UPP says 7 vessels in port Tuesday were ‘ghost ships’ and ‘virtually empty’


UNITED PROGRESSIVE PARTY: What Gaston Browne and the ABLP is not telling you is that a virtually empty cruise ship adds little to Antigua & Barbuda’s economy!

A document has now been published showing the number of passengers who arrived on the vessels.


It is a historical day for Antigua Cruise Port with 7 ships in port!

Today, February 08, 2022, signals the highest single day arrival not only since the commencement of Antigua Cruise Port, but in the history of Antigua and Barbuda.

Grandeur of the Seas of Royal Caribbean International, Britannia of P&O Cruises, Norwegian Epic of Norwegian Cruise Line, MS Mein Schiff 2 of TUI Cruises and Celebrity Equinox of Celebrity Cruises were collectively docked at the Nevis Pier, Heritage Quay Pier and the new fifth berth, while Star Legend of Windstar Cruises and Royal Clipper were berthed at Falmouth Harbour. The cruise calls combined for a total of 5,405 passengers.

This special day has been preceded by countless 5-ship days and therefore this 7-ship day is significant in our history.

“Today is historical for Antigua and Barbuda as we are able to accommodate 5 ships in the St. John’s Harbour and 2 ships at Falmouth,” said Rawle Reynolds, Operations Manager – Pier Services.

“It shows that the cruise lines have not selected us by chance but have confidence in us as a destination. We have meticulously planned our port-side welcome to provide a superior guest experience and through collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment we ensure that all protocols are in place and adhered to.”

“Tour operators, taxi drivers, restaurants, shops, vendors, ship provisioners and suppliers would all benefit from today’s ship calls,” Reynolds continued.

“Although the season started very modestly, it has greatly accelerated. Since our vaccination rate is commendable and our health protocols are strongly observed, these are amongst the reasons why we would be the destination of choice.”

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  1. Nothing less is to be expected from the party who habours Sherfield “JUMBY POTS” Bowen. Kudos to the hardowkring people of the Ministry of Tourism and all others who have a real vested interest in the health of our economy.

    • Speaking of ghosts….. a true dat he buy 3 jumbee pat a China? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 He better pray that wan ghost like TESSA BARTHLEY nah harnt he baxide.

      He took the life of TESSA BARTHLEY and now the UPP a celebrate he like say a subben good he do.

      Him still have the gun that he used to kill TESSA BARTHLEY???

  2. And if they were filled with passengers it would have been another issue. By the MP Fernandez did say the ships were not operating at capacity.

    7 ships mean 7 ships….We celebrate…

    Shame on UPP.

  3. HINT UPP:
    Constant negativity towards your opponents is NOT a winning strategy.

    A better strategy is to be honest with the people as to what they can expect from you when you win.

    • ALL politicians are criminals from what I’ve seen in my life. The REAL problem isn’t with the politicians but rather with the stupid voters that keep electing them.

      Time for a change – Wake up people

      • @ANGEL. Are you going to put your money where your mouth is and run as a candidate to constitute the “change” you want? Or just running your empty mouth for the sake of it?

        • @Really
          I could ask the same as you, are you running or just your mouth?
          If I were to run…. I’d need to form a new party as I would NEVER be a LABOR candidate as I abhor socialism/communism. The kind of change I’d like to see can’t happen here until the people awaken from the mass hypnosis they have been put under by the followers of Karl Marx.

  4. Joanne Massiah was right – UPP still playing from the same old handbook: “OPPOSE FOR OPPOSING SAKE” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Unfortunately for them, that “strategy” will not win the confidence of the people.

    It was HAROLD LOVELL KING LYADD LIMPY JOE who said that “We all know that the easiest thing to do while you’re in opposition is to CRITICIZE”

    Shame on the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS party!!!

    Go back to pack and come with something substantial.

  5. Stay focused. Bit by bit we can work together to get back on track.


    • I just saw on Google News this article: Ships in Port:

      Royal Caribbean International – Grandeur of the Seas
      P&O Cruises – Britannia
      Norwegian Cruise Line – Norwegian Epic
      TUI Cruises – Mein Schiff 2
      Celebrity Cruises – Celebrity Equinox
      Star Clippers – Royal Clipper
      Windstar Cruises – Star Legend

      The world knows that the Government of Antigua and Barbuda was honest in announcing that seven cruise ships were anchored in the ports of Antigua and Barbuda on that day.
      The Opposition Party wasn’t pleased.

