UPP to plan ‘Black March’ to intensify call for inquiry and to pay respects to deceased West Africans


REAL NEWS: The United Progressive Party (UPP) plans to lead another march to press the Governor-General to launch a public inquiry into the Antigua Airways/West-African migrants debacle – given the recent misfortune in which a number of these visitors died at sea.

For months, the Party has been calling for a public inquiry into the matter, but Sir Rodney Williams has declined to convene such an investigation.

This has caused residents to believe that Prime Minister Gaston Browne has something to hide, since he is on record as saying the Governor-General could make no such move without his permission.

And while two international agencies have been invited to inquire into the migrants’ situation, sources say their scope of investigation is limited and cannot get to the bottom of the airline/migrants scandal as an inquiry would.

Accordingly, UPP Public Relations Officer Damani Tabor says that a “Black March” is under consideration.

This will allow the Party to continue pressing for a commission of inquiry while simultaneously paying its respects to those who died, or were lost, last Tuesday, March 28, during what has been described as an illegal operation to smuggle West Africans onto American soil.

Further, Tabor says the UPP will be writing to several international agencies, including Amnesty International, in order to get some accountability on the matter – which the Administration is currently refusing to accept.

The Browne Administration has stated that it is not responsible for the fatal incident involving the West Africans, whom the prime minister accused of being ungrateful for the country’s generosity.

However, Tabor says the UPP will continue to do all it can to ensure that justice is served in this matter and that Antigua and Barbuda’s reputation is not further tarnished.

He notes that this incident could have far-reaching repercussions, including affecting  Antiguans’ and Barbudans’ unhindered travel to other countries with visa restrictions.

According to Tabor, with this incident hanging over our heads, the likelihood of reclaiming visa-free access to Canada is fading.

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  1. What upp need to do is it protest our encourage the government to send the Africans back and stop this airline with immediate effect! We should not be used as a gateway to the US as this can back fire on Antiguans!! As we dont want anymore of this tragedy on our shores! Total incompetent government!! Told us we getting tourist and it turns out we got refugees that doesn’t even want to stay here!!

    • @ shaking my head: It seems to me that comprehension is a skill extremely hard to develop. Now how many of our immigrants such as the Guyanese, Jamaicans & even those from Santo Domingo have used Antigua as a gateway to get to the bigger cities. They were welcomed here to contribute to the economy & better themselves. However, they packed their bundle & trollant , legally or otherwise. There is no difference with the Africans. They were legally welcomed here as a safe haven but some decided on their own accord used it as a gateway. NO FAULT OF ANYONE!!

      • @ bluddy bloke, you should be the last person talking about comprehension. I have seen your dunce comments and it’s a true reflection of who you are. I dont see Guyanese and Jamaicans jumping and over crowding boats. This is a known habit by the Africans. Crawl back under the rock where u belong.

  2. Autochthonous Antiguans are waking up at last; and might I just add that the duplicitous nature of the collaboration with Marvellous Mike the printer; the Head of our Immigration Department not showing any major concerns for Antigua’s security; a government minister stepping down in the not too distant future (and we all know the REAL reason as to why); and a Prime Minister shying away from addressing the nation.

    No wonder right thinking people are angry!

    Furthermore, this isn’t even about the UPP, DNA or even the Barbudan’s political representatives.

    This is more about openness, accountability, transparency and truthfulness to ALL the citizens of Antigua & Barbuda.

    We want HONESTY from Gaston Browne now, and no more ducking and diving, or bobbing and weaving like a boxer on the ropes.


    TICK TOCK … 🕰

    • … and by the way, Amnesty International is a good shout for an independent investigation. Again, let me see Gaston Browne 🥸 wriggle out of this one if Amnesty get involved.

      TICK, TICK TOCK … 🕰

  3. Let us not forget that some years ago UPP & one its renowned bishop had prophesied that 3 members of the Labour Party would die. Unfortunately & surprisingly the coin had flip. It was 3 of their own members passed. UPP has to becareful for what they wish for…. THE COIN HAS A NICE WAY OF FLIPPING!!!!!

    • What the hell has what you have written got to do with this news article @ Bluddy Bloke?

      Stay on point, stop the foolish linguistics and keep up!

      Let me try and help you boss:

      What’s your views on the possibility of this march? And also your take on our Prime Minister gaslighting and his avoidance on addressing the citizens (like you and me) regarding his involvement in bringing the Africans to Antigua on false pretense?

      🎶”Come on Bluddy …”🎵 “Bluddy Bluddy Come Now …”🎶 😁

      🎵Wheeeeeel, 🎧 rewind and come again 🎤

      BIFF, BAFF … KABOOM!!! 💥

    • You didn’t disappoint. As much as you wanted to have nothing to do with this topic, you just had to, after receiving your harsh,expletives- laden warning, to go out and bat for the organization, even though you might not make an impact on the score ,and here you are, being out without scoring. Tenman and the others will pushed out of the pavilion and onto the pitch very soon.

      • Bring them on I say @ Rovi, bring them on, they’ll all soon be back in the pavilion with a duck🦆

        At least Bluddy Bloke gave it a try but was clean bowled 🏏 … 😁

    • @bluddy bloke, clearly you are a typical dunce laborite whose thought process is shallow and lacks imagination. Every opportunity u get u try to point the finger at upp. This is the Alp mess and that’s the reality of it, no matter how you try to twist it. I am convince you demonstrate the same behavior with your family and also as a child. You add no value too any discussion. Please do us a favor and have a more open mind approach and stop being so biased.

  4. funny because the last time I saw the UPP they were down protesting about the presence of the Africans in Antigua, stirring up racism. Now it seems they are all concerned about their welfare

    • lol…they can’t make up their minds. Anyway they think they can spin their hatred for the ABLP administration they will.

  5. Can be the same UPP that has all that nasty ish to say about the Africans can’t be!!! Oh the hyprocricy!!!! Suddenly UPP gaive a ish bout the Africians!!!!

    • Sounds like, @ Arnold @ Justice and @ .. for brains don’t want organisations like Amnesty International involved in investigating the alleged trafficking of Africans into and out of Antigua & Barbuda.

      How are you people putting Gaston before country?


      • Yo wtf dude wha people can’t have one opinion without u up under them comment like a fly on 💩… Cha man u must be one of them damn hypocrite who min have to most ish to say about the Africans now them leaving acting like you actually give a damn about them!!!! Why don’t u go find something constructive to do under troll on here looking for people comments to reply to!!!!! Now shoot troll!!!

        • I just enjoy calling out fools – it’s my hobby @ .. for brains.


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