UPP will launch its election campaign next week, Deputy Political Leader Pringle announces


REAL NEWS: The United Progressive Party (UPP) will launch its election campaign next Thursday, January 27, at a drive-in event at Potters.

The Party is gearing up for General Elections, which are constitutionally due in 2023, but are expected to be called early.

Deputy Political Leader Jamale Pringle says the UPP will not be caught off-guard and is ready, along with its candidates, for the pending polls.

Pringle says the requisite permission has been sought and received.  He adds that police officials have even indicated that the Party’s safety protocols will be used as a template for other such events.

The All Saints East & St. Luke Candidate says a number of topical issues will be addressed at the campaign launch, including the development of small, medium and large businesses.

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  1. Glad they going Potters first because this will be the first constituency area they will get a whopping!!! In dem nen nen…should I say that?

    • ERIC ( THE RED ) January 21, 2022 At 5:59 pm
      Hope the following sink into the brain of UPP, MISS.KNIGHT ,SERPENT and the other UPP MINIONS.

      Election 2023 predictions..

      ABLP 17 SEATS




      Just like BARBADOS. This will be a clean sweep.


  2. I hold no affiliation for either party but I do suspect all you Labourites are in for a big surprise come Election Day. The mood of the country is grim, grim, grim. Thousands of people have been forcibly vaccinated against their will which has caused them great anxiety, the economy is poor due to covid and the boom tourist season predicted by the government has not materialized. It is going to be a loooong, hard year and Covid will be with us for a long time. Who knows what variants will be next. All of that tells me that the electorate might just be willing to try something different and at the same time get back at Gaston for forcing them to get vaccinated.

    • Try something new? lol that’s a good one. Antiguans tired UPP for 10 years 2004-2014 and then kick them to the curb. Not everybody have memory loss. ROTFLOL!!!

  3. Well done Harold Lovell and the UPP, prepare yourself for a possible – imminent – election, don’t be like Gaston ‘Gassy’ Browne, who will change his opinion or direction to suit ANY moment – NEVER FORGET, BREEZE BLOW PELIKIN ANY PLACE HIM WAN GO …

    A proud Antiguan still EXILED by the ALP. WHY?

  4. “Antigua for Antiguans”

    The only thing Antigua people want to know is how ar’u go diversify the economy away from tourism and when all dem foreign criminals go get deport. This is our last chance to save Antigua.

  5. Nice to see Brother Pringle making these announcement. He’s the REAL leader. The other guy, the aging one, is just window dressing. PRINGLE IS THE MAN!!!!

  6. UPP taking the PAGEANT show on the road. Potters is the first place Serpent will get a WHOPPING….Potters FAMILIES for DEAN JONAS.Serpent will get His ASS kicked.

    Will THE Child molester IAN ( MAGIC ) HUGHES will be the MC. ?

    Or Sheffield Bowen the other convict His Assistant ? What a SHAME.

    Very nice of you to support UPP. Just to advise you that you are wasting precious time. Come over to DNA. We space.

  8. Hope the following sink into the brain of UPP, MISS.KNIGHT ,SERPENT and the other UPP MINIONS.

    Election 2023 predictions..





    Just like BARBADOS. This will be a clean sweep.

  9. Listening to Jamale Pringle this morning on Observer Radio. This Guy never sure what the hell he is saying. I shall reiterate that UPP CANNOT go into 2023 with this slate of CANDIDATES. It will be a LANDSLIDE FOR ABLP. UPP it not too late.

  10. Our electoral process is poor. It should be a set date and not no one man deciding to call elections when he feels. This supports dictatorship. On the other hand if for example UPP gets into power as they did before they did not and most likely make the change . Same thing with corruption in public office. Only opposition parties call out fire , corruption. So here what is happening Gaston Browne making all you burn out yourselves and using up your are campaign funds and little bit of voters bidding / bribe money. Yes from the moment you start to campaign Antigua people start begging you .

  11. Them red coolaid ppl…all the lub a world ass nd not them country….a man will do 99 good and the one bad he do.mmmmmm..gaston na do a thing close to wa lovell do .all now the red cool aid a benefit pay raise…them gran parents a benefit both food and electrcity..are u just greedy and dangerous…but the hand writing is on the wall..all u go shit in all u pants…cost a living a kill us are u a suffer silently but because are lub world ass..he dont care a shit bout are u..all he a do a set up he pickney them.nd forgt a ar u self put him de..trupit set a ppl all u be.

  12. @ JANE DOE
    You should be talking to your UPP to attract viable CANDIDATES. Candidates that resonate with People. Harold Lovell is BIG LOSER. Jane Doe stop UPSET with Others. Take a look at your CANDIDATES and do an INTROSPECTION. UPP DEAD. WAKE UP.


    A UPP Candidate live in a Person house for years and don’t pay the rent.

    A UPP Candidate went to Jail on a murder charge. These are the Candidates for UPP.

    • @ Lets Go Lovell

      You probably don’t live in Antigua.The Citizens DO NOT want to hear Lovell name called. Lovell is TAINTED. UPP CANNOT go into 2023 election with Lovell and expect to win. WAKE UP and smell the roses.

  13. So why was the Old Road meeting canceled?

    UPP has only FOUR viable candidates.

    UPP has to many know it all leaders so called.

    Fix these two problems Lovell

    UPP has too many SO CALLED leaders. UPP has two viable Candidates and these Candidates will never win Their seat.

  15. We need a viable opposition in Antigua and as it stands now UPP can still only end up winning All Saints East and St.Luke. Harold I still don’t see you dominating Melford and as a leader and prospective PM you should by now. A good candidate should take out Dean Jonás because of his arrogance not sure Serpent can. Same with Lennox Western seat that should be a UPP seat except for Wilmouth foolhardiness and think he could do the impossible. Look who nearly won that seat Chester. I honestly don’t know if the once ABLP representative and now another Bird – jailbird can regain that seat. That should have been an easy victory for the Lady you chose him over. Samantha Marshall should loose this time if you had a new candidate and good candidate but you continue to recycle like West Indies cricket team . Yes the other Marshall had gained some ground last election, which was an awakening for Samantha and this time with Gail on her team- you will have to reckon with the women of Labour. Your political machinery is weak – during the time that Michael Browne was out and struggling for survival in what is a seat that can be won with a viable candidate, based on how Chandller and disgraced cannot answer a simple question Lamin performance. Smith did not even capitalize- lazy . Your candidates are thinking that going on Observer radio is the road to victory. Antigua is political leadership, party machinery, people person, and voters bribing. I will continue to give you my take on the other seats at another opportunity.

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