UPP Political Leader Congratulates BPM on Council Elections Victory


Harold Lovell, the Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), congratulates the Barbuda People’s Movement on its sweeping victory at the polls on March 29, when it claimed all five vacant seats on the Barbuda Council.


“I extend hearty and sincere congratulations to my brother, MP Trevor Walker, and the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM),” Lovell says.


“The results of the Council Elections demonstrate resounding confidence in the BPM and an absolute rejection of Prime Minister Gaston Browne and the Antigua Labour Party.


“It is clear that the support previously enjoyed by his Administration has drastically diminished, as The People have become tired of his abusive, base and insensitive leadership.”


Lovell recalls the symbiotic relationship enjoyed by the BPM and his Party during the UPP Administration, in which MP Walker served as a Cabinet Minister. He says it was marked by “respect, understanding of Antigua and Barbuda’s differences, and appreciation for our greater similarities.”


Accordingly, given the success of their two-term collaboration and the parties’ mutual support since then, Lovell anticipates working with MP Walker again as equals and colleagues in a new UPP Administration.




“On behalf of Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle, the Executive and Membership of the UPP, ‘Big up’ to the BPM, again,” says Lovell. “Barbuda today; Antigua tomorrow!”

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  1. “On behalf of Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle…”???

    So is Lovell attempting to USURP Pringle? The Hon. Jamale Pringle is the duly ELECTED Leader of Her Majestys Loyal Opposition. It was Jamale Pringle who I watched with my 2 eyes being sworn in at Government House surrounded by family and well-wishers.

    Where does this imposter get off acting like it was him that the people ELECTED.

    Lovell has contested 9 general elections:
    WON 2
    LOST 7
    He has no moral nor political authority to “lead” any party. Worst Finance Minister among countless other errors

    Please give the young Pringle a chance to take his rightful place.

    • The Hon. Mr. Pringle is the ONLY leader of the UPP now. He IS the official and only Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda. The only one! Anyone else claiming otherwise is an imposter.

  2. POOR HAROLD LOVELL. This outcome was PREDICTED. ABLP should not contest in Barbuda. 2023 in Antigua will be as follows.


    HAROLD LOVELL will lose His seat for the ninth time. You will be in the Guinness book records.

  3. The high winds blowing over Antigua need to find this human noise bag that is trying to stay relevant.

    • He’s pushed to the sidelines and is no longer relevant. Is that a recent picture of Lovell? My God, you have aged man. You looking old. Not aging well at all. Feel sorry for you. Life is hard. I never see you look like this.

      • Not sure what has him looking so stressed out, grey-haired, owl and weary. If he look so knock-bout now, imagine IF he were (by some figment of his imagination) to become Prime Minister. Perhaps it’s time to consult with his physician. Even Cortwright Marshall looks much healthier in countenance comapred to Harold Lovell. Droopy wrinkled forehead lines and a frowny pitiful face. Could it be his “reaping” time for after sowing seeds of badmind especially against Joanne Massiah et al …

      • That is what desperation does….your brain works overtime and in the process you become aged. Imagine when he looses come next election how he go look. Mongoose the artist will have to do some airbrush on him.

        • At least he has a brain. If you had one, you would not be all over the place posting idiotic statements.

          • That same brain that he used to agree to a certain hotel holding on to the government’s ABST? Romantic Rhythms brain?


  5. The Hon. Mr. Pringle is the ONLY leader of the UPP now. He IS the official and only Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda. The only one! Anyone else claiming otherwise is an imposter.

  6. If I was Harold Lovell I would not show my face on SOCIAL MEDIA. Look at the ATTACKS…MURDER. I never saw a POLITICAL LEADER Who does NOT resonate with People. UPP cannot go into 2023 election with HAROLD as the LEADER. Just a warning.

  7. What will it take for HAROLD LOVELL to wake up from this pipedream fairytale sounding nonsense that he keeps touting? He is listening to the wrong people who refuse to KEEP IT REAL with him. I suppose this is the result when you have the likes of GISELE ISAAC-ARRINDELL “spitting in your mouth” and perpetuating the ELITISM plaguing the UPP.

    Over and over again, the same “elitism” is being perpetuated. Look at who is speaking. Is Honourable Jamale not “elite” enough to speak to this issue?

    If they can do Pringle so bad and he is not married/dating any “foreigners” so far, imagine how much lower on the totem pole they have Richard Lewis?

  8. WOW…Cannot believe this is current photo of Harold Lovell. This Guy looks like He has aged 50 years. I hope Harold is OK. Let Us pray for Harold.

    • GREY must be his favourite colour.
      GREY hair
      GREY shirt
      GREY chair
      GREY microphone
      GREY mouth

      That photo of him spells GLOOM & DOOM

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