UPP promises Justice for people who lost their jobs under forced vaccination policy


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  1. Why you Lovell dont start with the 90 workers that you guys turn way down at the Port!!! Was there a health Crisis?. And the others that was victamized like those in the police force, after 12.ooam wake up to a letter .Get real Lovell

    • He mussa tink people fugat. Arl of a sudden he a try come een like he a savior of mankind.

      Worst Finance Minister
      Wadadli Power Can’t
      ABST giveaway
      Airport runway
      Car Park

      • Smh you not tired of kissing Gaston batty straight? Your lips dem can’t get no Browner. You mussa be sucking n swallowing now.

        When your master get removed from office, you will be left to fend for yourself.

    • So this equates to the Gaston Administration sending home COUNTLESS of people to starve and not be able to meet their financial needs because they did not take a vaccine into their own body?

      If God was like man…………

      The last time I checked the A.L.P. is in government and have done NOTHING about Romantic Rhythms, the Wadadli Power Plant (as a matter of fact the A.L.P. kept the actors and even promoted some of them), the fences (as a matter of fact, the prime suspect was embraced) and I can go on an on.

      Give me a break.

      • You are NOT a “Former ABLP Voter”, and you know it. You lie. You NEVER voted ABLP in your life. Give me a break.

        • Laugh Out Loud.

          That is the problem with people like you.

          You cannot change. You see wrong and accept it.

          God will deal with people like you.

        • Batty’s Hope not even a break can help your useless swine self. All you do is kiss Gaston batty every and any time.

  2. WILL YOU ALSO OFFER JUSTICE TO WHO LOST FAMILY MEMEBRS BECAUSE THEY GOT COVID FROM THE UNVACCINATED? How about to those who lost their lives because they couldn’t get medical treatment for other conditions because an unvaccinated covid patient was taking up a hospital bed? how about those frontline workers forced to work next to unvaccinated conspiracy theorists?

    • @Ar’ , If you took the needle you were jabbed not vaccinated. Vaccination provides immunity. It’s only the blind people following the “vaccinated?🤔politicians calling the information out there conspiracy. And people abandon their senses rather than looking at ALL INFORMATION. But y’all can’t help because majority Antiguans do not stand for what is right anyway they support party whether right or wrong.

      Why are you not advocating for the poor old citizens who can’t get back their social security investment. OR push for unsolved crimes to be solved so that the innocent blood can be avenged and the country rid of the curse.

      Ps. 7:11 God judge the righteous and is angry with the wicked everyday

      Psalms 72:4
      He shall judge the poor of the people, he shall save the children of the needy, and shall break in pieces the oppressor.

    • What is your comment on the same Unvaccinated Frontline workers, (doctors/nurses)who are dealing with everybody else? Old hypocrite.

    • But sadly he is misinformed about the safety and efficacy of these vaccines.

      The truth is there are many safety issues and they probably have little to no effect on stopping or slowing transmission.

      Vaccinated spread this virus asymptomatically which is easy to miss. But it’s not easy to miss the outbreaks that have occurred around the world in fully vaccinated communities.

      Pay attention Arnold and ask questions instead of repeating what you’ve been told from agencies that have lied and mislead the public at least since the beginning of the pandemic.

      • You say with absolutely no evidence to back it up. One simple figure: Over 90% of recent new cases in the USA are unvaccinated. The figures here on Antigua have gradually reduced with increased vaccination rates. The entire world is vaccinating on the advice of the medical authorities and yet you and some other willfully blind find some obscure conspiracy theorist and believe them

        • Please try and use your brain a little.

          The vaccines have so far reduced hospitalizations and death. That more unvaccinated are hospitalized is not surprising. That more unvaccinated have died in the US is also to be expected (despite the dubious practice of counting people with one shot or less than 2 weeks after second shot as unvaccinated).

          And despite the undercounting of vaccine related adverse effects and death.

          But what I am talking about is transmission. There is no good evidence that these vaccines slow down transmission and slowing down transmission is the justification for mandates.

          Look at 2 things – one the rate of transmission has not slowed in nearly fully vaccinated countries – Israel, Iceland etc.

          Two – we know the vaccines account for mor asymptomatic cases which mean the virus can spread silently. That is a very dangerous thing

          To end the pandemic, transmission must be slowed or ideally stopped.

          These vaccines do not do that. There are well documented serious adverse effects including death and little appreciable slowing in transmission.

  3. The same invisible workers ALP Senator for life BA had on the port payroll you talking about? When will you ALP people stop ripping off this country. You all make me sick. Wicked Set A People!

