UPP stands with Lovell, Quinn, Daniel and condemns continuing witch hunt by Browne Administration


Press Release

The Leadership, Executive and Membership of the United Progressive Party condemn this latest attempt by the Gaston Browne Administration to continue the persecution of Political Leader Harold Lovell and his former deputies, Dr. Jacqui Quinn and Willmoth Daniel.


The Prime Minister’s unwillingness to accept the verdict of two courts – that there is no case to answer – has become a personal vendetta that is aimed at fulfilling his infamous threat: to “use the resources of the State to bankrupt” those who stand or speak in opposition to him.


It is morally distasteful that Browne would continue to spend the taxpayers’ money in this crassly political exercise at a time when hundreds of tourism-sector workers are still at home; when the former LIAT employees are empty-handed, 20 months after termination; when the infrastructure at the hospital and the road network are in dire need of repair; and when pensioners have had to take to the streets to get what is their due.


It is also pitiful that the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions – which is meant to be an independent agency – could have responded so slavishly to the Prime Minister’s un-subtle directive, and is now appealing the decision of the learned High Court Judge.  Surely, this brings into further question the impartiality of the justice system.





We remind the Prime Minister and the Director of Public Prosecutions of the number of issues begging for investigation and possible prosecution, including Browne’s own disclosure of forgery and fraud at the Customs/Port, and the People’s need for action on same.


Meanwhile, the United Progressive Party wishes to make it clear that it will not waver in its support of our sister and brothers, and will continue to resist all of PM Browne’s efforts to intimidate and silence us.

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  1. You support child molesters and a murderer so in the scheme of things where crime and criminal behavior are concerned your support in this matter is not surprising.

    Oh my little 13 year old daughter….would she be safe under a UPP administration?

  2. Melchesidec
    December 7, 2021 At 12:47 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation
    Eyes wide open
    The fact that Daniel collected the bus is further evidence of misbehavior and corruption.

    I agree the bases were donated, I agree the cost of the case is increasing, I agree there was no intent on Lovell and Quinn to do wrong. Daniel different story.

    One cannot say that the allegations are mischievous, with such overwhelming evidence….

    Why would a country donate a school bus to a government minister? Remember UPP made the point the Five island school should not be turned into a University likewise the donated school busses should not have been handed over for community use…

    Pearl Quin said the bar, bathroom and pole in Daniel bus was there because he likes nice things. Pearl credibility is likened unto Hurst since the whole country knows what Daniel bus was advertised and used for,

  3. The real unanswered question here is: WHAT WAS THE INTENT OF THE KOREAN GOVERNMENT? A top level Korean official should be called in to testify. Until then we are speculating. IF these people are guilty, always remember you can run but you can’t hide.

  4. of course the UPP will stand with them! They have no moral integrity and birds of a feather flock together. Has the UPP benefitted in anyway from the stripper bus pole???? See how Wilmoth Daniel flaunt it in the peoples face by doing a video of him collecting ´his´bus from Police Headquarters??? You see it as a witchhunt. Plenty others see it as corruption, greed and injustice. You should hear what Anderson Carty said about the 3 buses.

    JACKIE QUINN OUT TO BE ASHAMED OF HERSELF!!! I expect this behaviour from the likes of Lovell and Wilmoth, but Jackie was raised better than this. Mary G. Quinn must be tossing and turning in her grave.

    • The sad part is that the 3 think that the public views them as some type of heroes or something. It is all in their heads that they are viewed in a favourable light with respect to these 3 buses. Shame on the rag-tag queen and more shame on tight pants for boasting and bragging as if his hands are so clean. And an even bigger shame of Baldwin Spencer for endorsing and upholding this mess. John Ashe is a real scapegoat.

  5. It is really appalling ,hypocritical and also the blind eye some of the people on this blog when it comes to corruption and nepotism . I know it is all about politics and nothing to do with justice . But ,whether ABLP, UPP, DNA others ,wrong is wrong ! I am waiting for the day when all politicians are really accountable for their actions . Still waiting for the DPP to deal with the person that tried to bribe our PM according to recording I heard him saying so. The monies missing from the port auctions and all the other blatant wrongs going on causing tax payers millions . We are so divided even when it comes to justice . No wonder the politicians can do as they like and get away with it .

    • So the police now charge persons based only on what a polltician said? I can understand if you said they shoulld investigate. PM has said some things about UPP politicianss and skulduggery (eg biz people claiming they paid bribes, UPP big man trying to rape a woman in his office, Lovell and airport construction company aleged corruption, upp politician bribing voters ..), imagine your response if the police simply just took his word for it and charged them

    • Rolston you can start the investigation by backtracking to the infamous letter leaked to the media that was allegedly written by the “owner” of the bus with the slippery pole installed. According to the letter, somebody within his same UPP offered him a bribe. The letter was addressed to Baldwin Spencer but was swept under the Gray’s Farm carpet. Take a good guess as to who allegedly tried to bribe the owner of the mobile stripclub…

  6. UPP “stands” 🤔
    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 but but but UPP has nothing to “stand” on. Who really advising them? 🤔💭
    Is it still Gisele 🐖 💄 Isaac-Arrindell???

    • Smh: When you spit into air it would fall back into your face. Gaston and Maria Browne and by extension their families would end up like Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. If you would like to know how the Marcos’ ended up,search the Web.

      • The article “JOURNALIST IAN MAGIC HUGHES SENTENCED FOR SEXUAL OFFENCE” makes no mention of spitting.

        “The court was told that the violation had impacted the young victim so severely, she wanted to END HER LIFE and had engaged in SELF MUTILATION. In this case, Hughes, who was 50 years old at the time, touched the child’s BREAST and tried to FORCE her to kiss him MORE THAN ONCE…”

        “…the Court heard…he VIOLATED HER while driving from Gunthorpes to St. John’s.”

        A jail sentence is not enough!! Magic needs help. Do you know of any good therapists?

  7. To much hypocrisy in this island because of politics, we seems to have selective condemnation.

    Too much corruption is going on right now ,increase in crime and we tend to turn a blind eye

  8. When y’all was in power you refused to jail people … all the documents from the pm office went missing and nothing .. y’all had evidence to jail people and refuse .. sorry for marga dawg it will … you know the rest … ask gaston what happen to the land for youths when lester was in power

  9. Why this DPP turned away from the IHI MATTERS? Gaston Browne has tried this case of the buses on his Radio Station. The tapes are there for all to hear from Point FM. He is interfering with the judgment of the Courts. Wasting the taxpayers money yet again. For the Appeals would go the same ways as the Lower Courts. Let it go all the way to the Privy Council only to be kicked to the curb. THEN WHAT,DPP.

  10. I was shocked to see the picture of “the three”. My gawd, these people have aged out!!!! Time takes its toll on everyone. Whew!

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