UPP will host public forum on the country’s COVID-19 crisis next week, Political Leader Lovell announces


The United Progressive Party (UPP) will convene a special forum next Tuesday, September 21, to discuss the COVID-19 crisis in which Antigua & Barbuda finds itself.


Political Leader Harold Lovell says the Party’s Executive has given its support for this initiative, which is aimed particularly at those residents who remain fearful or lack critical information about the global vaccination programme.


He reiterates that persons should be educated and persuaded that vaccination is, at present, the best medical defense against serious illness, hospitalization, and death brought on by the COVID-19 disease and its variants.   This is a scientific and medical fact that the Party accepts.


At this time – when the options of vaccination or regular testing are being put before public-sector workers; when private-sector employees are being asked to choose between inoculation and unemployment; and when medical facilities and personnel are being overwhelmed by the sick and the dying – the need for a frank, science-based discussion is urgent, the Party agrees.


Accordingly, the UPP’s forum will be aired next Tuesday night, at 7 p.m., on the Party’s radio station, Progressive 107.3 FM, and its MYUPP Facebook page.


Residents are invited to tune in and be part of this possibly life-saving event.



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  1. Just hush your F-ing mouth Harold Lovell with you dumb hypocrisy, just trying to see if you can gain any political points.

  2. I hope this forum will put an end to the false narrative that Gaston Browne and his supporters have been pushing that the UPP is against the vaccination process. It is really the ALP that has been playing politics with the covid pandemic and they should stop it. Good statesmanship required at the very outset that all political parties and civic organizations be brought together in a unified effort to deal with the issue. This was not done because of lack of foresight or the perpetuation of rabid partisanship.

    • When one reads this pile of bullshit and hypocrisy one can only laugh. If memory servers right the government from the start of the pandemic reach out to the opposition and the opposition out right refused to help now shit hitting the fan the want rollout covid plan and them as usual the mouthpiece here acting like the government wrong!

      • ……….. As usual you are talking pure nonsense. The only thing the government invited the Opposition to was to be a part of the Economic Recovery Committee (ERC). The Opposition refused for a number of reasons including how the invitation was presented to Jamal Pringle. Despite that the Opposition presented several recommendations to the government to be considered by the ERC and the government’s response was that they were implementing those recommendations already. No invitation was ever extended to the Opposition to be involved in any covid pandemic committee. In fact, there was never such a committee. Max Hurst on Daren’s program on Observer also tried to spread the same lie and when challenged by Daren to provide dates he was tongue tied and a total embarrassment.

        • Blah blah pure bullshit coming out of your mouth again but you should one UPP mouthpiece so what’s new🤷🏿‍♂

          • ……….. What you need to do is to refute my contention with some kind of evidence and stop sprouting empty, meaningless words.

        • @ CHARLES TABOR
          Tabor …UPP is against the vaccine. UPP talking from all corners of Their mouth. All the Executives of UPP took the vaccine but They are advising People NOT to take the vaccine. So HYPOCRITICAL.

        • Why waste my time on a onesided hyptocritial political waste man like you. I’ve bit more important things than to study you.

  3. Why did it take you sooooo long Mr. Lovell? I guess better late than never, but it doesn’t reflect well on your “leadership”

    • Because plenty of the people catching and dying from covid are UPP supporters. As I understand it that was a wake-up call and what Arvil G said in his article caused him to spring into action.


    Why are afraid to answer the question about your BOSS SERPENT leaving the hospital
    on His own. Serpent is totally IRRESPONSIBLE. Can you imagine the contact tracing. Serpent is running for Politics. We in St. George will remember how he disrespect Us in St. George. This should be investigaed by the Police.

    • I am also waiting on the police to take action against serpent … leaving the hospital on his own then calling someone to pick him up was totally irresponsible….. serpent wanting to be a leader is a joke … @TABOR I AM WAITING YOUR EXPLANATION

      • CURIOUS since when leaving the hospital is a crime? I do not know the details of Serpent’s situation. However, it looks as if he went to the hospital seeking medical care and they felt there was no need for him to be kept. Curious how was he supposed to get home? Did you want him to walk?

  5. I put all the death of Covid at Lovell and team feet, all of sit back and encourage these people to do the wrong things by boiling bush instead of listening to Science!!!! It all on caught on tape Get away from here you loser Lovell,

  6. Public forum now to talk what about covid lovell? Have always respected you professionally but I do think the UPP is playing politics with the nation’s health. You can lead on this with more vigor!.

  7. UPP is on record that it is not against vaccines. The political leader encourages vaccinations and has echoed the same sentiment every time the issue is brought forward. Individual members are allowed to have opposing views on the vaccines. @ Antiguan it’s stupid to assume the unvaccinated are all members of the UPP.

    The PM must take responsibility for fumbling the ball from the onset when he took the Moderna vaccine while asking the populace to take Astra Zeneca.

  8. As the saying goes, “it’s better late than never”. When Darren asked the chairwoman of the UPP what more can the UPP do, she said “what more do you want us to do? We are not the government and we do not have the state resources. I’m glad that they finally saw that they can do much more. It is never too late. If it were only one person that they would have encourage to take the vaccine it would be good. But as the PM said this is not just a fight for the government. It is a fight that we all must join. Each endeavoring all achieving. We all have to do our part in getting others to become vaccinated. Starting with our friends and family. We have never been through a pandemic before, and we need each other to come through it. The sooner the better. No politics in this. Actually! The harder the opposition is seen fighting this good fight the more political mileage they would gain from the voters. They cannot be seen sitting one the Side Line.

  9. so all it took was for ALGERNON to show up at the hospital CRYING LIKE A BABY for Lovell to finally bark?

    The lipstick wearing hog is really powerful. A wah she say go!

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