    • Gwarn gah study your President who trips over himself from the slightest wind that blows. Trump soon come back for you. Keep on brandishing your U.S. passport for all to see.

    • Knight your were born sick… such a happy guy … listen to hosier songs… u fit right in ….. God bless mill reef club … u became somebody … but a but to happy

  4. Given widespread ignorance and misinformation, a vaccinate mandate was the only way out. This is the bottom line. And this policy of the UPP tends to undermine the national immunization campaign. The only hope now is that the ALP will make it clear that there will be no early election — at least, no election anytime soon. Workers will then know that they can’t ‘wait out’ the mandate and return to their jobs if there is a change of government in the near future.

    I get it. The political opportunity presented by this mandate was too good to resist, especially for a leader who may be staring his political mortality in the face. Still, it would have been better to resist it. The UPP has failed a crucial test, if you ask me, a UPP supporter.


      Highly vaccinated countries are still having outbreaks. These vaccines are not the way out. They will not end the pandemic. Ask Israel, ask the US, Seychelles, Iceland etc.

      These vaccines will not magically end the pandemic in Antigua when they’ve failed to do so everywhere else.

      I won’t even go into the problems these vaccines have caused and the potential devastating problems they may cause in the near future (enhancement of disease, promoting variants, long term adverse effects, diminished fertility, etc.)

      Vaccines that were banned in several countries you all are being forced to take.

      If it was really about ending the pandemic your clown leader would have secured the Cuban vaccines. They actually seem to be working.

      • In the US you are 6x more likely to be infected if you are unvaccinated. You are 12x more likely to be hospitalized. This information is freely available, so who knows why you find it so hard to find accurate information?

  5. Desperate times really call for desperate measures. Well if Hurst could eat 5/16th of his shoes having lost when he ran maybe this is indeed doable.

  6. I was already going to NOT vote for the A.L.P. but this definitely seal the deal for me in NOT voting for the A.L.P.

    What a Labour administration.

    You made it possible to send home people WITHOUT their EQUITY.

    Papa Bird MUST be turning in his tomb.

    • Papa Bird a tun ovah nah he grave fu see Sharn Bird make love to the party that wanted to put him in the dustbin of history!!

      Maybe you can put yourself in that dustbin instead 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • I will still be VOTING AGAINST THE A.L.P. from the dustbin and I still will be encouraging as many people as I can to VOTE AGAINST THIS A.L.P. GOVERNMENT.

        They have outlived their usefulness.

    • My memory of VC is he must be wondering how come some people so fooley. There is a pandemic, a vaccine is available yet some prefer to risk death than to take a life saving vaccine. Under VC, the covid vaccine would have been mandatory, just like he did with other vaccines. Truth is he would have done it long before the current admin did (they too tolerant of ignorance)

    • Such nonsense. Papa Bird would likely cuff you up the side of your head. Why you lie so bad? You NEVER voted ALP in your whole sorry life, and you know it.

      • Batty’s Hope you might be better off kissing your god’s batty. All you ever say is pure fecal matter. Then again that’s all you probably live for and eat. Maybe you and your god can have some good “play” time and you can finally experience a strong O.

  7. You are also an idiot if you think the UPP if they were in office, faced with the same situation, would not have made it mandatory. These are the same people that when persons would protest, would tell them even if they marched to Mount McNish -. it would not matter. The current party leader has also made clear that protesters need to be prepared to face harsh actions (play ball, take rubbers), much like he faced under VC Bird. History has shown the UPP as being willing to say anything they feel they have to in order to get into office (eg no new taxes since there were enough on the books , They will implement unemployment insurance …). One think about Gaston, he will tell you as it is

    • “One think about Gaston, he will tell you as it is”…

      Gaston can be told as it is too. GASTON, GO TO HELL.

      A vote that will benefit Gaston is a wasted vote (I am just saying)…..

      • What’s wrong with you “Former ALP Voter”? Your mouth is running on and on. We all know you are an imposter. You NEVER voted ABLP in your whole miserable life. Com on, Jack, get real.

        • You go tired fu see my words.

          Get registered to vote my people.

          Time to get the rid of this A.L.P. government.

          We the voters hold the power. Time for Gaston Browne and his gang to be shown the door.

    • To pretend you only have 2 choices.

      And yes, both of your parties are corrupt and destroying your country.

      That doesn’t mean you should defend either one.

  8. Why Mr Lovell came across as if he is not telling the truth.
    Mr Lovell was not fluent ad he usually is. He was searching for words.



  9. Look at WHOM is ADVISOR to LOVELL / UPP . MAGIC ??? CHUPTZ. CHUPTZ. Magic should go back where He belongs…Where is 1735 ???? MAGIC HOME.

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