UPP Says Ramsey Bows Out Of St. George Race


The main opposition United Progressive Party confirmed today Kayryo Ramsey withdrew his candidacy to represent the constituency of St. George.

Ramsey was taking on his main rival George Wehner who represented the party in the 2018 elections.

The UPP aligned Crusader Radio said that the decision was in an effort to preserve unity and lessen potential friction.

Kayryo Ramsey is also the Chairman of the St. George Branch of the United Progressive Party.

Ramsey reportedly told supporters that he felt it is in the best interest of the Party, as well as a mark of political maturity, to to step back at this time. He also pledged his support for whoever will be named the St. George representative on the UPP’s slate.

On Monday, the UPP announced the first four of its candidates for the next general elections. Another four are expected to be identified next week.


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  1. The UPP is having LOTS of internal Problems . I am from St. George and does not matter Who will run for the UPP in St. George, UPP will DEFINITELY LOSE in St. George. HON.DEAN JONAS ALL THE WAY.
    UPP losing Party.

    • @ERIC:You have been saying the same dung all the times.My guess,if they put a red shirt on a dead PIG.You would vote for that dead pig in that red shirt.

      • @ BLACKMAN
        I will vote for ANYONE / ANYTHING other than UPP. UPP is a FAILED Political Party .Stop drinking the DAMN blue Koolaid. It danGed your THICK skull.

  2. @ Hmmmmmm
    Harold LOvell BADPLAY Driftwood. Driftwood has drifted away. Driftwood NOT happy . We shall hear BACHANNAL soon from Driftwood. What about Gladys POTTER ????

    Mr Lovell, you totally messed up on this one. I know for a fact that Mr. Ramsey backed down due to extreme pressure, threats, slander and sabotage. Your stance of blocking branches from having primaries is starting to go sideways.
    This morning on Crusader Radio, when Mr Ramsey pulled back, there was a flood of calls begging him to go forward because he was loved, well mannered, didnt talk down to people or rough them up like its a military barracks. Other callers pointed out George Wehner’s obvious downsides. And not being from the constituency is the LEAST of Wehners challenges. The guy is just a pompous a-hole.
    And a-hole number two of the day has to be Dame D. Gisell Isac. Imagine this woman was commanding callers not to endorse Karyo. It’s her station now? She thinks the party must be an ostrich like her and bury their head in the sand. When the people from the constituency speak and tell you who can win and who has manners and know how to talk to people, you shut them down and pretend your deaf? This will not end well. Dean Jonas is somewhere downing a glass of rum and feeling nice.

    • I cant for the life of me understand why? With Gasron doing all kind of shit and the UPP cant attract no one else but all these hasveens. George Whener lost in 2018 almost 3-1 and them ah put he back. Tral man somethjng is not right. The UPP needs to remove Lovell as the leader and get rid of Mrs Isaac.

      • I am from the St George’s constituency and I don’t have nothing against Wehner and Ramsey. Yes, Ramsey will be a good candidate but can he stand up against Gaston and his cronies? Wehner might be an ex-military man , and have that rough edge. I think Wehner is a better person go head to head with the ABLP if St. George’s constituency win it seat in the coming up elections. We need somebody like Wehner in parliament to deal with the Top Dwag.
        Yes, Wehner need to have a better approach when dealing with the people in the St. George’ Constituency. He need to leave his roughness for parliament and the ABLP cronies.

    • I believe Lester Bird brought Gisele Isaac back to Antigua for this period. This woman need to listen to the voice of the people. Once a kool aid drinker will always be. A leper’s can’t change his/her spot they can only pretend to change for their own gain.

  4. Lovell needs help nothing he can get right…. Vote Lovell if your about failure.. UPP need to reforming in order to get my people vote…

  5. More and more this is sounding like intentional self sabotage on the part of the UPP. Shame.

  6. Said many times…..St. Georges constituency can do better than that. A person that has no ties and does not reside in the constituency should not be representing the constituency in Parliament. St Georges tried that in1971 and the results were brutal for the constituency. Five years later it was a slam dunk for labour. Must be pressure from the/an/some executives for the other guy to withdraw.

