UPP Replaces Michael Burton With Franz Defreitas In City South

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The United Progressive Party is pleased to present Franz C. deFreitas as its Candidate-Elect for the constituency of St. John’s City South, replacing Michael Burton.


Burton, who was among the first batch of names released, has been relieved of the responsibilities of candidacy owing to reasons of ill health.  He has been off island for several months undergoing medical treatment, and continues to do so at this time and for the foreseeable future.


Accordingly, the Leadership Group, Central Executive, and City South Branch have embraced deFreitas and commend him sincerely for stepping up – at short notice – to represent the Constituency, Party, and Country.


“We see him as a brother coming to the assistance of  a wounded soldier,” explains Political Leader Harold Lovell.  “And although Bro. Michael is not with us in this particular contest, he will remain a valued part of our team.”


The Party welcomes deFreitas’ addition to an already distinguished slate, and has every confidence that, with his colleagues, he will be part of the positive change for which the country yearns.


In the meantime, the Leadership and entire Membership of the UPP continue to pray for Brother Burton to be restored to good health, to his family, and to the people of City South.  Our best wishes remain with him always.



Attached for your perusal and publication is a brief biography of Brother deFreitas:


FRANZ C. deFREITAS, St. John’s City South


Franz Chalver deFreitas was born in the heart of St. John’s City South – the proud community of Ovals – to parents who were life-long educators; and the values learned at home oriented him towards a life of service to family, community, and national development.


He received his primary education at several institutions, including the Seventh Day Adventist and Jennings Primary, then attended the Princess Margaret School before moving to Trinidad.  There, he completed secondary education at the Caribbean Union College Secondary School.


“Franz,” as he is widely known, is a graduate of Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.  He went on to gain professional experience with General Motors, Salomon Smith Barney, Citco Fund Services, and Bank of New York Mellon in financial and fund accounting capacities.


Franz credits Chesley Z. Joseph (known as C.J. or “Teacher” from Hatton), a prominent self-made businessman, with shaping his spiritual development and work ethic, and with influencing his later choices in business and entrepreneurship.

In 2008, “with much prayer and supplication,” he says, Franz began consulting on a full-time basis, cultivating a small but consistent group of clients in the United States and the Caribbean.

Committed to the principle of “lifting as you climb,” Franz committed his talents and skills to improving the economic condition of those who move away from “employment” and plunge into business.  As such, he is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker and Teacher and has been recognized and awarded by many organizations over the years.


He has lived in Northern Malawi in Africa, where he remains the Executive Director of “Africa Lift Inc.,” which he founded with his wife and children in 2015.   It is a New York registered, tax-exempt, non-profit corporation whose mission is to improve the lives of Africans through education, entrepreneurship and social development.


Franz currently operates Youth LEED in Antigua, a program that develops young people in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence and Public Speaking.  He is also a Board member of Antiguans and Barbudans for Constitutional Reform and Education (ABCRE). But Franz is best known as the co-host of Voice of the People and the host of Constitution Corner on Observer Radio.




A motivated, hardworking individual with a passion for his country and its people,  Franz is committed to working for our twin-island state, helping to position it as a premier place to live, vacation, retire or do business.


Known as a progressive thinker, a solution seeker, and a man who shares the “People first” philosophy of the United Progressive Party, Franz C. deFreitas is proud to be identified as part of the team that has answered the call to redeem Antigua & Barbuda

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  1. One of the only UPP candidates that has a bio worthy of the office he seeks. One then wonders why he was the backup for someone known to be a person of interest by law enforcement (includes the ONDCP). Is Franz Burton’s accountant? Have to wonder about reluctant soldiers, does he really have any fight in him?

    • Though this is about Franz’s coming out (hmmm no pun intended) party, since you asked:
      Gaston Browne:
      Early life and education

      Gaston Alphonso Browne was born in Antigua on 9 February 1967. As a child, he lived in Grays Farm with his paternal great-grandmother who was born in 1894. She at the time, was in her eighties, partially blind, poor and aging. After her passing, he later grew up in Point, as the second child of a poor, at times unemployed, single parent, who struggled relentlessly to even provide the basics for him and his siblings.

      He was educated at Villa Primary, Princess Margaret, Antigua State College, City Banking College (UK) and University of Manchester (UK). Browne is post graduate trained with a first degree in banking, a degree programme he completed in record time and graduated within the top twenty of several thousand students.


