man Red or Blue don’t care sense is sense. Write to this newsroom and write an article “Why can’t we help ourselves” .I myself have a wonderful idea of how we can develope our infastucture embracing our current one and develope one that is more eco-friendly and would make Antigua and Barbuda the envy of the Caribbean. One that could be implemented in stages and way cheaper to implement. One that tourist locals and children would like.

  4. The State of Arizona in the USA is smarter about water conversation than Israel is. Singapore also probably has better advice as well.

    Antigua needs $ donations from other countries to build out water resourcing, that’s all.

  5. The more I listen to UPP the more I am convinced that they are pretending that they were not in power for 10 whole years. In as much as ABLP is full of shit the water woes excited before Gaston Brown and his gang came. Why did UPP not do this while they were in power. They will say anything to get back in power. All these so called politicians care about is how quick they can rich and a fat healthy pension without putting in the work.

    • JB. What do you have to say about the Gaston Browne Government and the water woes? They promised it will be resolved in 14 days back in 2014.
      Be reminded that they are in power for 7 years and add 28 more to that.

      • Did u not see that I stated that they are full of shit. Or are you one of those blue blind UPP supporters that believe all life started in Antigua after 2014

      • More than 3000 homes were built since 2014- at an average of 30000 gallons per month which is about 90,000000 extra gallons more needed….. the water output was increased drastically but the new houses creates a new need.

  6. Water,Water,Water. Water shortage has been an issue in Antigua. Since it was known as Antigua,Barbuda and Redonda. I am calling on Robin the Hood,Minister of WATER. Because Mama,Mother,Papa,Fathers and all others have to bathe. Right now there is no water. So how would those folks bathe,Robin? I am certain for sure you are getting water all day everyday.

  7. When you put this all briefly, it simply means that the UPP has no answers to the water problem and will therefore seek advice from others. Like with everything they will always consult. Well, when I pay you to do the job, I want you to come with the answers and don’t ask me how I’m going to fix it. It reminds me of the days before the 2014 election when Harold couldn’t decide whether or not to eliminate the PIT. He consulted with the Association of Chartered Accountants, and before these guys were finished their report, he had already made up his mind, advised by Christian. So these guys where just taken for a political ride. Wasting their precious time, thinking Lovell would take them serious.

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