UPP ratifies all 16 Candidates at General Council Meeting

Harold Lovell

The United Progressive Party (UPP) General Council has ratified all 16 Candidates-Elect during a virtual meeting.

The Council is the Party’s highest decision-making body outside of the Bi-annual Convention.

The Party’s 16 Branches and members from overseas joined the Central Executive virtually, and used the Zoom platform to cast their votes.

Each Branch nominated and seconded its prospective representative — with the entire General Council then voting to confer on them the status of “Candidate” amid many cheers and much applause.

Sunday’s exercise wrapped up a process that began on June 15, then was halted to allow several challenges to go forward.

Under the supervision of Deputy Political Leader Jamale Pringle, four constituencies — St. John’s Rural East, St. George, St. Phillip’s South, and St. Peter — staged successful primaries to determine their standard bearers.

Political Leader Harold Lovell and other Party officers expressed their satisfaction with the innovative virtual meeting and the discipline of the Membership throughout the two-and-a-half hour event. It culminated with acceptance speeches from the Candidates.

Meanwhile, the Party’s official “roll-out” of its full slate will take place next Sunday, September 27. Due to COVID-19 restrictions on numbers, the event will be a mix of on-site and virtual presentations, using social media to reach the widest audience, the coordinators say.

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  1. This is the WORST slate UPP ever produced. In the Sixteen Candidates ,I have seen HYPOCRITES , MEN WHO DO NOT FEED THEIR CHIDREN , PERSONS IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW etc. I also see ALL LOSERS.

  2. Sadly, only one of these candidates, possibly (?) two, have any chance of being elected. Mr. Lovell has worked hard, but he has been consistently kicked to the curb by the voters. He, too, will go down in defeat AGAIN. Time for new leadership.

  3. We waiting to vote you out Gaston,
    Giving all our land to Chinee Man,
    Just let Lovell call de election,
    We waiting to vote you out Gaston.

    • @ ZACKIE
      Zackie UPP slate is the WEAKEST. UPP will never win a seat with this slate.

      ABLP will win 17 seats including Barbuda

      UPP will win 00 seat..

      TEK DAT ZACKIE With all You FAT CHAT. LOSER !!!!

    • @ZACKIE
      Zackie in your WILDEST dreams. You will never live long enough to see UPP elected in ANTIGUA. Keep on Dreaming . All you have ZACKIE is BIG
      FAT CHAT .

  4. FRANZ DeFreitas must come to the Public and disclose all the SKELETONS in His closet because We shall disclose His Skeletons very shortly. Most of the UPP Candidates are not worthy of been elected. Franz Talk to the Public,what I am seeing when your skeletons are laid out you will withdraw your nomination.

  5. Harold Lovell has LOST MORE ELECTIONS than he has won. Thats right- Mr. Romantic Rhythms and Best Finance minister (IMF & WPP) is the next PM.

  6. Imagine this. Your favorite banker is able to RETIRE at the age of fourty something and run for politics and you being no wiser are now saddled with a debt at an exorbitant interest rate that your favorite banker has negotiated for you. While ordinarily persons retire at 60/65 you have that debt burden to carry. You are knocking on the doors of the bank that your favorite banker had worked asking for a moratorium or some other work out solution while your favorite banking having paid her loot is off on retirement. And if faith may have it and they become victorious they will be entitled to a pension well before they are sixty when you will be still wondering where the next dollar is coming from to pay that debt. Do you people think our favorite banker turned politician could in all holy of spirit as they are trying to eschew look out for your interest. My people think long and hard!!!

  7. I was listening to a recording this evening with SERPENT speaking with D.GISEL ISAAC. Serpent told GISEL ISAAC that UPP will never win an election in Antigua. He said that the Leaders of UPP turned off too many People ( SERPENT EXACT WORDS WERE ..THE UPP TUMP DEM TOE ). Now Serpent is on the UPP ticket. What a Hypocrite is SERPENT !!!!

  8. Oh my. Poor SHAWN NICHOLAS!!! This is how much your party values you? Maybe you will finally begin to see the light and the TRUE COLOURS of who you get in political beds with.

    • @Have Mercy
      Poor Shawn Nicholas, my foot. You know how much curry favor they do in the party for Shawn to get to run? She does not have a political bone in her body. She is to holding the party to ransom and feel she is entitled because she say they make her leave she big jab and now she can’t win a seat. Why she didn’t stop up there with Robin. That was the best chance she stand. You all need to stop the stupidness.