      During the past eleven years, Browne served as s a senior bank manager with the Swiss American Banking Group managing in excess of $400 million in assets, as Minister of Planning and Trade and Member of Parliament. He is presently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of a company involved in construction and land development. Mr. Browne also served as director of several companies including LIAT (1974) Ltd (Aviation), Antigua Pier Group Ltd. Infrastructural Development) and Community Motors Ltd.

      Mr. Browne’s motto is “to serve and empower,” a creed by which he lives. This can be seen in his contributions to the empowerment of the people of Point & Villa. He believes in empowerment and is passionately oppose to poverty. MP Browne frequently refers to poverty as the greatest scourge on the planet. Among his achievements at the constituency level are: An EC$30 million Fishery Development Centre, The establishment of a sporting, entertainment and leisure facility at Dredge Bay, An Information Communication Technology Centre in the Point, a Library, Computer Centre at the Villa Primary School and an affordable housing project at Dredge Bay. His achievements during a time of fiscal crisis are remarkable, were as a result of his resolve to succeed and his commitment to serve.

    • Though this is about Franz’s coming out (hmmm no pun intended) party, since you asked:

      M. Joseph

      Early life and education

      Molwyn was born in the picturesque village of Jennings, Antigua. He is a devout husband and the proud father of two.

      Molwyn’s primary education began at the Cedar Hall Moravian Church School in Jennings, which he continued at the Seventh Day Adventist and Otto’s Comprehensive Schools. After receiving a scholarship, he completed his secondary education at the Princess Margaret School.

      In pursuit of tertiary education and to broaden his horizons, he migrated to the United States in 1969 to attend university. After graduating in 1974, he went to work for the Standard Oil Company, eventually working his way up to become a senior executive.


      Molwyn first entered politics in 1984 when he was made a Minister in the government of V.C. Bird. He became Minister of Finance and Trade seven years later, renegotiating the Antiguan national debt and introducing fiscal reforms, including expenditure control, improved revenue collection, external debt management, proper evaluation of projects, improved public sector efficiency, price controls on basic foods and commodities, tax reform, and good governance. As Minister, he stood firm against the suggested creation of an income tax.

      He later served as Minister for Planning, Implementation and Environment, Minister of Health and Social Improvement, and Minister of Tourism. As Minister, Joseph worked to attract new visitors and investment to Antigua, increasing the number of hotel rooms and bringing new air carriers to the island. He also led the Antiguan delegation to the World Travel Market in 2001.

      Outside of his duties as tourism minister, he led an official Antiguan delegation to China to discuss bilateral relations, and issues of common concern.

      Joseph succesfully retained his St. Mary’s North seat in the 12 June 2014 general election. On 18 June 2014, he was appointed Minister of Health and the Environment.

      He secured a seventh term in the 2018 election and was appointed Minister of Health, Wellness, and the Environment on 22 March 2018.

      • @ANSWER:Which University and or College in the USA did Molwyn Joseph graduated from?Please answer that question. Because I keep hearing about all Labor Party Ministers are holders of Degrees.Tell Molwyn to display his Degree Certificate in his office for all to see.If he had one he would.

        • By the way, ask Gaston Browne to display his. Can’t be found in the records. Also talk to his co-workers at the bank. Your story might not match theirs. There is serious punishment for politicians/executives who lie on their resume. In other places.

    • Though this is about Franz’s coming out (hmmm no pun intended) party, since you asked:

      The Hon. Sir Robin Kensworth Yearwood, KGCN, MP
      Cabinet Minister, Antigua and Barbuda

      Robin Kensworth Yearwood is a politician and current Cabinet Minister in Antigua and Barbuda


      Robin Yearwood has served as a representative for St. Phillip’s North in Antigua and Barbuda’s Parliament since 1978. Over the past decades, he has built a lasting and fulfilling relationship with the people of this constituency. He believes that it is duty to make a significant contribution to the development of his beloved homeland.

      During his time as a representative, Robin has served in vital roles in several important spheres. He served as Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, Minister of Public Utilities and Minister of Public Utilities, Public Works and Energy. He currently serves as Minister of Finance, Public Utilities, Housing and Aviation and holds the important position of Deputy Prime Minister.

