UPP says suspend CIP, promises to hold referendum if re-elected


The opposition United Progressive Party has a called on the Government to “suspend the approval of any further applications, pending the convening and outcomes of a forensic audit.”

According to a UPP statement, the audit should include the administration and operations of the Citizenship by Investment Programme– “before it does further and irreparable harm to this country and its people.”

The main opposition party says this has become necessary given the action that was taken by the Government of Canada to impose visa restrictions on Antiguans and Barbudans.

The UPP is also pledging to “carry out a referendum on the Citizen by Investment programme and allow the citizenry to determine whether it should continue if it returns to office.

“Unlike some who are treating the decision in a cavalier manner, the UPP recognizes and is saddened by the loss of our distinct privilege of visa-free access to Canada,” the party said in its statement.

“Accordingly, the UPP further pledges to do every honourable thing in its power to repair the damage done to our relationship with Canada, and to restore the good name of Antigua & Barbuda before the world.  We did it before, and we can do it again” it added.

Canada said its decision to impose visas meant that Antigua no longer met its criteria for visa-free access.

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  1. You could not tell me anything. When you were there you did not bring nothing to the table. You would do the same. Cheap talk to gain mileage.
    Whether or not they stop CIP , Canadian done make there law.
    Continue with your CIP but do more check on the person back ground.
    UPP is not a second choice to Antigua right now. Neither the new party. Its just a name change.
    Do not let CIP issue run the fare of your country. Canada have to go wirh everything the USA does. They are neighbors and I know this was going to come.
    May if Mr Trump was not the president , may be things would be differemt.
    You don’t see how many country is band from USA.
    Look am saying no way to a UPP government in power again.
    Mr Prime minister, dont let UPP tell you what to do. We ask for transparency and we never get one thing on the table. You do your work. Continue to build my country. Sorry about the free entry to Canada, but go look your visa and if you not qualified then, is just like the rest of the Caribbean country try again.
    I know some of you is going to curse me but its the truth.
    NB. Give account about the , old engine for. APUA, side walk money, fencing money, Valentine’s big bash money, Mr Ash story, ect
    Then you all can come and talk.
    Remember this, you can all march to mackneish. A who say so ? Nothing was brought to the table.
    Give the man him chance. When his term fnish, then let the finger talk. You UPP or new party not going to do better. It is call enriching you all sef and friends.
    Hail up my Prime minister and my party ABLP. Continue on your good path.

  2. This Guy must be the biggest Jester in Antigua,s history..HL,whatever you,re selling most Antiguan,s not buying.. We are just not interested in your product.Please go away..

  3. Even tho i dont like this clown i kinda agree with him in a sort of way. (“suspend the approval of any further applications, pending the convening and outcomes of a forensic audit.”)

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