UPP picket outside Government House for answers in Nigel Christian murder

This morning the UPP picketed the Governor-General’s Office, to continue demanding an Official Inquiry into the murder and attempted murder of customs officers Nigel Christian and Cornel Benjamin – and the entire Customs Fraud Scandal.
Additionally, they continue to call on the ABLP administration to seek assistance from international investigators, to bring an end to what many Antiguans and Barbudans suspect is a deliberate cover-up.
Leaving such serious crimes unsolved, whether intentionally or through negligence, undermines public confidence in law enforcement and places the safety of every citizen and resident of this country at risk.

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  1. All the persons in those pics are UPP affiliates…how can anyone take their efforts seriously?

    • that might be so and you are correct!! but where are the ABLP affiliates? This matter really and truly should transcend politics. This is brazen murder in high day. It is a shame on all of us as Antiguans if we let this be swept under the carpet. I am apolitical on this matter.

    • @Political Optics: Instead of coming on this medium and gabbing.Why your lazy arse were not there to picket.This is not about the UPP and the ABLP.It is about Nigel Christian a National of Antigua and Barbuda.A Law Enforcement Customs Officer.Who was assassinated in cold blood,gangland style.Did it stem from Gaston Browne as Prime Minister saying his signature was forged at Customs.Both Gaston Browne and Max Wurst did say.That person should repay the money.They did not want want him Prosecuted. In my opinion they do not have that right to determine the outcome into this matter. After it was made public by Browne himself.It should have then become a Police matter.Was the forgery done by a COMRADE? So they would want it to slide and be swept aside.Did that forger of said signature pay back the funds? As requested by the Senior Comrades Browne and Max Wurst.It was said.It is not the first time.That Customs Broker was involved in skulduggery.So why his backsides not up there in 1735.I forgot,in Antigua and Barbuda,only poor folks go there.

        • @Kristi:Happy New Year to you.You would never live see rich persons going to 1735.The Judicial System in Antigua and Barbuda slants into their favor.Unlike the poor and destitute.

  2. If everyone in the picture is UPP as you said so no one can can take their efforts seriously putting the spotlight on a unsolved murder which concerns and affect all citizens ? I really have to stop reading the comments sections . That is as dumb a shit I ever heard coming out of someone’s mouth ! God help us with thoughts like yours .

  3. Boi au no hab no conscience…..Au hab Gaul badddd…. Provide all the evidence you’ll got…. Politrickians at theirs best.. Good Fu nothing..

  4. I understand PQ’s brothers are lining themselves up to be on different boards if UPP is elected. My people don’t be fooled by the level of honesty and integrity the are claiming of wanting to bring to office if elected. It is all a farce!!!!!

  5. What about the apolitical FAITHFUL NATIONALS? This would have been an opportunity for them to picket too.

    • EVERYBODY should be in that picket line. Stop trying to make this political, and let’s get the killers, who upon conviction must be hung by the neck until dead. All of them

      • “…hung by the neck until dead”?? Are you Bruce Goodwin? He uttered those exact words following the death of his precious daughter.

  6. What does politics have to do with solving a brazen crime in Antigua? Everyone should be outraged that the effort to find the criminals and bring them to justice is non-existent. Put yourself in the same situation, imagine that’s your family member or loved one. As Antiguans we must demand justice and transparency for the young man, for his family. Let us open our eyes and have sympathy, empathy for the family who is left grieving. This is wrong. Stand up people. If UPP is doing it for political reasons, shame on them. Let us unite for this cause. Keep it alive for our own safety and the future of our country.

  7. Do the people who are picketing have information that they believe the police has and are not acting on it? If PEOPLE have very credible EVIDENCE then why not go the police with lawyer/s so they can investigate (there are quite a few attached to the opposition). Yes those that are responsible for the criminal acts MUST be brought to justice. The same outside help that is been requested, they too have unsolved murders as well while some takes time; hopefully the police is working feverishly to solve the above and other outstanding murders however it may take time.

    • Wow alex … you are on point … i hear Franz an all these guys refering to a coverup and murder in the line of duty… guys if u have the evedence please bring it to the police … and stop playing politrics … the family is hurting … Franz u on observer today calling coverup … if u were picked up tommorow would u be able to help us

    • Boss move to the head of the line. Recall many unsolved murders under the UPP admin and none of them was ever politicized as this one. They ever found out who raped the former president of the senate? Murders: Who murdered that child (10 year old) in Botanical gardens (Jemuel, the daughter of Jewel Samuel)?The two Dominicans murdered here in 2012 who was found guilty for their murder? Do these guys get that their very actions can cause problems in getting an impartial jury? Those who participated in said march I would warn should exclude themselves from a jury pool, because any smart lawyer would argue they are tainted. Then again, I think we can all admit their motive is not about justice for the victim, but to score some wrongly calculated political mileage

  8. Why these UPP Operatives don’t do something more PRODUCTIVE ???. UPP and Their Supporters DON’T give one DAMN about Nigel Christian.UPP jump at every Opportunity to be relevant. They look so tired. Shame on UPP and Their 25 Supporters.

