UPP St. Paul Hopeful Calls Out Party Chairman For “Unwarranted Attacks” Against Him

Gregory Athill

The man hoping to represent the Constituency of St. Paul on a United Progressive Party ticket in the next general elections has criticised statements allegedly made by the party’s chairperson.

Gregory ‘Shoy’ Athill who was the UPP’s candidate in the 2018 general election, penned a message to supporters on his Facebook page in which he expressed disappointment with the behaviour of Isaac.

Athill said he has made it clear that he wants to run in St. Paul and wants a primary to determine who will represent the constituency as provided for in the constitution of the party.

“By subjecting myself to the process outlined in the UPP Constitution, I thought I was following the rules and being a team player. So you can only imagine my shock when I heard the UPP Chairman Gisele Isaac suggesting that my interview was an act of treachery and that quoting word-for-word from the UPP Constitution to explain my expectation of a Primary was an attack on Harold Lovell and the UPP,” Athill said.

He called the statements by Isaac “baseless and “clearly out of order,” but hastened to add that UPP unity and victory was his focus.


“Gisele Isaac is well aware that there are other potential candidates asking for primaries in the constituencies of St. George, St. Phillip South, All Saints West and Rural East,” he said.

He asked “Will all of these potential candidates and the UPP branch members who support them be publicly branded “traitors”, “forward” and “ALP moles”?”

The St. Paul candidate hopeful said divisive conduct will only harm the party’s chance of winning at least 9 seats in the parliament.

Athill argues that if the UPP ignores its own Constitution it will not be credible alternative to the ABLP.

“Over the course of the day I have received over one hundred whatsapp messages and calls expressing serious concern about this situation. It is crystal clear that divisive and unwarranted attacks are not in the best interest of party unity and victory.

Since Gisele Isaac’s unwarranted and ill-advised attacks were made publicly on 107.3 FM, I am publicly calling on the Political Leader Harold Lovell to take immediate action to end this divisive conduct, which is turning off both UPP members and independent voters.

I have every confidence that the Political Leader, with his over 40 years of experience, will faithfully uphold the Constitution and fiercely safeguard Party unity from all threats, both inside and out,” he stated.

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  1. Why is that lady still a part of any party much less chairperson is beyond me. From since me born she round politics and still want have major say. 🤦🏿‍♂️ ….. a party needs like able people

  2. Don’t give up Driftwood!. I heard you loud and clear on Observer. You said you want a primary. The upp constitution says there must be a primary. You said you would support Denmore if he wins. As for Denmore we don’t see him around. Not saying he is a bad guy… but he is like a ghost candidate. And even if Harold want to throw you way, the veto must come after the primary. So what is the problem? Wha? Because you don’t have big letters behind your name they feel they must not follow the rules. Gisele sounded like a crazywoman on Tuesday morning. Me nah lie fu tell you. She turned off a whole lotta people. Arrogant. Devlish. Like nails on glass.. If upp cant follow its own internal rules there is no way we can convince independent voters that we will run the country according to the law. Is what? Gisele think only the base can win elections? I don’t believe for a second Harold wants to trample the party constitution just like dat. Just stand firm and keep doing your good work in the community!

  3. We stand with driftwood, Gizel is out of order to attack the guy, she running everybody from the party, listen to her on their radio station couple days ago and how she berated driftwood and then today after people was saying they don’t want wehnner she called in again and cuz off the people. Lovell is a good man but Gizel will sink the party

  4. We standing behind of driftwood, he fought for his community all the man is asking for is a primary but Gizel and Lovell know that Robert can’t win nothing cause he’s not a people person don’t even see him any where. Do the right thing lovell and do the primary

  5. Driftwood said his pollster advised that “yes we hab dem now” so how can be ignored when he had the vision like Baldwin?

