UPP says no to drastic hike in fuel prices and calls for PM Browne to explain conflicting WIOC statements

PM Browne

The United Progressive Party strongly disagrees with the hike of gas and diesel to prices above $15 per gallon, as announced by Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Gaston Browne on the weekend.

It is ironic that these increases went  into effect today, March 15, which is recognized as World Consumer Rights Day.

The consumers in this country – both the business sector and private individuals – have a right to an explanation and justification for such drastic increases at a time like this.

We remind the Prime Minister that Antigua and Barbuda are still in the early stages of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic during which his Administration REFUSED TO PROVIDE A STIMULUS, even as 1,000 small businesses went under.

Many residents are still unemployed or underemployed since their termination from LIAT (1974) Ltd., from Jolly Beach Resort and from CAS, and as Tamarind Hills Resort and Rex Halycon Cove remain closed.

Taxi drivers and vendors who were deprived of any income at all during the shutdown of tourism activities are still struggling to stay afloat, along with farmers, many retail businesses, and pensioners.

It is unconscionable that – without consultation with the people – and not just energy-sector stakeholders – the Browne Administration has unilaterally taken a decision that will increase the cost of living for every single resident and business.

Further, Prime Minister Browne owes the country an explanation and, perhaps an apology, for the about-face adopted by the management of the West Indies Oil Company, of which the people are majority shareholders.   It cannot be right to assure consumers that they are in a comfortable position for six months and then, without notice or cushion, hit them in the pocket with an over 25% increase in fuel prices.

When the Government was purchasing fuel at rock-bottom prices, the consumers got no relief; no savings was passed on to them.  What, then, justifies these immediate and cruel hikes now?

The Prime Minister has asked the operators of public transportation to “hold the strain” in the hope that the increases will be short-lived.  Why can the Government, which has enjoyed unprecedented income from the consumption tax all these years not hold strain, itself, in the interest of the people?

We call for a reversal of the decision to increase fuel prices until and unless there has been consultation with the people and for consumers to resist the implementation of this unfair and brutal action.

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  1. YES- The WIOC CEO said that we had enough gas to last six months and that there was no need to worry.

    If he was telling the truth, why the need for raising the price by 25%.

  2. Where’s my popcorn?🍿

    Preparing myself for Gassy’s explanations and U-turns – or should I say U-bends 🚽

    HOLD MY BEER … 🍺

  3. Barbadians earning more than $6,250 per month and businesses that emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic largely unscathed will have to contribute to the $1 billion bill for Government’s COVID-19 fight.

    Prime Minister Mia Mottley said the “one-off” payments, which are expected to raise a total of $120 million, would be taken as a pandemic contribution levy of one per cent of an individual’s income every month for a year; while businesses in the telecommunications, commercial banking and general and life insurance sectors, and the retail of petroleum products, will pay 15 per cent of their net income over an eight-month period.

    The tax for workers with earnings over the threshold will take effect from April 1.

    • Guess the grass for many in Antigua is always greener on the other side. Not one new tax was in the budget presented by MP Browne yet me lamenting and cussing the government for not reducing petrol price when Barbados has increased taxes in the 2022 budget on the heels of them reducing petrol prices. And by the way this is just 1. Goes to show that the comedy proposal UPP makes can’t fly. At the end of the day revenue must come from some place to compensate.

        • FALLA AFTER ME…I wonder if you and Tabor are related or is Tabor parading under another name!!!!

          • JUST SAYING Charles Tabor is always Charles Tabor. I use my name and is not hiding behind aliases like you and others. I can stand by and defend whatever I write therefore no need for aliases.

  4. Some people kissing rear ends of politicians, it seems to me it is ok if gaston introduce income tax, some people will find excuse while they suffer but when the other administration do it they condemn them. When people are going to realise he only care for no one but himself

  5. Trupz to the U.P.P.

    This country was led to believe that they (the U.P.P.) would not be going to the I.M.F. and then what happened?

    The U.P.P. spouts that when the barrel price FELL there was NO relief in the price at the pump.

    How come they don’t know and how come they do not spout about what happened when the barrel price went UP and the price at the pump REMAINED THE SAME?

    The U.P.P. is a bunch of jokers in my opinion.

    • Joker Spades….They begging the whole world via GoFundMe. Of the 8 billion people in the world taken out the Ukraine population as it would be hard to expect them to give, UPP can only muster $335. Dont mention Pearl $100.

    • BEEF you folks keep pushing your nonsense about the UPP going to the IMF. What were the negative impacts of the UPP government taking a loan from the IMF? I await you erudite response. The IMF was set up to assist countries with balance of payments and other financial issues. Isn’t Barbados now under an IMF programme? What is really the big deal?

    • @ NO NOTHING BEEF JOSEPH:WHAT IS SO WRONG ABOUT GOING TO THE IMF? Gaston Browne,the idol that you surely worshipped. He has put our Country into a financial bind.He has been borrowing to the heights of Mount Everest. He did say,he would be borrowing Antigua and Barbuda out of Debt. I am not a bright scholar,just have lots of $$$.So smart one Beef,what is the formula for achieving such a goal.

  6. Gaston working his psychology again. Drastic increase in the gas price so that he can take off a dollar, and endear himself to the people closer to the elections. Despite everything going on in the world, Gaston saved us.
    Maybe if we had some the promised investments like YIDA and Paradise Lost up and running, the country would have been in better shape economically.

  7. Beef please, you spouting the same garbage over and over again. Get a real job, for one time please jack.
    As to you ” just saying ” u 2 a one waste of a time, rubbish rubbish. Freeze de dam gas price, shame on all a you. A you ago soon make a we nyam grass. Work wey none day , no back pay. LIAT a go flop, flop. Flop. Red Ants Shu. Easy pan de sugar in the red kool aid mine you diabetes just saying. Get a you blood sugar tested. Upp the Redeem Team, cannot wait to see the back of the ABLP Government. Enough. Just go and let the country breathe. We are waiting to exhale. Ivena sing you song gal “kick out this wicked Government “

  8. Oil price went down, Biden asking all gas stations to bring down their price. Waiting on Gaston to bring down he price here too….

    Not sure why he had raise the price on stored gas. He didnt buy gas at no high price yet he decidd to raise it. And thats the PM many love???

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