UPP recognises Chief Health Inspector Sharon Martin as ‘Outstanding Woman’


The United Progressive Party is pleased that this groundbreaking event, its first Virtual Public Meeting – actually a first in Antigua & Barbuda – coincides with the celebration of International Women’s Day 2021.


TO make this occasion even more special, the Party decided to recognize a woman who is making an outstanding contribution in a sphere of national life, and to do so every year on this day, March 8.


The inaugural selection comes at a time when the usual yardsticks for judging do not necessarily apply. This is because life, as we knew it, is redefining itself daily amid the harsh realities of COVID-19.  As a result, the range of activities in which citizens are usually  involved has been narrowed considerably.


Accordingly, after consideration of several distinguished women – giving outstanding service in social activism, literacy, education, health and politics – the decision was made in favour of the nominee representing health, given the situation in which the Nation finds itself.


Therefore, it gives me great pleasure, in my capacity as Miss Sunshine 2020, to announce the selection of Ms. Sharon Martin as the United Progressive Party’s “Outstanding Woman,” marking International Women’s Day 2021.


Ms. Martin has given 40 years of dedicated service to the Nation.  She made “her-story” as the first female public-health inspector and has risen to become Antigua & Barbuda’s first female Chief Health Inspector, with a Master’s degree in public health under her belt.


We salute Ms. Martin for her fearlessness in executing her duties as the guardian of public health under circumstances that this country, literally, has never before faced.


She has conducted her work without fear, seeking no favour, and, too often, with little acknowledgment or appreciation for the role she plays in safeguarding the Nation.


Yet, she continues to maintain her professionalism in demeanour, attitude and execution.  She is supportive, informed and forthcoming on issues that could compromise the safety and health of the population, yet brings a commonsense and cooperative approach to the realities of business.


On behalf of the Executive and Membership, I am therefore proud – as one “first” to another – to salute Sharon Martin, Chief Health Inspector, as our Outstanding Woman, 2021, and to wish her a safe, fulfilling and productive year.


Congratulations, Ms. Martin!


Delivered by Shontae Smith

Miss Sunshine 2020-21


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  1. Stupes desprate much from the spinless jellyfish and the elitist club. Y’all were dragging her to the pits of hell the other day when the bars and clubs were popping now all of a sudden she is good woman. Anyway y’all will say and do anything to score some political points. Just like the vaccine roll out. Y’all were so aganist the Astrazeneca vaccine calling it inferior and demanding that we get the Moderna vaccine because Gsaton Browne took it. Then the spinless jellyfish change his tone and now doing PSA for people to take the same inferior Astrazeneca vaccine. No one is taking that spinless jellyfish seriously.

  2. No recognition for Joanne Massiah? You would think Lovell would learn to be a bit less ungrateful

  3. This is a BIG. BIG JOKE. UPP has the WORST record when it comes to WOMEN.UPP does NOT mean it.UPP looking political points. TOO LATE UPP. UPP FINISHED.

    ABLP 17 SEATS. UPP 00. DNA 00.

  4. @ LAMPTON

    UPP is trying to gain POLITICAL points.Go a bit easy on UPP. Harold Lovell is trying hard to lose His ninth election. This will go in the GUINNESS book of records.

  5. I know what I am about to mention does have anything to do with this topic but I must mention. I heard what UPP called a VIRTUAL MEETING which was broadcast live on ZDK. WOW…This was SAD , PATHETIC and EMBARASSING. Please UPP DO NOT let this happen again. Your Candidates are NOT ready. UPP Candidates need training.

  6. MR. PROVINCE do you really know what virtual means since you are equating virtual with the broadcast of the meeting by ZDK radio? It is really your comment that is SAD, PATHETIC and EMBARRASSING. It was such a successful virtual meeting. At least the UPP was not as dumb as the government who had a virtual meeting of Parliament in March 2020 and in that very Parliamentary session was a Bill to be debated to give Parliament the authority to be able to hold virtual Parliamentary Sessions. Now, MR. PROVINCE tell me how stupid is that. I will ignore FREDERIC LAMPTON with his usual nonsensical election result prediction.


    My Prediction for election 2023 is quite in order. Whenever I see you I will Personally make a bet with you.


    There is no way Antiguans will vote anyone of those UPP Candidates.

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