    • LMAO nah kill me dis good early marnin jack. Murdah mi belly. “Vision like Baldwin”???? Woooiiieeee. Well sah. Delivvah me fardah. Lol lol lol

    • Very apolitical but fair is fair,if he is asking for a primary then let it be. He was the person who represented that constituency at the last general election and was very competitive so having a primary is the only way to solve this mess

  6. We standing with Driftwood, he is right on this one, constitution say primary so why you all doing that to the guy and then pretending like he making trouble. I guess its punishment because he went against the picket at heritage quay and I bet it’s Gizel, She soon run was Lovell,

  7. Let me dust off my UPP constitution real quick

    Must a primary happen? Yes.
    Can Harold get the rid of Driftwood after using his veto? Also yes.
    Must the primary come before the veto? Yes.

    Sir Lester once said Antigua is not a reading public. Defy him, by reading the rest:

    1. Every Party member, wishing to be nominated as a Caretaker/Candidate to
    represent the UPP on Legislative Bodies, including the incumbent, shall make
    such application in writing to the respective Constituency Branch with copy to
    the Political Leader.
    2. The Central Executive shall establish the date by which all applications must be
    submitted and all applicants must submit their applications on or before that
    date. The Central Executive shall consider and may approve any applications
    submitted after the date set.
    3. Any Party member who has submitted an application to a Branch of which
    he/she is not a member, shall have the right to attend meetings of the Branch from
    the date established in item two (2) above and until the final selection of the
    Caretaker/Candidate is complete.
    4. The Constituency Branch should, in conjunction with the Central Executive,
    establish the date and time of a meeting at which the applicants will be
    interviewed by the members of the Branch to ensure that each applicant fulfills
    the following basic requirements:
    a) has been a Party member for not less than six (6) months;
    b) is in good financial standing in respect of the Party obligations;
    c) is not the subject of any disciplinary measure;
    d) has a sound knowledge of the Constitution of the UPP and general
    matters of national concern;
    e) outlines a plan for the further development of the Constituency.
    5. All applicants shall be governed by the established code of conduct
    6. Within 14 days of the convening of the meeting in four (4) above but no less
    than seven (7) days after, the Constituency Branch should, in conjunction with
    the Central Executive, establish the date and time of an election to be held to
    select a Caretaker/Candidate. The election should be conducted as per the
    Constitution of the UPP, where each applicant must be nominated and seconded
    by financial members of the Branch.
    7. The Officer presiding over the election may, in addition to the election outlined
    in six (6) above, take a preference vote. A preference vote is a process of voting
    where members may vote for multiple candidates on a single ballot.
    8. The members of the Constituency Branch eligible to vote in that election shall be those
    members who are fully paid up and have been members of the constituency branch for
    not less than six (6) calendar months prior to the date of the election. SAVE that the
    Political Leadership may at its sole discretion vary the qualification period entitling
    members to vote in any particular election.
    9. Any person interested in being named a Caretaker/Candidate and who is not
    eligible as per the criteria outlined in four (4) above shall not be considered by
    the Constituency Branch unless prior written approval is received from the
    Political Leader and presented to the Branch on or before the date and time of
    the meeting.
    10. The Chairman and the Secretary of the Constituency Branch shall communicate
    the results of the election and the particulars on each nominee to the General
    Secretary of the UPP (copied to the Political Leader and the Chairman of the
    UPP); indicating the number of votes received by each applicant.
    11. The Political Leader shall establish a five-member committee (of which he
    shall be the Chairman) from the Political Leadership of the Party to consider the
    submitted results of the election and to consider any other information (including
    polling data) relevant to the selection process.
    12. This committee shall select the proposed Caretaker/Candidate which shall be
    subject to the approval of the Central Executive SAVE that the Political Leader
    has veto power

  8. See UPP this is the problem. All this internal fighting is killing the party. This is why no one wants to run. Gaston going to catch y’all with y’all pants down again if y’all don’t stop with the bullshit. Get y’all acts together get rid of Lovell and Mrs Isaac and find some fresh young blood to revive the party. Come on man. The first 4 candidates are a bucnh of jokers then there is George Whener how is also a joke. UPP are you people really serious or is Gaston and his gang paying y’all to lose the election on purpose.

