UPP Vows to Proceed with No-Confidence Motion Against Speaker Sir Gerald Watt

House Speaker Sir Gerald Watt

The United Progressive Party (UPP) remains steadfast in its pursuit of a vote of no confidence against Speaker of the House, Sir Gerald Watt. UPP leader, Jamale Pringle, announced his intention to initiate this motion in July, citing concerns over the Speaker’s recent behavior.

The UPP is fueled by allegations of political bias and perceived mistreatment of Opposition MPs, especially Asot Michael of St. Peter, who faced a three-sitting suspension on May 18.

Pringle explained that he refrained from introducing the motion in a previous parliamentary session due to the absence of most opposition MPs, alleging that government MPs hastily convened the session while knowing opposition members were on vacation.

The UPP’s mission is to champion fairness and address issues affecting the people, and they won’t allow the Speaker to derail their plans.

Concerns regarding Watt’s competence also arise from his prolonged refusal to acknowledge the resignation of former MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, only acknowledging it just before a court hearing on the matter.

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  1. I guess Pringle still doesn’t understand what parliamentary democracy is all about. It’s the ayes have it. So Labour will always win unless there is a split in the party. Which is wishful thinking of the opposition.

  2. The NASTY party are at it again by SLIPPING things through the Parliamentary back door.

    This wilful ABLP government just haven’t got a clue how to conduct proceedings in the correct manner.

    They know that for a democracy to work, a level playing field must be in place for all political parties to adhere to – but they don’t want to!

    Of course Gaston Browne doesn’t want accountability and fairness in a democracy, as he has clearly shown in his previous two wasteful terms of governance.

    He’s a sneaky, slimey and slithering individual that shouldn’t be anywhere near High office.

    • So, Gaston Browne is in Parliament since 1999 and you want him to vacate office just because you don’t like the man. Why don’t you try to run against him and see if you can beat him? Keep dreaming. Wilmouth thought he could come from St. Philip South to run in City West and he retired. Colin Derrick retired and soon Alister will also retire. So Brix, you are welcome to put your hat in the ring if you think you’re bad.

      • If he was an honourable man I would, but as the saying goes: “There’s honour among thieves…” 😁

        And btw, why couldn’t you answer any of my valid point?

        Your the king of deflection when people highlight the problems within the ABLP and Gaston Browne. Hilarious 😂

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