UPP unveils next election candidates

United Progressive Party Candidates

With what was termed an “unveiling”, the United Progressive Party (UPP) officially revealed its slate of candidates to contest the next general election against the incumbent Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) led by Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

They are: MP Wilmoth Daniel in St. John’s City West; Harold Lovell in St. John’s City East; Michael Burton in St. John’s City South;
Richard Lewis in St. John’s Rural West; Kyron Simon in St. John’s Rural South; Trevor Young in St. John’s Rural East; Dr. McChesney Emanuel in St. John’s Rural North; Jonathan Joseph in St. Mary’s North; Cortwright Marshall in St. Mary’s South; Jamal Pringle in All Saints East and St. Luke; Lammin Newton in All Saints West; George Wehner in St. George; Colin Isaac in St. Peter; Gregory “Driftwood” Athill in St. Paul; Shawn Nicholas in St. Phillip North; and Chester Hughes in St. Phillip South.

In the 17th constituency of Barbuda the UPP does not run a candidate but instead has an alliance with the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM).

The UPP will present a total of 12 new candidates for the next general election – Burton, Lewis, Simon, Young, Emanuel, Marshall, Pringle, Newton, Wehner, Isaac, Joseph and Athill.

There has also been a near-total overhaul of the placement for the political hopefuls. Only party leader, Lovell, and party secretary Nicholas, remain in the constituencies they contended in 2014.

Former party leader, and current Opposition Leader in the House of Parliament, MP Baldwin Spencer, has long-since declared his interest in vacating his post as party leader and resigning from active politics once his current term in Parliament ends.

Former party deputy, Dr. Jaqui Quin, also resigned her post a year ago as she cited medical reasons for staying away from active politics.

Hilson Baptiste, Chanlah Codrington, Mervyn Richards and John Maginley have all also indicated their desire not to contest the upcoming elections.

MP Joanne Massiah, had been ousted by the party sighting irreconcilable differences which played out in the public domain for the better part of two years since the 2015 UPP general convention where Lovell was named as party leader.

Massiah has since started her own party – Democractic National Alliance (DNA) – and has presented four candidates of her own thus far with a promise for a full slate of 17 candidates which would include herself.

Eleston “Namba” Adams has also found himself on the outside of the party. The former host of the Crusader Radio show, Eye on the Issues, had since been removed from the show by party brass and replaced with the slate of candidates who rotate hosting duties throughout his former time slot.

The UPP today, will begin its process towards convincing the Antigua and Barbudan people their slate described as ‘people-guided and business-minded,’ is touted as an astute mix of experience and youthful energy and competent enough to replace the incumbent Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party.

The candidates were unveiled today, Sunday November 5, at the headquarters of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union on lower Newgate Street.



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  1. what about DR. ERROL CORT? What has become of him? As for Namba, I saw him liming with Chet and Winston Williams at the food fair. Namba and Chet tight bad deez days. Guess he got a job in Culture. Can’t say that I blame Namba. Why is Gisele Isaac-Arindale not running? She has more balls than Lovell. I think she would make a good candidate. All the best to Shawn when she comes up against “the man with the cigar” and I look to see what becomes of Wilmoth after his run in City West…although I have a hunch. Time will tell.

    • I also really (really) wish Gisele had run; I think she is [one of] their best assets. Have we had a chairman of a party not on the slate before? Sad to see only one female. I’ve been seeing Joan–is she back?

      I think more time could have been spent to….let’s say finesse this lineup. Not sure what about this blessed day of our Lord seemed like a good or necessary time for a complete reveal.
      I actually doubt elections will be called (that) “early”; our PM may well just be strategically enjoying having his opponents run around like headless chickens.

  2. Like really Mr. Lovell Mr. Young for where rural east he’s not going to win nothing there before you find an Antigua you pick him up like really. Gaston will be in power until the world end your team week I am not voting for are you this time around orange or red or maybe Asot alone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😡😡

    • IKR. That seat is out the window completely for the UPP. It funny till it not even funny.

      Mr. Lovell had “strength” to tell Malaka no but really has Mr. Young on his ticket?? It does not mean that Mr. Young is a bad person either. Sometimes you just have to accept in life that something you really want to do, you are not at all capable of doing.

  3. Who will be the deputy?
    What happen to people like Counselor Derrick, Justin Simon, Neil Cochrane, Gisele Isaac, Gene Jeffery, Clion Athill, Dr Cort etc?

    Why am I not as excited and confident as 2004?

  4. Yes it’s true silly season is a mere year away and the horses are at the gates biting at the bits to get down the track. All the best to the hopeful. I enjoy a race with dark horses. Do not discount the DNA. STRANGER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED. They may not sweep but grab a few seats some one say cooperation with its parent UPP. What interesting times we live in. ONLY IN ANTIGUA.

  5. lammin start to put in the work please cant take no more of this ms prank brown. …he keep taking it right up the alley way and the road need fixing nothing been down for ever …all he does is go and take pictures with every little thing the government builds. …the next election is going to be crazy a lot of crying trust me …Gastonia will loose his seat ms will loose his seat the upp will win the next general elections sad to say …..but it is reality

  6. If UPP ever wins elections in this country again we will be re-winded back to the 50s.

      • Muriel Scholar,How can sensible people like you utter those bias words from your mouth? Do you really think that Antigua’s are so simple minded that they will return the UPP to office anytime in the near future? Obviously you are not as smart as i thought you were .. It won’t happen. After the next polls,the UPP as we know it will be no more.

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