      Robin has always epitomized what proper representation is all about and because of his tremendous work on behalf of his constituency, he has earned the trust of the people of St. Phillip’s North, which he has represented dutifully and selflessly for the past twenty-five years.

      Robin prides himself on the fact that he is part and parcel of St. Phillip’s North. He has brought resilience, a high level of competence, innovation and vision to the tasks at hand as the people’s representative.

      Robin Yearwood has been instrumental in the development of St. Phillip’s North and still has an even greater contribution to make to the people of his constituency and Antigua and Barbuda as a whole.

      Yearwood won a record ninth successive term in the 2014 election and was appointed Minister of Public Utilities, Civil Aviation, and Transportation.

      Sir Robin won a tenth successive term in the 2018 election and was appointed Senior Minister and Minister of Public Utilities, Civil Aviation, and Energy on 22 March 2018.

      Honours and awards

      In February 2016, Yearwood was appointed Knight Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of the Nation (KGCN).

      • Where are the parts about personal enrichment, ‘over the fence’, selling of leases in Barbuda, deep deep connections in money deals, the huffing and flipping of government lands etc. In other words, how did they become so rich?

        • Yes he should tell the people about the thieving of government land in Emerald Cove and flipping it for millions. A lot of people became millionaires. Does Lester Bird have a house in Emerald Cove and was it built by the Italian. A lady who lives up there told me that a lot of drug smuggling goes on up there when the boats in at night with their flashing lights.

  2. I wish Mr. Burton a full recovery. Long life and healing to him.

    When will the DNA reveal its candidates to the people of Antigua and Barbuda?

  3. @Wikipedious
    Please, why the intrigue. Tell those who “sound very young”, in plain and simple language what YOU know about the bios of Molwyn, Robin and Gaston respectively. Think long and hard before YOU answer.

    • @ Have Mercy: Are you in the Country legally? Do you have an Antigua and Barbuda passport? What the heck do you care?Go out and vote.Do not wait to be paid.

  4. Mr Lovell replace Pearl Quin with Kyodi “Erasto” Straker.
    Pearl Quin likability ends within the UPP world.

    Mr Lovell your candidates likeability must transcend political boundary.

    I do not know if he is available or interested but Pearl does not have the demeanor that joe blow can reason with. Ears on the ground

    No disrespect Pearl is good at debating but certainly not a representative promise her a Senate seat….

    • Yes but at least I don’t think Pearl is a bluff. Unlike a certain self-proclaimed “PATRIOT” who promised to beat Max Fernandez and then turned her back on the people because of a “job offer”. Pearl has backbone unlike the said “PATRIOT” and even Mr. Lovell who is programmed to carry out the wishes of a certain Mrs. Arrindell

  5. I guess constitution or not, if the leader want you to run, you run. So much for rules and regulations. No challenge accepted anyway. Very heavy handed if you ask me. And that is how they want to come and run the country.

    • Why the hell would you care.When Gaston Browne does his crap.You just lap your tail and say not one darn thing.Over weight bastard.

    • From The Sideline you really cannot be serious. What you describe there “if the leader want you to run, you run” is the way that Gaston Browne operates. Have you forgotten how Maria Bird Browne was parachuted into the position of candidate for the St. John’s Rural East constituency. What rules and regulations did Gaston Browne follow other than his own dictatorial whims and fancies. Please give me a break.

      • @Tabor I don’t understand your point. I guess it is consistent with what known and bush lawyers do. The prime minister has made it clear he want winners not runners. There is no mandatory requirements for a primary as what UPP has in writing. He would have chosen Maria because he had the foresight she would have won and so done. UPP on the hand is desperate for runners… Note the difference in tactic!!!!

        • Just Saying then in the ALP case there is no procedure in place other than the Prime Minister selects who he considers to be a winner. He did it with Daven Joseph and Michael Browne and he also did it with Maria Bird Browne and Alincia Grant. With respect to the latter, can you tell me what in this world makes Maria Bird Browne a more appropriate and qualified candidate than Alincia Grant. There is no mandatory requirement as you say in the ALP selection process, in that case did the Prime Minister conduct a poll to facilitate his selection. You guys must stop trying to justify all and every BS of Gaston Browne and the ALP.

