UPP Small Business Pull-Up Reveals over $250,000 spent during initiative


After 16 weeks on the road, the United Progressive Party (UPP) “Small Business Pull-Up” has made stops in all 16 constituencies in Antigua.

Last Saturday, the caravan’s final stop on the tour was in the constituency of St Phillip’s South. Patrons supported over 25 micro and small enterprises in Freetown, St. Phillip’s Village, Lyons and Bethesda.

The grand finale, staged at the Bethesda Playing Field, included the closing ceremony for the “Small Business Pull-Up” and the official opening of the Constituency Branch Office.  UPP Party Leader, Harold Lovell, hailed the Small Business Pull-Up initiative a rousing success and noted that it provided some key findings that the Party will consider.

Throughout the 16-week tour of the Small Business Pull-Up, patrons visited over 400 micro and small businesses and spent over $250,000.

The initiative also generated over 500,000 views on Facebook.

“Many were surprised to discover such a proliferation of micro and small businesses, including both start-ups and established enterprises. Many have so much untapped talent and opportunities, just waiting to be unleashed and we will help harness their innovativeness and creativity to help reactivate the economy,”Lovell said.

The Political Leader thanked all those who supported the UPP’s Small Business Pull-Up, which was developed to bring relief to micro and small businesses.

“The UPP decided that as a party, we would pool our resources to support small businesses that are struggling amid tough economic realities.  Every dollar counts and by working together we recognize that we can have a big impact,” Lovell said.

Based on overwhelming support from both owners and patrons, Lovell announced that a new UPP administration will declare the month of November, “Small Business Pull-Up Month.”

The month-long celebration would begin with the Independence Food Fair on 1st November and include a calendar of exciting cultural and community events and training opportunities, designed to educate and empower small businesses.

The preservation of the local culture and the potential to leverage it as a tourism niche, was also another key finding that emerged from the Small Business Pull-Up initiative.

Lovell sees tremendous potential for the development of community-based tourism as a new niche, that would position small businesses to showcase their unique offerings and other traditions, in order to differentiate the tourism product.

“I really enjoyed seeing how many of these establishments have successfully preserved our local culture.  From the culinary art of outdoor cooking using the coal pot, yabba and other culinary secrets, to agroprocessing, with the production of local juices, jams and jellies and body products,” Lovell said.

This marks the conclusion of the Party’s “UPPLIFTMENT WEEK” under the theme “Relief, Recovery and Shared Prosperity.”

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  1. Gaston, Freetown too far fu you and your elites? Mark my words…
    St. Phillips South will be the box that decide the next government.

  2. The United Progressive Party, the peoples Party this party put the money in the pockets of the people. UPP Small Business Pull Up great initiative. 👍
    While the ABLP
    going around in some ole beat up Lorrys giving out Turkey and Ham, my God this is 2022. Not even nicely packaged , treating our folks like pigs Turkey pan head, ham in a hand disgusting. Shame on ABLP.
    Gaston your trickery is not working this election.
    The formulae has been unlocked, fool us with your BS and we believe no more!!
    Three Million dollars borrowed from your father in-law a you say so. The man perfectly right by giving the money directly to the Barbuda Council, dem pickney hungry. Trevor all the way!!

  3. Editor, the former headline said it best: “UPP Small Business Pull-Up Reveals over spent over $250,000” speaks volumes. Just a reminder that the UPP leadership, even in opposition can’t count/ and be responsible. While leadership closing its eyes to NAMCO’s audited financials, forgets for years he promised same for Romantic Rhythm but never delivered. Then there was the fencing scandal for over 40 million, the Wadadli power plant for over 80 million EC…Never again, not UPP.

    • @ since we on corruption, do not forget ODEBRECHT and the same one that stole the $40 miilion from the fences is in your party, what a burning shame. Please also respond to FTX and the two trips made to Bahamas, only a matter of time when it will all come out.

      Sing along for supper because the board fees lost must be playing on your mind. No more payment for minion services.


      • @SEND TEAR-GASSING (GASTON), thanks for reminding me that Harold Lovell was the lawyer on retainer for ODEBRECHT local branch called Meinl Bank. Help me understand why the former minister of finance hence during the height of the scandal would have been minister for the entity that regulated them here, would accept such a job? Recall reading that when they tried to get the government to not corporate with outside entities, hence they met with opposition high ups. Try and remember that the government did not fulfil their wish and provided information intl bodies requested

        • @ tenman

          Harold also got Euro 3,000,000 from Odebrecht which he promised he would provide evidence that was sent back.

          You frauds
          Harold and UPP sent arms to South Africa to kill our fellow black brothers during the height of apartheid

  4. Of course ABLP is going to duplicate and spend more money. BuT, they will be doing it for bragging rights and to buy votes. They will TOTALLY negate the real intent and the greater impact of lasting economic benefits. I hope people now see the purpose behind UPPs initiatives – They are all geared to the development of our nation and mutual upliftment of everyone- it doesn’t matter one’s political affiliation. Another term of ABLP will totally destroy our Nation – we WILL NOT survive!!

  5. LYAD. LYAD. LYAD. LOVELL and UPP. Lovell I heard your RAP sheet report on POINTE FM on Saturday. Who will vote for Lovell with all these FAILURES. St. Phillips South Pull-up was a DISASTER.

  6. We told you Harold cannot count. The simple way to analyze this is to divide the amount by the number of stops. Let’s say they went to sixteen constituencies. Therefore, the average spending would be $15625.00. Average amount of people at each event? 30. So the average spending per person was $521.00 Wowww. Guys, please go to Troy Allen and sign up for the YEEP program. You are never too old to learn.
    UPP Negra really dunce.

    • @ From The Sideline

      You are one of the duncest element in the ABLP. So ironic you talking about being dunce and you cannot even spell ‘Nearga’, Lol, lol, lol

      U A ONE REAL ‘Negra’ lol, cannot stop rolling

  7. UPP don’t tell me y’all are practicing to be just as lying and deceitful as ABLP. Not saying y’all small business photo op was successful but y’all know y’all did not spend $250,000.00 dollars (a quarter million dollars) on y’all tour. Stop lying cause it is making y’all look as bad as ABLP.

      • And does that make you feel better about yourself jackass? Does that change the fact that UPP is just as lie and deceitful as ABLP not it does not now continue make yourself a pappy show for politician you senseless jackass hope you are being paid for making an ass of yourself and you ain’t doing this problem bono

  8. If I were to believe the math then this is how it should be reported. #UPPNEARGA spent $250,000 but the beggy beggy one received #300,000 in freebs. Net effect of pull up negative $80,000. Yes like Dem #UPPNEARGA me can’t count.

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