  6. Why we boasting about the number of ships anyway? Ships don’t spend money. Ships have no economic impact. If ABLP continue to put foolish headlines out there, they will get criticized. They are just trying to blow their own horns. The only thing that matters is how persons are empowered. The number of ships is not news, the level of activity that put money in people pocket is what counts.

    • No one is “boasting”. The Ministry of Tourism like any other ministry was interviewed by the media. do you not know how society functions?

      You want to MURMUR and COMPLAIN and WALLOW IN SELF-PITY and SQUALOR all the days of your life?

      The likes of you prefer to see the country grind to a halt and rejoice. You will CUT OFF YOUR NOSE TO SPITE YOUR FACE!

      • And you like to rejoice and give false hope. The number of ships docked means nothing. People want News of significance. Let’s hear from the taxi drivers and vendors how well they are doing. What’s next counting sheep?

  7. Those passenger ships can carry on average 3,500 people… That’s 24,500 people… 25% of Antiguas population… Pretty sure they were empty, St Johns can’t handle an influx of 100 people jack, never mind 24,500

  8. I saw cruise passengers on a pleasure craf on a beach. So the manager of that business needs to educate the naysayers.Of course the vendors in town will not make money, cruise passengers don’t spend on trinkets that they can make themselves thanks to pinterest.
    We are giving and taking in this NEW era. Sure all that glitters is not gold but gosh man stfu cause all governments are the same. They all exaggerate. All opponents are the SAME. They all throw shade.

  9. “It is a historical day for Antigua Cruise Port with 7 ships in port!”

    Ummm were there not 7 ships in port or are we also seeing things that aren’t there???

  10. For this political party to belittle the efforts on the part of the government to revive this economy so the ordinary man like you and me can benefit speaks volume to the character or lack thereof of persons we have vying for government. These people in the UPP really need to be kept at bay. Both literally and figuratively.

  11. Virtually empty is a 100% better then virtually not here!

    Maybe its time to clean up town and actually give the tourass something different that what every other island gives.

  12. @Really
    If I were to run for office as you suggest, here are some of the things I’d do.

    1) Cut the size of government. For the first few years, government employees would be reduced by attrition, then encourage retirement, then forced termination. This will allow people time to find new jobs. I’d have an audit done to discover ghost employees, employees getting more then one pay check and identify other bloat in the system. I’d conduct an efficiency survey to discover workers who aren’t pulling their weight and who are otherwise unnecessary to the running of the government. The days of hiring people to get there votes will be over!

    2) I would consult with lawyers to see if we could cut retirement benefits to the level that most regular retired people receive. The idea that some are receiving benefits of 3/4 of the base pay for rest of their life, is insane.

    3) I’d immediately end ALL covid restrictions and mandates in order to get life back to normal. People who are fearful can continue with the protocols if the want to.

    4) I’d remove the EXCEPTIONS to the peoples rights listed in the Antigua Constitution, If these exceptions didn’t exist, there would have NOT been any pandemic lockdown. THE CONSTITUTION SHOULD NEVER BE SUSPENDED FOR ANY REASON!

    5) I’d make Antigua a duty free zone. The policy of charging people outrageous sums of
    money just to import items in the country is short sighted and actually inhibits growth.

    6) I’d prosecute any person if found guilty of corruption even members of my own party.

    7) I’d investigate criminal activity during the pandemic, who was responsible and refer the guilty to the world court for prosecution.

    This is just a short list of things I would do if I were the Prime Minister.

    Anyone want to start a go fund me page? 🙂

  13. It is not true to say that it was the first time that 7 cruise ships were docked on the same day in Antigua. Check the records

  14. What did y’all expect them to say “good job” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the day that happens is when hell freezes over🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #oppose #opposeforopposingsake #1971playbook

    • Yup. Joanne Massiah was right about the KING LYADD LOVELL LIMPY JOE party 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lovell did her a favor by BADPLAYING her for party leadership (double voting and all)

  15. But if ships are full of not isn’t there a fee that they got pay for use of port same way airlines pay for landing rights so isn’t that still money coming in regardless if ships are full or not come on upp do better smh

  16. Thank you for adding the stats. I do not see any of them carrying ´0´passengers. A total of 5142 passengers. UPP just lie, bitter, envious and full a BADMIND!!!!!

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