  9. Shawn Nicolas the most credible and respected person in the UPP. A person whose character and reputation transcends political lines. The absolutely best candidate in Antiguan politics and she is no where on the slate. She is such a humble woman and probably wouldn’t make a fuss but this woman should be on somebody’s slate whether UPP or ABLP. I really dont care. In which contest Sherfield can walk close to Shawn… Chuppss…

    • Do you all really know this woman? This is why you all get yourself in trouble wid politics. You nuh know people. You just hear them on radio and rolling up dey tongue and smiling nice and yuh ready to make she prime minister. She try sSt Philip North,she loose out. She try Rural North, she loose out, She try St Phillips South, she loose out. Dat nuh tell you nutten? Maybe she could go and join up with she friend Tanny in ALP because ah he want fuh tell UPP people who to put to run. Chuppss yuhself.

  10. UPP, when you all lose the next election (and you will), please note it’s no one’s fault but your own. This slate is what you call scraping the bottom of the barrel. This slate would require people who aren’t elected being appointed to Cabinet as is the hap of UPP because dem nearga have no capacity. Thank you Lovell for giving majority Antiguans the only choice of re-electing the ABLP regardless of performance.

    • My sentiments exactly. Is this the best the UPP can really serious with this sorry bunch. They making it easy for Gaston and his gang to win the next elections.

  11. She is indeed a wonderful woman. Don’t recall you giving this glorious tribute when she was ON the slate.

    Sister Shawn knows she is valued and appreciated in her party of choice. The party’s values more closely align with those of this great woman you’ve lauded. Maybe you can ponder that.

    Stop trying to stir up some propaganda masked as compliments.

  12. so wait! Let me see if I get this straight! Sean BIRD gets a ticket, but SHAWN Nicholas get dash way?? I thought the goal was to “…get rid of BIRDISM once and for all”??? Way to go Harold Lovell. Yo are such a wise and astute “leader” of the UPP.

  13. Mr Lovell’s major problem is that he has about 6 prime ministers on his ticket which will be a major disaster. Serpent, Franz, Alister, Pearl, Pringle, and Athil, they know everything about everything. These people will not agree on anything they are going to spend countless hours to prove that their idea is the better. This will lead to certain fragmentation or cliques…..

    Mr Lovell is a good person well respected and means well, but to be successful in carry water with that basket seems daunting.

    And to even consider single Pringle as deputy is scary.

  14. P.H JONES September 23, 2020 at 7:47 am

    KNIGHT you should go look for your Child Who you have NOT Fed. You should give your Child all the money you owed HIM. What a Man you are for not feeding your child. All you have is microphone where you just CHAT crap nightly. KNIGHT you are an awful man
    Feed you PICNEY. You just like others in the UPP.


  15. The current representative for SPN should retire and let his opponent in the last election run in that constituency in his place. He should have had enough

    • I know Alex as a very smart man and a good person. He should have been there long time ago. He will make history in St Phillips. Ask Shawn why she had to appear before the magistrate and if she knows what a restraining order is.

  16. Where is Shawn Nicholas ? Shawn is a Woman of DISTINCTION and should be on this slate but Harold Lovell DO NOT want anyone on the slate like Shawn Nicholas with such a WONDERFUL Reputation. Shame on you Harold Lovell.

    • MR. FREDERICSON your comments about Shawn Nicholas are very glowing, however, I am almost certain that if she was on the slate your comments would be a lot different and she would also be classified as coming from the bottom of the barrel.

  17. Why the negativity and insults. Would you prefer there to be no opposition? Now that would be sooo dunce. Instead of insulting why not suggest who in your view would be a more worthy opponent. Or better yet, some of you who are talking need to run and rally the votes for you since you can do a better job…..clearly. Antiguans are so negative…..such empty vessels.

  18. Mr moderator stood allowing shit to be posted on your page in the name of free speech. Encourage respectful comments and contributions. Thanks

    • Well your post was “shit” and the moderator allowed it. So you ought to be thankful. Since when are people not allowed to voice their opinions regarding those who wish to REPRESENT THEM?? Your comment fulla fart. Are you BFF with Shawn Nicholas? If so, advise her to salvage her dignity and leave Lovell and his sorry piss-poor party alone.

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