UPP rejects Browne Administration’s new Mandatory Vaccination Policy as ‘totalitarian’


The United Progressive Party (UPP) categorically rejects the Gaston Browne Administration’s imposition of mandatory vaccination on the nationals, citizens and residents of Antigua & Barbuda – particularly since this decision was taken without consultation.


The Party is concerned – like all right-thinking persons – about the frightening spike in COVID-19 infections and the recent number of related deaths.  Accordingly, it welcomed the invitation extended by the Prime Minister to collaborate with other organizations and devise policies to meet the challenges.


Ironically, the date for that consultation is today, September 16.


However, the release of the Government’s new and totalitarian policy – well ahead of the consultation – leaves no room for any other voice or proposal and excludes the input of civil society completely.

The UPP has said, and it reiterates, that it does not support what many describe as “forced vaccination.”  It has recommended an intensive, personal, persuasive campaign that is spearheaded and championed by the medical fraternity, and it continues to do so.


The Government’s policy is punitive, bullying, and fails to recognize the hardships – economic, social, and mental – it is imposing on a population already battered by the COVID-19 fallout.


Nowhere in its missive is there even the hint of assistance for businesses or families; no new or expanded social programmes; no alternative methods that residents – the fearful and the doubtful – can employ until they are persuaded to accept inoculation.  Nothing but threats and intimidation of the local population.


Even as we recognize the scientific need to get to herd immunity and the obligation to protect health, lives and livelihoods, the United Progressive Party cannot and will not support this dictatorial approach.  The end, noble as it might seem, does not justify these means.


Democracy demands that The People – or at least representatives of all The People – are afforded a seat at the decision-making table.

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    • Hush ya damn mouth Gaston really have a hold on you! Everything to you is political, what the man is saying is true. Those mandates are infringing on ppl’s rights! I’m a ABLP supporter and I’m not vaccinated because I find it strange it is heavily pushed and being forced upon us. Ya damn self need to get educated before telling the man to hush you yourself need to fly the damn kite and gwarn bout ya business

  1. Harold Lovell, Upp, and the others, Gaston has taken the step needed!!! I don’t like the guy, (I don’t like politicians!)but at least I did what is needed!!!
    More and more countries are doing the same, France, Italy, etc…
    People should have taken their responsabilty before… now it’s not their choice anymore.
    Why should the vaccinated (nationals, residents, tourist) be penalised just because of a few???

  2. I would think by now that the opposition would support what the government is trying to do. Should the government not be proactive in this matter or should they wait until it’s to late and react then. It’s time to put politics aside.

  3. Lovell you two-tongue self only a release statement because the DNA released one and you don’t want Joanne Massiah to show you up.

  4. One big stupes! Is this guy for real or maybe he and his party wants to see the death toll to hit in the hundreds before they see just how dire the situation is. Moving right along.

  5. I support the UPP and Mr. Lovell, but I fear that this is a mistake. It’s one thing to deplore the lack of consultation, but another thing to come out as a party against mandatory vaccinations for public employees. I can understand it politically, but it is the wrong position for the country.

  6. If Serpend wouldn’t listen to this nincompoop why should anybody else? Captain your shiit is stinking, Captain we’ve had enough. Why do these guys hate the people so? Why are they fighting for people’s right to be misinformed and die of COVID. Not every battle is worth fighting, Harold. And sorry for calling you a nincompoop, but you upsetting me and a good chunk of 40,000 full vaccinated people. It’s sickening now.

  7. I am a UPP Supporter but I find that Mr. Lovell opposes everything . UPP we must supporter something This administration doing. They cannot be all that wrong. I have been reading some of the postings from Mr. Tabor and He oppose and oppose . UPP that is not right. This virus is killing people and Mr. Lovell cannot come out and tell Persons to take the virus.
    Mr.Gaston Browne speaks straight . That is what I like about him.

  8. Harry, please, use some common sense. You are a political animal. I’m sure it hurts that the people have rejected you over and over again. Resign. Retire. You are aging out. “Totalitarian”??? You need to do some research on those terrible years you were in government!!!! I like you personally, but your politics stink.

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