          • @Tabor…It is not about justification. You brought the AlP process in the discussion after some questioned Lovel’s handpicking which is against WRITTEN POLICY of the UPP. That is the issue being discussed and don’t try throw no red herring in the discussion. If you wish to question the ethics of handpicking a family member then do so. However there isn’t any flagrant violation of party rules as Harold would have done. Still to the issue and stop draw at straws to justify what you think.

      • So Tabor once again you show shallow when trying to justify a wrong done by the UPP. It is in their constitution yet they put their own constitution aside and you want to compare that to what Gaston is doing. So let say Gaston is wrong does that make riht what Lovell is doing. I always learn that two wrong don’t make it right. And when going to school the teacher always tell you when he caught you doing something and you want to come and tell that so and so did it too that its not his concern. You’re the one that got caught.
        You do not stand on principal. You go with wherever the wind of the UPP blows.

  6. My dear Answer. Can you pls tell me how can I enrich my self and my family. I would like to know.Here are some of the things , I guess First thing is to have a charity. I will proceed to the treasury of Antigua and Barbuda and ask them to give me five million dollars of the tax payers money that should allow me to start my Charity.Next would be to flip or swap land.I would encourage my son to buy Govt land at a very minimal cost and then let him sell the same piece of land to an investor for a large sum of money.My son is a millionaire since he was in College, but yet Board of Education assisted my son with scholarship..Oh how we so foolish and stupid in Antigua. The color red has blinded all of us and has kept.us.in poverty .What a big.joke.Poor Antiguan.My dear Answer.you also need to focus on all the under hand deal that goes on in this country.What about the corrupt practice going on in Barbuda.Mr.Walker recently nearly gave me a heart attack with is questions to Minister.Oh Lord me belly..How people can be so greedy and corrupt and them and them family alone must be enrich.I would like to know how can I be a member of the enrichment scheme party. Answer you have left out too much of Molwyn,Gaston and Robin bio. I am still awaiting the information about them.You need to come back and do an additional to their bio.If you think Antiguan not aware of everything it will be a matter of time..If govt can’t give you water it’s time to vote them out, because Granny has to bathe.Think about that famous quote and let me know who said it.

    • Rock of ages saying a lie a million times does not automatically make it true. No.money from treasury was used to start a charity. If you so sure prove it. SMH
      Just please. Go and find another lie.
      Come through lawsuit.

  7. Rock of ages saying a lie a million times does not automatically make it true. No.money from treasury was used to start a charity. If you so sure prove it. SMH
    Just please. Go and find another lie.
    Come through lawsuit.

  8. Franz is not the sharpest tool in the shed.
    *Franz brings the institutions he would have graduated from into disrepute. This man can barely read, does not know the difference between “potable” and “portable water”, has been corrected by his co- host, Paul multiple times when he tries to read in his fantastical tone. Not even context clues can help him out. I hope my comment is approved as listening to Voice of the People will prove my statements to be true.
    * This man questioned why a person needs an Associate’s Degree to be qualified to do home- schooling and said there should be no problem with people who operate as mechanics teaching skills. Now being a mechanic and having an Associate’s Degree aren’t mutually exclusive but this man doesn’t see the importance of people accessing quality, basic education ahead of acquiring a skill. We have all heard education is the key so why do some people scorn it? Especially on the side of the UPP?
    * He also said UWI had a pass mark of 40% in 2019 in an attempt to take away from the quality of the university and someone told him it’s actually 50%. He then said the pass mark moved to 50% in 2014 which would have been 5 years ago when this discussion was being held. In academic writing, you are advised to use articles written within 5 years to ensure relevance.
    * He was also against the CCJ but says Antigua and Barbuda should follow Barbados and become a republic.
    Franz cannot be astute in the simplest of issues and he wants to be elected to the Lower House? Tarl man. UPP, come better than this.

    • Mmm if some of your comments could be given even the slightest amount of credibility, your point that Franz can barely read completely destroys your credibility and objectivity and shows that everything you have said should be dismissed as pure politicking. Even if Albert Einstein (or Tim Hector) was a candidate on the UPP ticket you would have described them as dunces and illiterates.

    • What is your problem? Even if UPP nominated Jesus you would not vote for him. So mind your business and leave who UPP nominate alone. Stick with the thieving lot you now have in power.

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