UPP St. Peter Candidate Tevaughn Harriette Christmas Message 2020


To the wonderful people in all of the communities of St. Peter, I take this splendid opportunity at this most festive time of year, to wish you, your families and loved ones – a most pleasant Christmas.

It has been an unusual year; unlike any that I have experienced in my short lifetime thus far. Covid-19 has put some distance between us – at a time when the merriment of the season is celebrated with the exchange of hugs, laughter and social gatherings.

The gatherings of friends and families. However, the spirit of the Antiguan and Barbudan people is not so easily extinguished. We are resilient and are not strangers to adversity. We rise above it or find a way around it. That is our nature.Christmas is probably the most commercialized holiday season. We dig deep and spend more freely.

This year, however,  our pockets may not be as deep as Christmases gone by – but there is a lesson in that also. To bring us back to basics. To remind us of the real reason for the season…..and that is to spread love and joy – and there is no price tag on these precious gifts. Without money,  we can still achieve that.

A mask cannot contain our smiles nor can it stifle our laughter. And six feet could never lessen the power of our love. At this time, the reality is that – many among us are suffering.  Some have little and some have nothing at all.  Because the government is unable to provide any kind of stimulus for even the neediest of its people, we have to be our brother’s keepers and spread the Christmas cheer and some relief by offering our own stimulus.

Reach out to a neighbour, a church member, a pensioner and share something with them. A slice of cake.  A drink.  A meal. A word of encouragement. Tell them that a people-first UPP government is coming to their rescue. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus- let us not forget those who have lost loved ones this year; particularly to the coronavirus….whether here at home… or abroad.

And also, those whose lives have been affected in other ways by this virus. Words offer little comfort, it’s true, but I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers….and that your experiences have reminded me not to take any day that I open my eyes for granted. 2020 has been sobering and a New Year has never been so anticipated. The return of a sense of normalcy without sanctions and protocols and curfew.

The return of jobs and a better economy. The freedom to travel. The freedom to gather. The freedom to protest when the need arises. Just to be able to breathe deeply and inhale the hope, possibilities and the fresh start of a new year.

And exhale all of the frustrations of 2020. While we celebrate this Christmas, I remind you to be responsible in your merriment and adhere to the protocols for your own safety. Remember, we will get through this trying and very tiring time. My wish for my beloved Antigua and Barbuda and particularly my St. Peter people is that we have a good Christmas in spite of the circumstances, and a prosperous and healthy Covid free 2021.

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    • Kristi all the best for the season. How do you know it doesn’t sound like him? Do you know him that well 😁?

      • Let’s face it, Charles, the guy is just a kid and he “don’t talk like that”. Anyway, he might be the next MP, especially since Asot self-destructed. Charles, I wish you all the season’s cheeriest greetings. Many times I don’t agree with you, but I respect your willingness to make your thoughts known. In fact, I appreciate it. I’m glad you’re here. You should know that many times I do agree with you, but usually keep that to myself. (smile)

        • My dear old woman! Young people are more advance and intelligent than you old snails … so please don’t be disrespectful

  1. The freedom to protest when the need arises.
    I guess you guys are so sincere that this had to come to mind the freedom to protest. Well you are free to protest.
    And have you not seen that the ABLP has been doing something for the needy this Christmas. Ham and Turkey and food baskets have been going around in every constituency. But just like early in the pandemic, was it not for Gaston you guys would not even have raised a dime to assist the very poor on which bandwagon you want to ride. Simple why haven’t you guys gone out to raise funds so that you could spread cheers to the poor in the community. This is not election time so you cannot call it election buy out for votes. My ham and turkey went straight to the poor. And it came from my ABLP representative. And as stupid as some of your supporters are, they won’t take it because of who it came from. So they rather die from hunger than to take anything given to them by the Labour Party. Sick mind is all I can say. When God sent rain he doesn’t tell the rain to fall on one men’s house only. But when he sends the Angle of Death he did tell the Jews to put the blood of the lamb above their door posts so that the Angle seeing the blood would skip their home.

    • Ham and Turkey?You need to go and bury your fat ass head into some dirt.So we could all tee off on your cushion arse.By the way.What is the Angle of Death.I heard of the Angel of Death.Are you certain.You are not Gaston Browne,himself, with Pradacals.

  2. Did I miss the message from Hon. Jamal Pringle or Mr. IMF Lovell? Don’t tell me they have a newcomer showing themp up like this jack.

  3. FROM THE SIDELINE you have become so predictable it is astonishing. From just looking at the headline of this article and before even reading it, I guessed that you would be commenting on it. What is wrong with protest? We live in a democratic country. For your information, the state of emergency (SOE) is not necessary for the implementation of the covid 19 protocols since they can be done under the Public Health Act. Why then the need for this unending SOE if not to restrict unnecessarily the freedom of movement and assembly of the people. The government may come to regret this unnecessary restriction of our fundamental rights.

    • @Charles Tabor…every time you comment on the SOE, and its constitutionality I am reminded to ask you, why are you and other legal beagles challenge the SOE, in the Courts?