  7. Mr Lovell, you have succeeded in creating a storm in the UPP by your hesitance to confront unpleasant situations, your lack of guts to say no to your flock of ladies in the party, and your overall weakness.
    Your latest screwup is your launching of the candidates. You are strong on not giving the potential candidates their constitutional right to primaries where they have the right. You are going against the wishes of the branches and inserting your favorites, forgetting that it is the branch members who will campaign with the candidates, and the people who will vote for the candidate and not your inner circle of learned members.
    You created a problem when you decided to leave the scene and anointed young Lewis to be your successor. Subsequently you changed you mind, except that you very cowardly refrained from telling him that you had done so. This is now a wellknown fact. All of this could have been avoided if you had spoken to the young man about your change of plans.
    This is what you said to those you do not want: “You can play a role as a spokesperson, you can be on the Central Executive.” Are you using this to entice them, just like you are promising to put them in the Senate when you win? You cannot be serious. This promise will put you in plenty trouble.
    You are making poor decisions and most of it is influenced by your Chairman who has many axes to grind, who is not a unifying force, and who seems to want to put everyone out of the party who she does not agree with.
    Lastly, your “polls”. Seems you are running polls but only the insiders see the results. Not even the contestants see the results. You are going about things the wrong way. You are not showing your experience of 50 years as a politician that you boast so much about. It seems that you want the Rodney King “why can’t we all get along” from the persons you have discarded unjustly.
    You talk about finding microphones. Does the rule about not going on the media only applies to pets and favorites? When Giselle, Mikey, Chester (he is another subject), Wenner, Alister and others find the microphone, that is OK, but not the ones you and Giselle don’t like? You are showing your favoritism. If you want credibility, you need to shut up Giselle who is sounding more and more like a shrill parrot (she says she is a Mandingo warrior), put Baldwin back in retirement (his weakness is still causing too much problem), and send Pringle to read the constitutions (UPP and national). Just to read.
    By the way, talking about traitors, are you sure you have the right ones? What about the ambassador you have right up under your armpit, or the one who has lunch every Friday with the enemy? Those are special?
    My brother, what you are showing the public is not good. Even your own guys are talking about the nonsense going on in the Party because you are afraid to make the right decisions.

  8. Ramsey, if you not man enough to stand up to the pressures they put on you to stand down, then you really should not be there for real. You know that you would make a better candidate than Whenner.
    I am putting it to you that as time goes by, you will regret this stupid move you make to stand down. You let Fled parade you on Giselle radio station.
    You know how stupid you sound? If they want unity, why it wasn’t Whenner they told to stand down for you? He came last in the poll, you were No. 1. Why is you they asking to stand for unity? They fraid Whenner?
    You are letting down all the people who are calling for you. If UPP lose St George, it will be your fault. Go back to Lovell and tell him you change your mind.

  9. My dear friend, I can assure you that I am man enough to stand up under any pressure. My decision came on the heels of what I considered a travesty, when our internal problems are being played out in the public.

    Then to read about the constituency I intend to represent being implicated in the midst made me reflect, and made a conscious decision to protect the people and the organisation by withdrawing.

    When I came to that conclusion I informed Mr Political leader about my decision, and he was in total shock. I then consulted most of my key supporters and informed them of my decision to withdraw. Thereafter I informed fled of what I was doing and he found it admirable and invited me to the morning show.

    Therefore it could not have been a situation where I was pressured to do this, I was just tired of the petty issues, being played out in the public domain and wanted to help by making a sacrifice, that should inspire others to stop destroying our rescue machine.

    Think about it, if the organisation is destroyed is It any use to anyone? Would you forgive the parties involved for committing such an haneous act.

    Therefore my friend we are all in this together and it has always been up to the people to be the deciding factor in all aspects not me. Remember unity is strength and together we can win.

    Thanks much and feel free to contact me anytime.

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