UPP tells business leaders there will be no increase in taxes if elected


“We, and I will say emphatically… we will not increase taxes,” declared Dr. McChessney Emanuel, the United Progressive Party’s (UPP) candidate for St. John’s Rural North.

Speaking before a number of business professionals at the UPP’s business and networking forum yesterday at Sandals Grande Resort, Emanuel and the UPP sought to address many of the concerns facing the business community.

“Our government will increase government spending or lower taxes or both to increase private sector investments, create jobs and expand the economy,” Emanuel said.

The party’s leader, Senator Harold Lovell, also addressed another looming issue among the private sector representatives – that of competing government interest in the Antigua and Barbuda economy.

“Government agencies, government ministries and government must not be allowed to crowd out the private sector and create an environment of unfair competition!” Lovell announced.

“If you want to enrich yourself, there is nothing wrong with that,” he continued.

“But, go into the private sector and we will do everything to facilitate your enrichment, your success, your profitability.

“If business is your thing, then go into business. But if the government is your thing then that’s the people’s thing and it’s not about personal enrichment, it’s about service to the people and come out of government if your aim is personal enrichment.”

The party’s leader also addressed another glaring issue of slow business start-up time on the island.

“It takes far too long to set up a business,” said.

“The average given by the World Bank is 22 days.”

Lovell outlined that the current system forces prospective business owners to make arduous trips to the Inland Revenue, APUA, Medical Benefits, Company’s Registry, Social Security and the Education Departments.

“What we will do to address this problem is to establish a Business Registration office to include desks with representatives from [all of the boards previously listed]. The aim will be to complete business registration in one day.”

This seeks to address one of the issues causing Antigua and Barbuda’s continual fall on the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ report over the past few years.

“When last the United Progressive Party was in office, Antigua and Barbuda stood at number 63 [out of 185 countries] in the world’s rankings,” expressed UPP business consultant, Joan Underwood of the report.

Antigua now stands at 107 out of 190 countries as of the 2018 report.

The business owners and entrepreneurs, too, were not shy yesterday as various members of the private sector voiced their concerns at the forum.

“St. John’s is looking very dilapidated,” bemoaned one store owner.

“I don’t like carrying visitors into St John’s anymore because I realize that our plant is going down.”

Another entrepreneur lamented on the poor distribution of the procurement opportunities by successive government administrations.

“There is always an allocation for 25% of government’s procurement to go to small business,” the business owner explained.

“Does it ever really happen? It is really difficult at times for a small company to have to bidding on job with let’s say a Hadeed Group of Companies [for instance].”

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  1. “IF” elected? Don’t you mean “WHEN”?? Damani Tabor on radio this morning stated emphatically that according to the UPP’s internal polls, they WILL win the election.

  2. LOL!!!! Lovell gonna destroy this country once and for all so lets go UPP….Yup defection to North Korea lol

  3. I voting for decency. I voting UPP. This week-end I understand vulgarity and ABLP and Spice at Rising Sun.. Well. That is what the ABLP want for our children. Time to vote dem out

    • 1 man 1 vote. Other people will vote for their candidate of choice. UPP full uppa fart and nah ready yet just like LAMIN NEWTON proved by pappyshowing himself and the UPP. Turtle face will not reign over this country. Back to the Senate he goes. Dat he get for badplaying Joanne Massiah. UPP is a sinking ship that y plenty people “jumped ship”

      Bruce Goodwin
      Errol Cort
      Brother B
      John Maginley
      Mr. Terrific
      Anthony Stuart
      and plenty odda ppl too numerous to mention.

      • Police in England haul a ABLP man from a line at an airport for questions. Nasty Nasty.
        Browne nasty up Freeland name to put in his wife and bad-play Alinsia. Nasty NASTY
        Poor Sharon-” Your ambition is more than your ability” What a insult. Teco didn’t sign the letter. Nasty, nasty.

    • Antiguan mother is voting for decency….The same govenrment that wanted to approve gay marriage in Antigua….OK decency…..I hear u…..

        • U can’t stop ppl from being hpmosexuals but u can object from promoting it…U have the right to agree or disagree in this country that’s why it’s a democracy so with that being said the decent party choose to approve the act of buggary and the evil one said no we agree with only heterosexual marriage….hmmmm that don’t sound too right …..

          • Antiguan Mother I guess u are not as smart as I thought since u cannot comprehend my very valid point…..Hmmmm but then again u are supporting the UPP so I dont really expect u to be too smart…

    • Do you know what other people had to go through to ensure that we could vote? People as yourself make the minority determine our future, then some of you run away and adopt and love other countries. Why don’t you vote and demand that the government serve the people and not their pockets? The government can’t do what we don’t allow them to do. My people let me down all the time, a bunch of softies.

      • Between all these political parties tell men which one of these men or women care about us as a people. In 2004 the Upp clamined it would be done a “transparent” government but they all turned overnight milliners the Ablp which was once broadcast to be the most curropt tefing government in the world was place back in power with little improvement the DNA not ready why should I was my time and energy on the best friends club whose overall goal is to get rich quick

  4. Antigua mother your children will be expose to Vulgarity wheather ablp bring her here or not we are in the era of social media Facebook whatapp Instagram twitter etc…

    • Yes that is true social media is all around but we should expect more from out leaders. To normalize vulgarity by making our children feel that the antics of Spice is OK is just wrong.
      What bothers me again is the temper tantrums and verbal abuse of the Prime Minister. Is this the new normal? Donald Trump behaves like this. Gaston Browne behaves like this. Is it OK for our children to behave like that? As a parent we are responsible for the behavior of our children, I know. We would hope that our job to raise our children would not be made more difficult by leaders who behave badly.

  5. if people can vote for asot and Michael browne they can vote for stancha prince and bramble same line alp is the most corrupt party in the world. ….a please snake pit keep that fled the bad cheque don’t like to pay back loan house rent out of the studio please that is a waste the upp will support if u have talking a bunch of shit. ..and I will stop listening to that show tell him stay on crusader with them shit

  6. Ladies & Gentlemen… Let’s raised the level of your posts… the young ones are more educated. They are more equipped with knowledge… Goosh it’s getting sad that we allow our politics to stoop in the mud…. Discussed issues that will elevate A&B. Importantly, that will convince the undecided… I experienced both ABLP and UPPITES….but I have concluded that ABLP governance was superior than UPPITES when I compare and contrast…..

  7. The elimination of the PIT and it’s reinstatement. The list list is longer… But remember this… No politician can s pend your Money better than you… Compare & Contrast the ABLP is by far the better choice of the two heading party…. The others are just spoilers….

    • Is that it? Really. What about the Unincorporated Business Tax. Are you saying the poor man must pay but you must not. The poor barber, hairdresser, grass-cutter- what happen, they are not people too.
      I look forward to reading your list!!!!!! That illustrates the ABLP is better than the UPP.
      Please don’t disappoint me. If you make a statement then you should have the confidence to back it up.

  8. At school I was an excellent cricketer and the East bus station I played several games…Do you know it was favorite ground to bat on? I will give an example from now until election day to compare and contrast….. A blessed and safe weekend….. Ms. G

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