  9. Gisel Isaac should not be on the FRONT line any organization . Gisel is Not a People Person. She will wipe out the UPP after next election. Gisel and Harold must EXIT.

    • Big facts. The UPP will never win another election in Antigua with Harold Lovell as leader. Right now the ABLP and Gaston have free reign over Antigua for the foreseeable future cause there is simply no viable opposition. What a shame.

    • The old fella jus can’t seem to accept the fact that the people have kicked him to the curb, and they will do it again if they have to. It’s all really very sad. The UPP need a whole new set of leaders. They are so divided now. It’s embarrassing. Stop the nonsense.

  10. Antigua needs a different opposition party – is anybody going to start it?

    We need a political party that will withdraw Antigua from CARICOM.

  11. Sorry to say that in the case of UPP one bad apple will spoil the whole bunch….. If UPP don’t get rid of that bad apple then the party will be heading down another road of disaster…. Giselle is making decisions based on her emotions hence it appears that certain protocols would be put aside…… Perhaps on second thought, she’s trying to carbon copy the PM by making decisions who she think is best for the fit…. Little does Giselle know that whatever she does or UPP do, the harder they come it will be the harder they will fall….

  12. This lady was once a big Labor Party supporter so what do we expect. She is there to destroy the UPP political party. Lovell better open his eyes to “Once a Labor Party will always be in the heart.” Them kool-Aide drinkers can’t change their spots.

  13. Who is the REAL LEADER of the UPP???? Is it Lovell or the hag with lipstick?? How can a man with 2 God-given testicles allow a woman to call the shots and “outballs” him??? How does Lovell expect anyone to take him seriously?? What a whimp!!! No wonder that hotelier was able to hoodwink him into holding on to our ABST. Lovell doesn’t have a spine.

    • Your comments would be on point except for the chauvinistic statement about woman not being able to outball him. You are suggesting that a woman cannot run the party. Perhaps that is what the UPP needs. Lovell should have run a fair leardership contention against Joan. I for one is waiting to see the day that Antigua has a female prime minister. That female has not show herself as yet though.

      • Yes, a woman should be Prime Minister of this country, and the Leader of the Opposition should be a woman, too.

    • that is what you call the right psychological moment. And Gaston is one that can smell the blood of his opponent. it will take them at least two years to have influence the voters mind to at least consider giving them a chance.

  14. Drifwood should not be the Candidate in St. Paul, he cannot beat Chet Greene!! Full Stop!!
    Someone please wake him up. Biggest Trouble Maker!! Upp should be looking for Winners not Losers.
    He should have never been on the ticket in the last election Big Fat mistake Upp. Now he feel like he is entitled. Why repeat!! He is a Weak Candidate.

    • Driftwood said he is willing to respect the results of a PRIMARY. So how does he “feel like he is entitled”?
      Mrs. Arrindell is the one who is acting entitled when she is NOT a candidate. GISELE WILL BE THE DOWNFALL OF THE UPP!!!!!

      • GISELE will be the next Leader of the UPP, once she figure out how to dethrone the failed Leader now in charge.

    • “UPP should be looking for winners.”

      ‘Should’ is the operative word in that sentence. Judging from the first 4 released candidates (all losers) the UPP hasn’t been looking for winners. Until they change the losers at the top, the party will go down as the biggest political failure in the region.

      Unfortunately, they have given Gaston Browne and his band of has-beens carte blanche to do as they please BECAUSE AH WE NAH HAB NO OPPOSITION INNA ANTIGUA!!!

  15. Where is Tabor…we want hear Tabor…since you like to opine was Driftwood right in his interpretation of the UPP’s constitution? Tabor come to the front of the class FROM THE BACK and explain to the students!

    • What you talking about friend. Tabor only have strong for people like you and me who comment on this blog. Betcha if it was ALP with all them baccanal he would be the first here.