    • Glad you know that I would comment on nonsense when I see it. I will not let you guys get away so easily.
      The other idiot that I never respond to had his blood pressure increased. he cannot have a decent conversation like you. I wonder when the Editor would regulate this website and only allow discussions of a certain standard. Cause with people like him it only brings down the standard of the discussion on this site. But perhaps the editor doesn’t care about standards.

  4. Ras Smood don’t you listen or you listen but don’t understand. The state of emergency is not unconstitutional and you have never heard me say that. It is constitutional. The point I am making is that you do not need the imposition of a state of emergency for the implementation of the covid 19 protocols.

    • Your representatives in parliament, both lower and upperhouse brought up the same argument. Didn’t you listen to the rebuttle from the government side? Even Melford Nicholas had to refer them to a section of the very constitution that called for a SOE to be called in order for the Public Health Act to be inforced. The very same reason as to banning social gatherings could not be implemented. And as it seems that is you guys only beef. Sad that all you guys have in mind is to protest and holding big Covid spreader events like Donald Trump did. It’s not even election time. You guys will have enough time to protest and mobilize. Meanwhile the government has job to do and that is in the interest of National Security to keep the people as safe as possible.

    • @Charles Tabor…if, “you do not need the imposition of the state of EMERGENCY for the implementation of the COVID-19 protocols,” but moreso, “to restrict the freedom of movement and assembly of the people,” why just talk about the Gaston Browne administration infringing on the People rights, and not challenge those infringements in the Courts?
      Or as usual, your talk is just political rhetoric to rile up the people especially those in Opposition to the Browne Administration?

      • Ras Smood there is nothing to challenge. As I told you the SOE is not unconstitutional. However, it is unnecessary since the covid protocols can be implemented without the SOE. It will be the people and the court of public opinion that will hopefully address this unnecessary infringement of their rights.

        • @Charles Tabor…appreciating the response!

          Then it appears as if #ThePlanDemic and the full implementation of #TheVirtualWorlds are working just fine. The People are in too much of a daze at this point, to even know what to do, muchless where to start.

          I can hear Art Bell’s voice, at 3:00am in the Mojave Desert issuing the #Warnings of such decades ago.

          • Ok I take your point. However, in the case of Antigua and Barbuda I believe that most of the population is sleep walking that is why nothing will happen.

  5. Back in 1968.We had a State of Emergency and a Curfew.They both lasted but for a miracle minute.The people showed the Politicians who were really in charge.Back then,we the people had backbones. We did not sell out for pittances and handouts from Politicians. Now there is a State of Emergency in progress for many months now until next March,2021.WHY? What are the real reasons for that to be so. Not Covid-19 for sure.In my opinion that person with the “strange looking moustache” is ruling with an Iron Fist. Abusing his authority.

  6. FROM THE SIDELINE there is no section of the Constitution that had to be invoked for the Public Health Act Cap. 353 to be enforced. The Public Health Act comes into enforcement i.e , the implementation of Regulations etc once the Minister of Health declares covid 19 a dangerous infectious diseases which Sir Molwyn did. The SOE is only required to enforce the curfew and curtail freedom of movement and assembly. Tell Melford to stick to communication matters.

    • And another thing Tabor. Melford is not only a Minister he is also a Parliamentariar who makes laws. Laws that you than need to study and practice. So he knows more than telecominucation matters.
      Cannot sy that of you. Wonder if you even know law matters that well. Cause you flop mny times. Lets hear about your track record in court.

  7. “The SOE is only required to enforce the curfew and curtail freedom of movement and assembly.”
    Happy New Year Charles. I truly hope you had a good one. And I pray that 2021 you would comment with some more sense. Especially since you are a lawyer. I have copied your sentence above.
    How do you think Covid 19 spread? Yes people having no regards for the protocol of which can be seen in the USA with Donald Trump Super Spreader Events and parties in the Whitehouse. And you want this government to lift the State of Emergency so they cannot enforce large gatherings of crowds, and people can them assemble whenever and with how many they want? You really do not love your neighbour. I mean the government in my opnion has already slacken the protocol as it comes to the supermarkets letting in as many people as they want. In March when it just began you had to stand in the line to go into the supermarket. Now everyone walks in freely at anytime. I guess they are taking a wait and see approach. I certainly don’t agree with that. The young people are holding their private parties against the protocol. Thank God we have the curvue or they would be on the road at all hours. And next we have a wide spread of Covid and then you and the UPP will point finger to the PM and his government. The curvue and the SOE if the most imortant tool available to the government to react quickly to any changes happening with Covid. Already today we have over 1000 people in quarantine. Nationals coming home for Christmas and think they can just go visit family and friends.
    All you guys can think of is not being able to hve poitical gathering in big events. Well use your brain and hold virtual events on ZOOM or some other platform. Be creative in the situation we find ourself. But don’t stupidly suggest we need to lift the curvue for the wrong reasons. We do not have that many heathcare workers to be able to monitor all of these people in quarantine. Slowly but surely they are getting overloaded. At least we know where the tourists are. But our own nationals are al over the place liming.

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