UPP Small Business Pull-Up Initiative Returns in July


World Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Day is celebrated by the United Nations on June 27th every year. The United Progressive Party (UPP) is recognizing the contributions of hundreds of micro, small and medium sized enterprises throughout the nation with the relaunch of The Small Business Pull Up. The Party has announced the return of this ever popular initiative that spotlights the tremendous contributions of MSMEs as the backbone of the economy.

In the lead up to the 2023 general elections, the Small Biz Pull Up was a big draw for business owners and Party supporters. This initiative aims to foster the growth of micro, small, and medium-sized businesses, and provide them with an opportunity to showcase their offerings and establish valuable connections within and beyond the community.

This next edition of the Small Biz Pull Up is slated for Saturday July 13. Patrons are asked to gather at 2p.m. at the St. Stephen’s Anglican Church on Seaton’s Main Road.  The procession will venture through the community, supporting various businesses and highlighting their offerings via social media.

UPP Caretaker in St. Phillip’s North, Senator Alex Browne believes in supporting neighbourhood enterprises since the money stays within the community and supports local development.

“We want to energize the small-business sector, because it takes hard work, patience, and dedication to run a small enterprise. Wealth should not be measured solely by individuals’ financial status, but also by how they support community development,” Senator Browne said.

He further highlighted the tremendous potential for developing community-based tourism as a new niche, especially in the community of St. Phillip’s North. Studies suggest that small businesses account for 90% of the world’s businesses, 60 to 70% of employment, and 50% of the global economy.

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  1. Preparing for a by-election, Mr. Rum Browne? You’re thinking that Sir Robin is going to die or retire, right?

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob confound you, your party, your supporters, and those of similar ilk who are salivating on the prospect of someone’s demise to propel the UPP into power.

    Sir Robin is going to return stronger and better than you have ever seen him. Mark my word!

    By the way, your liver says to tell you that it needs a break.

  2. The UPP’S small business pull-up is an amazing initiative, and I would recommend any up and coming entrepreneurs to attend.


    You cannot measure the he benefits of networking with like-minded people and exchanging ideas on the best ways of working for yourself in the local (and then hopefully nationally) field of business.

    Then once established, then move on to the area of passive income, so that you can also make money 24/7 whilst you sleep.

    All the best 🙏🏽


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