    • Seems Tabor might be busy preparing himself to run (for something). He quiet as a mouse because he don’t want to offend anybody right now. The real problem UPP have is the top leadership. When they step aside a new party will come forth. WE WANT JAMAL, the onliest one who can win. And he’s proven it!!!!!

  16. @Dazarie Kalteek
    Do you know where to find these super candidates that you are asking for? Don’t you think that the UPP tried to get candidates? Everybody is running. They fraid the Tap Darg. He is a vicious, vindictive darg. These are the people who came forward. The others, also the last set run away. Why don’t you come forward and offer yourself? Stop knocking the candidates. They were brave enough to come forward, not run and hide under their mortgage and their children’s education overseas.

  17. Mr Lovell, you looked at Dave with yuh 4 yeyes and told him that Denmore Roberts was a member of the UPP. That is not true. You know that. Another Roberts yes, but not Denmore. Ask the right people. Or better, check your records. You have to know that you and Giselle cannot treat the members of the party like dirt and then come back and say you want them to get on board to improve the party. It does not work like that. You are refusing to give the former candidates primaries because you are afraid they will beat your new boys. Apart from Alex Browne who should have been there 2 elections ago, none of the others have any affiliation with the UPP and will leave if they lose. You are again making a very big mistake and it will cost the party big.
    This brings me to Mr Driftwood. Don’t feel that you can knock him about and think there will be no reaction. He has our support here in St Paul. We know who cares about us, and it is not the other one. The money that we will give to the UPP will only come if you allow the primary process to take place. Mr Driftwood said he will work with the winner if he loses. We know him enough to know that will be so. Your Chairman Giselle told him that he will never run on her ticket again. I don’t know if you have to please her, but you have to please the voters more. So stop the lying and try negotiating more. Denmore can also play other roles other than as candidate. Why are you not telling him that? He has no experience. Let him join the branch and pay his dues. Wait his turn, as your Chairman and the Shirley Heights lady love to tell the ones they don’t love.
    You messed up the whole UPP management by giving too much power to Giselle. You blew it. We will not sit down and let you beat up Driftwood. You are on notice.

  18. Where is my Friend Tabor to explain the CONSTITUTION ? Tabor I am very DISAPPOINTED in you. If this was ABLP you and Pompey would be the first out of the gate. You should show more courage. Your UPP is in DISARRAY. Listening to Orville Grant on the Radio this morning and He said” If the the UPP do not conform to Their own CONSTITUTION ….Would can They follow the Antigua Constitution” This a PROFOUND statement. What say you Tabor ? Show your face and stop hiding.

    • Come on Tabor. We want to hear you. Then again you probably too busy planning your own campaign. Speak up man!

  19. The UPP is having LOTS of internal Problems . I am from St. George and does not matter Who will run for the UPP in St. George, UPP will DEFINITELY LOSE in St. George. HON.DEAN JONAS ALL THE WAY.
    UPP losing Party.


  20. No one has a right to run for any party. I wish these wannabes would go look for a job or start a business or something. Most of the people supporting this individual on this page are labour supporters who love ugly. UPP needs candidates who can win.

  21. Harold Lovell may be the Political Leader on paper, but it’s the woman with the balls that’s ruining the party and turning off potential voters. This woman is arrogance personified. She hasn’t yet figured out that politics is a people game. If she can’t get along with others this isn’t the game for her. Maybe she should try golf. At least she wouldn’t have to interact with the other players…
    an when she ready she can pick up she clubs an go home

  22. Rupert Mann, Just Saying and ……….. I did not realize that you expected a comment from me in such a simple matter as the selection of the UPP candidate for the St. Paul constituency. Yes, the Constitution of the UPP requires that their be a primary if there are more than two candidates vying for selection to represent the party. On that point Mr. Athill’s interpretation of the Constitution is correct. However, the Constitution also gives the power of veto to the political leader who can notwithstanding the results of a primary selects the candidate he feels is more likely to win the seat. Once all candidates accepts this power of the political leader, then there should be no problem. Candidates should all put aside their own self interest for the national interest and good of the party.

