UPP Spokesman Calls For Equal Enforcement Of The Law Following Breach Of Curfew By Prickly Pear Party-Goers


United Progressive Party’s spokesman on public safety, Chaku Symister, is accusing the Police of operating under double standards following the break-up of a picnic on Prickly Pear Island on Sunday evening.

According to reports, guests from a hotel on the island’s North coast were taken to Prickly Pear, a privately leased island, where a party, complete with a bonfire, took place.

Lieutenant Colonel Elroy Skerritt, head of the Coast Guard, says that officers put a stop to the party, conscious that such social gatherings are prohibited during the current period of curfew.

“The matter was turned over to the Police for their follow-up. I was made to understand that Police also visited the premises last night to investigate the matter,” said Lt. Col. Skerritt.

However when asked about whether the management of the hotel would be held responsible for this breach of the law, the Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney directed the question to Skerrit saying he would be able to shed light on the matter.

Symister, who is also an attorney-at-law, says this situation “is a clear violation of the state of emergency rules; more specifically, the curfew.”

Accordingly, he says, “the Police should take action and publicize the action they have taken.”

Symister made reference to the recent incident at Bolans in which the Police broke up a church service that contravened the rules for social gathering.

“We are calling for equal enforcement of the law,” Symister says.



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  1. Only those with the money get away with most things. Once you a product of the ghetto you are labelled as a menace. Injustice an oppression will neva done in Babylon system.
    That’s what forces the common man to react in negative ways towards negative elements of society.
    people don’t like to hear facts.

  2. I hope this isn’t an attempt to get some political mileage, but just an expression of concern. Why are statements like this coming from the Leader of the Opposition. Pringle is the real LEADER, the only one holding office. He’s there at the will of the people. The rest are just unelected private citizens, and their comment, while welcome, are just opinions. Let the LEADER (Pringle) speak. He at least has some authority, as a duly elected Member and the spokesperson for his party, holding the highest elected office his party holds in this land. Thank you. We want to hear Pringle.

    • It is all part of a masterplan to undermine the One Single Pringle left in the tin. Lovell wants to run in Pringle constituency so he can say he win he seat. But the people have given him his walking papers over and over. Lovell likes blows

    • Exactly my point …. why are they muzzling pringle… if I was in his position I would take over the party
      why is he listening to the likes of Gizelle and Chaku for guidance they never ran for public office and were never elected by anyone… Mr. Pringle … please take your rightful position before its pulled from beneath you… just watch the setup and stop being nieve

    • How can you you start your comment by stating you hope this isn’t political…lol the continue saying you want to hear it from the head of a political party….

      Change your name to contradtiction.

  3. Chups why these UPP folks looking to score cheap political points in a time of crisis. Elections is 3 years away. Chaku must be looking for clients.

    • If you are opposition and you speak its politics. However poor people have been sent to Jail for breaking the curfew. Everyone opinion should matter not just elected officials. Thats whats wrong with Antigua. Only politicians must chat. Wrong is wrong and right is right.

      • If poor people don’t want to go to jail then stay the hell home. Simple. some of these ‘poor’ people are on the road just to be defiant chips.

        • That is why our country will always be a one sided. people it’s not about politics right is right and wrong is wrong. Time for us to think for ourselves, and put right where right and wrong where wrong we are too politically blinded by these politicians. Let’s think and make wise choices them our country will be better.

  4. wow wow wow. look at these mfos on here supporting bs.. What goes for one goes for allllllll!!!!!! dont know why yall draw politics in this..

  5. There is a time and place for everything….. If what the UPP spokesman said, is true, then what goes for Peter should go for Paul….. At this point one can only speculate that the spokes person has political motives….However, the messenger should be our lease concern but the message should be of great importance…. A law was pass…. Complexion, gender or status should not make one be exempted from the law.

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