UPP re-commits to promoting voting rights for nationals abroad and establishing agencies to serve their investment needs


The United Progressive Party (UPP) is supporting the rights of Antiguans and Barbudans living in the Diaspora to return home to participate in the country’s electoral process.

During a town hall meeting in New York on Monday night, October 3, Harold Lovell, UPP Political Leader, gave the commitment that he would help streamline the voter-registration process for nationals abroad.

“We will put the structures in place to facilitate the Diaspora in coming back home to vote,” he says.

Further, he promises to simplify the process for them to take advantage of investment opportunities and home ownership, as well.

“When we are masters of our own destiny, we strive to become ambassadors of our country, because we recognize that we are no longer doing it for other people but for ourselves,” Lovell says.

Meanwhile, Antiguan and Barbudan nationals in New York and surrounding areas got an opportunity to engage with the members of the UPP team on the final leg of the Diaspora Roadshow throughout the United States.

In addition to promises to establish a Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, Lovell says the Consulate Office will be reinstalled to serve the needs of nationals in the northeast region of the USA.

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  1. Long, long, long overdue.

    If Gaston “Call The Election Nah” Browne is allowing ILLEGAL immigrants to vote, It goes without saying that the diaspora should take a big part in it as well.

    Many of the diaspora has invested in the country with businesses; homes; also sending of funds; furniture and clothing to families, friends; and not forgetting supporting the many churches and charities when visiting.

    Things that the ABLP conveniently overlooked, and especially when stopping many Antiguan Nationals travelling home during Covid-19!

    Good move again by the UPP, they are PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST!

    Hey, that could be the UPP’s election slogan …

    • It was the UPP in the first who abandoned the Antiguans living abroad…they removed their voting rights.

      • Stop throwing utter nonsensical rubbish @ trump and show everyone the facts, figures and data, or people will think that you are making this up … again!

    • We seemed to forget who abandoned these same Antiguans living abroad….not the ABLP…but the UPP. One of the first changes they made in 2004 is to removed the voting rights of the diaspora

      • Hey @ Trump, can you send the link or the data instead of throwing out MINDLESS soundbites like the majority of ABLP generational supporters tend to do … many of us would like to read this important data analysis!


        • P.S. Here comes the degenerative insults when these generational ABLP supporters cannot back up their nonsensical verbiage, in 3, 2 … 1 boom 💥

  2. All I see here are retirees who might be eager to know what social services are available if they return home.

    • So they are not Antiguans anymore? I’ll take Antiguan retirees over these foreign hungry belly people any day.

      • It was the UPP in the first who abandoned the Antiguans living abroad…they removed their voting rights

    • @ Just Saying, don’t you like your fellow Antiguan citizens?

      Again, these generational “brainwashed” ABLP supporters are something else.

      Looks like they want Gaston “I love Illegals” Browne to retain power … come what may!

      • … seems like when our CREATOR was handing out brains 🧠 the ABLP generational supporters were at the back of the queue … Mercy Mr Percy!

  3. Strangely they were eager to show us video clips of the ABLP meeting and the so-called confrontation with the public. But to date they have failed to show the video. Only the audio where Jamall Pringle doesn’t even know how to answer a simple question from an attendee.

    • Huh! 🤔 … and your point being is @ From The Sideline?

      Mercy me, you guys are not helping the ABLP’S cause to return to office anytime soon. Thank goodness …

    • CA-CAPA-TI-TAH was sleeping 😴 😴 😴 during his party’s own event 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

      De GUNMAN can’t even string 2 sentences togeddah

  4. BRIXTONIAN..I am sick and tired of your narratives. You sound like an UNEMPLOYED Person looking a HAND OUT. Join the UPP criminal elements.

    • Hey JIM B, why get so upset because you haven’t a clue how to have a constructive debate, and you can only rely on degenerative behaviour – is this a personality trait? Quite sad really.

      I almost feel sorry for you, I’ll bet you’ll be apoplectic with rage if UPP go on to win – as expected – the next General Election …


  5. Amazingly it was the UPP in the first place who removed the right to VOTE of Antiguan NATIONALS living abroad.
    That was mind blowing…you can’t vote..yet we maintained an embassies in various states…the diaspora contributions to the economy over the years have benefit both families and country.
    Now they want them back…

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