    • Thank you. “notwithstanding the results of a primary…” for me is key as a primary never happened. So if that the case what gave Lovell the authority to bypass such? Can you explain?

    • The million dollar question is Tabor what constituency you planning to run in. We all know you aint writing all these whole lotta nothing articles just for the sake of interllectual masterbutation.

  23. With a nickname like “Driftwood”.Keep on drifting to the ABLP like others who were staunched UPP insiders.Everyone seems to drifting away from the UPP in search if their El Dorado,City of Gold.Some of you are going into Political Offices for selfish,greedy reasons.You would go there looking to enrich yourselves. At the expense of those who voted you in that Office.Is Politics in Antigua and Barbuda the only way.Where persons could go from rags,poverty,to riches.How about waking up daily and working your arses for what you would want and or need.By the sweat of your brow.Now everyone is fighting to run.Because it is willed to you dishonest so called wanna be power hungry Politicians.

    • @ BLACKMAN
      Have you ever asked yourself the question why sooo many EDUCATED and Other Persons ran away and still running from the UPP ? I followed your narratives on this MEDIUM and realize that you are just a PERSON with your head bury in the sand. You are not an ASSERTIVE Person . You support the UPP for support sake.No substance. Hope you will listen to Our Prime Minister on POINTE FM 99.1 today June 20 2020 at 4pm to educate yourself. You Guys are the downfall of the UPP.Should be ASHAMED of yourself.

      • ERIC CARDEN: Because I do not say what you would like me to say.You are branding me as a UPP supporter.How damn well dare you.You do not know one damn thing about me.Even if I choose to support the UPP. That is my right to support whom ever.You are a supporter of the ABLP. and Gaston Browne.I do not care.What is Pointe FM.Is that a propaganda radio station.

  24. It’s sad to see the blue in such disarray. Looks like they will only win one seat, and that will be Jamal Pringle.

  25. Well there goes Driftwood again drifting to the DNA…. LOL

    This issue is not a new one and it affects the red and the blue. It is a simple matter and it has everything to do with honesty and integrity.

    Politics will continue to be about two evils. How can “the better evil” be a good thing?

    Each constituency must have a natural leader and that person should represent the constituency. It is the simple. Why deprive the nation of these natural leaders?

    Pearl Quinn is no leader so why try to make her one? Let us look at the leadership roll that Pearl Quinn played in her neck of the woods since age 10? Where is it? Who knew of her? see what I mean absolutely no history of leadership…. same for Whenner, Driftwood, and many others both red and blue.

    This is not good for the development of our nation. Why go contrary to nature and expect outstanding results?

    The natural leaders have foresight, unbelievable energy, and people naturally gravitates towards them with little effort.

    Dr B SPENCER was one of the greatest leaders this country did not get to experience because of all the influential hangers on that forced him off course. Mr Lovell some of those hangers on are still around today.

    Do not let what happened to DR B Spencer happen to you MR Lovell. A word is sufficient.

  26. Gisele Isaac is a turn off….

    Some people should just remain in the back ground out of sight out of mind.

    Mr Lovell your next poll must have Gisele’s likability on it so you will know what must be done before next election.

    Both red and blue feel drained when she speaks. Not good

  27. Just a reminder of History.Remember folks,before Gaston Browne won the Leadership position of the ABLP.He was in a dawg fight with Lester Bird for that position.Molwyn,Robin, and few others did not support Gaston Browne for that position.Instead they supported Lester Bird.In the end Gaston won.Then they all sat around the bonfire holding hands singing kumbaya.Look at the end results of that disunity.They then united as one and won the General Elections in 2014.There are too many things fundamentally wrong within the UPP.There are set of immature people running for political offices in that Political Party.Man up and move on,when things do not go your way.Stop crying like babies,sets of whiners.

