UPP Seeks legal advice to address voter padding claims by PM Browne

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston A. Browne

REAL NEWS: The United Progressive Party (UPP) has sought legal advice on what actions, if any, can be taken at this stage to challenge alleged voter padding statements by the country’s prime minister.

PM Gaston Browne on the weekend on his affiliated radio station said that voters were transferred from out of his constituency into other areas to allow his Antigua Labour Party candidates to have a better chance at defeating their UPP opponents at the polls.

During the January 18 General Elections there were a number of close results including that of former political leader Harold Lovell, who was defeated by just over five votes by the ALP candidate Melford Nicholas.

Damani Tabor, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Party says it is disgraceful that none of the prime minister’s Cabinet colleagues or members of the ALP have publicly come out to condemn his statement.

Tabor confirmed that legal advice is being sought on the matter since the time prescribed by law for a challenge to the election has apparently passed.

The Party is reportedly looking at other ways to have the matter brought before a court of law.

Meanwhile, Tabor says that the UPP is joining others in the call for the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC) to launch an investigation into the prime minister’s statement.

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  1. Now I am reading something I was wondering about.

    Gaston statement needs to be looked it and whatever legal means exist to challenge should be utilized.

    If there are no legal means to challenge at this point, then a consistent and long running public relations campaign on his statements should be entered into.

  2. Sadly, and now without a shadow of a doubt, Gaston Browne and the ABLP government have heavily relied on non nationals to keep them in power to date.

    Genuine born and bred autochthonous Antiguans can no longer believe that their votes count in ANY election due to the share numbers of illegal immigrants who’ve had their stay in the country waved through by this – couldn’t care less -government; and don’t forget those who were LEGALLY allowed into Antigua & Barbuda will always lean towards voting for the ABLP. Fact!

    This nonsensical and unfair loophole(s) needs to be closed forthwith, or else the indigenous population will continue to feel like outcasts in their own country.

    • Being legal and being right are not always the same thing. There would be questions as to how these persons moving from one constituency to another was facilitated( were they being paid to move, etc). These are questions that would be need answers.

      “Putting someone down with name calling reveals your own low self-esteem”. Stephen Richards

    • @From The Sideline
      ABEC stated the legal procedure, but did not address the illegality of Gaston Browne. Gaston would have had the complicity of people in ABEC. Agree with you that cannot help dunce people. They will be phoning in to Pointe Fm to repeat ABEC and you. Pity most labour people lack understanding and allow people like you to dumb them down.

    • @ From The Sideline

      How can Satan correct sin😆?

      ABEC is controlled by Jarvis and Simon who are big stalwarts of the ABLP- they have no interest in properly investigating the PM statement.

      You are so bright that you don’t know light from darkness- fraud and thiefing :
      U can jump high and low, all Antiguans know that ABLP is an illegitimate government which are only in power via fraud, as they have in the past always.But jail awaits, time longer than rope.

    • You need to move from the sideline and come into the middle of the action because you missing stuff. Like for real wtf did you expect ABEC to say “we saw and turned a blind eye!” Or “we figured that’s what was happening but we had to investigate” I mean of course they WILL seek to DISTANCE from this despicable and claim to have done de diligence BUT ALAS THIS IS ANTIGUA so STOP BEING NAÏVE TO THE UNDERHANDED SHIT THAT GOES ON HERE. People like you sick me with ya back of the class thinking chuuups. Gwope

  3. A voice note was out with a politician paying for rent a cade during election and moving voters, he lost his seat badly he should have been investigated also

  4. And now they are all casting aspersions on our independent election institution which have rotating chairmanship and is staffed by both UPP and ABLP members. Are you telling me that the UPP appointed members are not doing their work? And what about the UPP scrutineers? Are they also sleeping on the job? You guys have very interesting far fetching theories.

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