UPP threatens to sue former candidate Trevor Young



The United Progressive Party (UPP), at a Central Executive Meeting held in January of this year, unanimously accepted the resignation letter of Trevor T.A. Young.

Mr. Young chose to make this letter public, thereby publishing a number of untruths, exaggerations and defamatory statements.  While we have no desire to enter into any back-and-forth with this former member – since the Party’s business is of a confidential nature – Mr. Young makes certain accusations about the 2019 Convention Elections that we classify as outright lies and deny strongly.

Brother Rudolph Davis was appointed Chairman of the Elections Committee and served as Returning Officer for the polls.  He was chosen on account of his professionalism and integrity, and expressed his own confidence in the “very knowledgeable” team he led, which included persons of similar standing, Brother Edson Joseph and Brother Leon George.

The elections ran smoothly and, in the almost two years following, the results have never been contested by any of the members nominated.

The officers in charge of observing and verifying the number of ballots distributed to each branch, and of recording the number of votes returned, assert that the process was transparent and without controversy.  There were no anomalies recorded before the Returning Officer announced the winners.


Given the process of counting the ballots before distribution and after they had been returned, any irregularities – such as double voting, as Mr. Young charges – would easily have been detected.

Brother Davis, his team, and the Party all assert that there was no “show of hands,” as has been implied by Mr. Young’s untruth about persons voting “five times.”  The poll was conducted by paper ballot and the tally sheets remain in safe-keeping at the Party Secretariat.

After the previous Convention in 2015, the Committee decided upon a new seating arrangement to allow for even greater transparency.

Accordingly, in 2019, all voting delegates were seated according to Branch, while all Observers and guests were seated separately at the rear of the hall.  This facilitated the distribution, monitoring, and returning of ballots.

The Elections were run by the appropriate Committee according to the Constitution of the Party, and not on any instructions from the Leadership.

Accordingly, the United Progressive Party has resolved to treat as defamation any and all accusations and assertions that the processes were unfair, lacked transparency, or engineered for a particular outcome.

Further, in the event any of these lies are published again, in any medium, the Executive will take the necessary legal steps to protect this institution and its reputation.

The Party will not allow its image and name to be sullied as part of anyone’s personal vendetta, or as anyone’s stepping stone to political relevancy, without mounting the necessary defence.

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  1. The caption of this article is misleading. In the penultimate paragraph of the said article it is said that the party will take legal action if the lies published by Trevor Young is published again in any medium. It is therefore a warning of possible pending law suit if the lies are repeated.

      • @Editor – Kudos to you for posting the comment and also being humble enough to accept constructive criticism graciously. I don’t think the people running Winston Derrick baby into the ground would do such a thing. Keep it up Editor. Mad respect for you just doing that.

  2. UPP cannot take the heat……Get out the kitchen. UPP member has ecposed all what goes on in the nomination process.Why sue Trevor and not the others. UPP …..bunch.of HYPOCRITES.

  3. There is simply NO credible explanation for these Convention day voting irregularities:


    More multi-voting:

    Who knows how many more such incidents went uncaptured.

    Also the press release makes no mention of certifying the total voting participation. Very odd. Why is this? Is it because people kept arriving at all times during the proceedings?

    Speaking of “no effort to engineer the outcome” – What hogwash!

    They beauty of conventions is that the engineering can start at the branch level, with non-members voting to certify delegates (who are authorized to vote on Convention day). You manipulate delegate counts and the battle is already won in advance.

    Do you Harold deny that non-members participated in the St. George delegate selection?

    The blocking of many youth members from participating in delegate selection in City West is another incident that comes to mind – one of many.

    It is also curious that unlike in the Joanne Massiah convention there were no opportunities provided for candidates to present their plans to the branches. That was totally shut down – quite odd for a party that prides it self on “consultation”, and criticizes the ALP for not being committed to a consultative approach.

    Creative Engineering in advance. Well played.

    The multi voting was just overkill.

    • Are you serious? I watched the first clip. So each Constituency Branch has 10 GC members and 14 additional delegates, including the Chair. Many of the Branches vote by block, i.e., they vote for the same candidate. It is not unusual for the Chair, or other such person as designated by the Branch, to mark ballots for any of their 9 other members. Several Branch did this. Our Branch, approximately 6 members asked the Chairman to mark their ballots. Again, each Branch is given the number of ballots corresponding to the number of delegates out of 24 present (so if there are 20 delegates present, 20 ballots, not 24, are handed out), and as the article stated, this is vigorously checked during tabulation.

    • To expound further, the first clip shows the Chair or a designated member casting the ballots for her Branch, which is not against the constitution.

  4. And these people still call each other “Brother”???? What’s really going on here? It looks like the UPP really is finish. Every democracy needs a good opposition party, but unless UPP gets itself together there simply won’t be one. I still think they’ve got some good members, especially those who are truly “progressive”, but they seem to be sidelined by the establishment. It’s a sad story.

  5. UPP gets what They deserve. Trevor Young felt something went wrong and He spoke out against it. CONRAD , as you mentioned They call each other Brother and Sister. There will be NO Opposition Party after next election . I wish DNA could get Their act together but it does not appear that can happen. UPP FINISHED / DONE. What can One expect with HAROLD LOVELL and D.GISELE ISAAC at the helm of the UPP.

    I heard SERPENT is quitting. Trouble just start.

  6. I also heard from CREDIBLE source that UPP CENSORED / MUZZLED D.GISEL ISAAC. Next to be censored / muzzled will be HAROLD LOVELL. SHAME.

    TABOR…Are you the legal ADVISOR for the UPP ? You might not answer my question…Because you know my next comment. Tobor I do not expect You to answer my question.

  8. The UPP will not allow its name to be sullied?? Too late. The problem is the astronomical level of ELITISM & GISELE ISAAC-ism, LOVELL-ism and BADPLAY-ism that caused the party to sink.

    Jamale Pringle might a can’t read properly or speak fluently, but his ineptitude pales in comparison to the stinking cracked rotten eggs dictating the downward trajectory of the UPP.

    • I’ve always said the main problem with the UPP is Lovell is the leader. He had a long political carrer but now its time for him to ride off into the sunset and enjoy the perks of being a pensioner. Time to hand over the UPP to younger brighter more energentic persons. Not a seinor citizens club. UPP if y’all want to be save get rid off Lovell and the grandpa and grandma club.

  9. LYAD LYAD LYAD and INCOMPETENT LOVELL . I heard Trevor Young and I believe Trevor Young. SERPENT and KNIGHT sounded very stupid tonight. As Trevor Young said UPP blamed Observer Radio for UPP losing the 2018 election.The same will take place in 2023. Any Party aligned with Serpent and Knight can never win Election. Serpent and Knight just CUSS CUSS at all times. No facts al All.

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