  28. We will wait to see if Driftwood would respect the results of the Primary if he is not the Winner. DA

  29. My good friends RUPERT MANN and ………….. sorry to disappoint you both but I will not be a candidate for the UPP in the next general elections. I know though that if I were a candidate both of you would give me your support because you know I would make a positive difference unlike many in the present government. And …………. despite what you say, I know that you enjoy and learn from my articles that you call intellectual masturbation. Isn’t the latter better than your kind of masturbation? Now be honest!

    • No Tabor I would not vote for you nor the UPP cause y’all nah ready yet. You would think in this time of crisis y’all would get y’all acts together and prove that y’all really ready to run the country but I see y’all still using the same handbook from the 1970’s. As for all your interllectual masterbutation articles it is noting new just you being arrogant and pompous and trying to prove that you are some tyoe of high power attorney in which you are not being that you have time to be trolling all day but all the best to the UPP cause God knows they need it.

  30. @ TABOR
    I can call you a Friend . Next time I see you I shall introduce myself. You are a Good Sport. We are having lots of discussions. Sometimes serious. Sometimes a bit loose. You would be the best Candidate for the UPP.I am a ABLP so I am UNABLE to support you but You will have my blessings. We shall talk later.

  31. O please!!! You ABLP supporters celebrating over this because you think all voters too dumb to realize that this is a part of politics. Check out your own history. Plus we see it with Democrats and Republican in the USA. Y’all celebrating?better pray to do the same after the next election because we voters not as dumb as you think

  32. Well, it seems like history is about to repeat itself. Because. in
    1968 the two (2) political party system was born on Antigua and Barbuda when V. C. Bird, as head of both the !one Antigua Trades and Labour Union (ATLU), and also being Head of Government, as Chief Minister, ln the colonial legislature caused a split in the Trade Union Movement by summarily dismissing George Walter, Donald Halstead and Keithlyn Smith, from the ATLU. George Walter, his Chief Trade Union Negotiator, promptly led the formation of a new trade union, the Antigua Workers Union ,(AWU).

    The period of upheaval led to a declaration of a State of Emergency, which in turn resulted in rioting in St. John’s for three (3) days. By the third day the rioting, fires and gun firing around St. St. John’s scared Chief Minister, V. C.Bird to the point that he quickly called a meeting with George Walter for ending the violence.

    The main points of agreement were the following: (1) The State of Emergency would be immediately called off. (2) The new Antigua Workers Union (AWU) would be immediately recognised. And (3) Bielections would be called in three (3) new constituencies. The the three ,(3) Bielections were held in 1968 and all handsomely won by the new opposition.

    In 1971, the next General Election was held resulting in the opposition, under the banner of the Progressive Labour Movement (PLM) winning fourteen (14) of the seventeen (17) seats allowed. For the first two (2) years of a five (5) year term, the PLM Government did well imp!ementing a number of initiatives. For example,the Social Security Scheme was implemented. The Walter Government introduced their farm and banned the Importaion of chicken and hams. They produced what was called the “Blue Chicken”. Overall, the initiative was not bad, only a little bit silly. However, hard times soon hit the PLM Government. The economy slowed, life became hard for many. During the ,1976 General Election the PLM Government was voted out.

    As it turned out the PLM TEAM did not have the specialised knowledge of Economics and Finance to successfully run a Government. So, the Opposition party disintegrated, became defunct and remained in the political wilderness for twenty nine (29) years.

    A number of splinter groups emerged. There were: the United People’s Movement (UPM); and the United National Democratic Party (UNDP) led by Dr. Ivor Heath. It was Winston Baldwin Spencer, Trade Unionist, who united both to form the United Progressive Party (UPP). The UPP, under Baldwin Spencer’s leadership won two (2) successive five (5) year terms in Government, from 2004 to 2014. His Government was moderately successful.

    In the 2014 General Election, Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) returned to power. They are now in their second five (5) year term.

    The Opposition appears to have another chance to regain power, but only if they are able to form another United Front. The future is yet to be seen.

    By: United Workers Party of Antigua and Barbuda

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