  9. ERIC CARDEN come on man! Did you say the same thing when the ALP was marching up and down St. John’s and even disobeying the directions of the police regarding the route to be used? Perhaps there are higher ups in the government that don’t give a DAMN about the Customs fraud and the Cornel Benjamin attempted murder and Nigel Christian assassination, but the UPP and a vast majority of Antiguans and Barbudans do give a DAMN and hope that the government will begin to take the matter seriously.

    • Guy u must be up in age or simple retarded do u challenge everything thats said about the upp… u must be looking a senate seat next time around something your politcal leader Harold lovell dont even want … well sorry only a dunce party leader would want a seat in parliment where he has a voice .. but want to lead people .. tabor in short upp can never win so stop begging for attorney general .. upp can never win .. Dane knight done killl the party

    • Tabor why is these case more important for the UPP than the other unsolve murders?
      Do you remember Adrea Hughes from New Winthropes that was run over by a car driven by a young man whose father is the manager of Brysons Shipping Company. If I’m correct he now runs a Gym. Todate the young man has not been charged. The woman left behind nine children. Not a word from any politician. The father and children up to this date looking for answers. The only voices calling out the police are Tanny Rose and myself. Not one NGO group. Not the socalled concerned citizens, not any women’s group like POWA. No lawyer has offered the family pro-bona legal assistance. Where the hell are all you guys when a woman get killed and nothing is said or done about it. The driver haven’t seen his day in court as yet. I’m not judging him that he is guilty but for God sake only when you kill a dog you do not have to face any court to give account for its live. You just drive away from the scene.
      The UPP knows that there is a seperation of power when it comes to the police and investigation. Same way they called that they would lock up labour party politicians. It doesn’t work like that and you as an officer of the court know better. And so does your leader. So why picket the political offices. Picket and put pressure on the police. Let the Commissioner know that it is not acceptable. Polticians cannot do a thing when it comes to directing the police. Baldwin tried that. He fired the entire top in order to get things done his way. Brought in Canadian Mounties and they also let him know he had no authority to direct them.

        • Tenman: Did you say.Both you and Sidelines think alike.I am not surprised.Because Gaston Browne spit into yours and his mouths.So what would one expect.

          • Like the term spit, and have often used it. often in posts Why don’t you try and be original. Boss its red wine (the expensive kind hence well aged like the ablp), kool aide is for kids

  10. Politics all the way people continue to see in a life that was lost, only when it hits home some people will wake up. People need to stop being political for everything, it is very disappointing a life was lost and politics is at the forefront of their mind. This is not about Antigua Blammers and luciferan Party, Do Nothing At all party This is about justice for Nigel Christian

    Tabor….UPP want to start 2021 with the PICKET for Nigel Christian at any cost.
    Although UPP heard that the INVESTIGATION is still active. Tabor …as a Lawyer you know that these type of investigations take time . UPP and Their Operatives cannot speak on any issue because too many WONDERFUL things are taking place in Antigua and Bsrbuda. This still would NOT get one member of the UPP elected in 2023. Talk on issues and STOP the stupid protest.


    Eric I am totally in agreement with you.
    Tabor should know better. Investigators take time. UPP is trying to gain Political support. Hon. Gaston Browne will stretch UPP to 2023. By then all UPP Candidates will be off the radar. These Candidates for UPP are looking SICK and TIRED.

    • You say:Those Candidates for the UPP are looking Sick and Tired.Have you taken the time to really look at the Labor Party Ministers and their FATNESS.Take the time to look at Samantha Marshall,Steadroy Benjamin,Lennox Weston,Gaston Browne,Asot Michael.How do you think they are looking.What do they have in common with the Goodyear Blimp? Do not forget.Gaston Browne had to relief one of his Ministers.I wondered why.Could you V.GORMAN,tell me why.

  13. Why the topic must read UPP PICKET instead of CITIZENS PICKET ? This only shows that UPP Candidates DO NOT have anything of Substance.

  14. @ TUNA

    Looking TIRED and FAT are two different things.UPP Candidates are SICK and TIRED.Also remember one of UPP Candidates went to 1735 for MURDER. TUNA , TABOR and All UPP Candidates lack INTEGRITY. The following are the results for 2023.
    ABLP 17
    UPP. 00

    Put dat in You and Tabor pipe and smoke it .You Guys are WASTE.of TIME.

  15. @ V.GORMAN
    TUNA and TABOR drink too much RED KOOLAID. Don’t waste time with these UPP People.They are waste of time. Dane Knight who has destroyed the UPP called UPP Candidates LAZY.

  16. Just noticed that CLEON ATHILL is hiding Her face. This shows that She does not want to associate Herself with the Protest. How can Cleon Athill protesting in HIGH HEELS ? Shows that all UPP Candidates DO NOT have Nigel Christian at heart. UPP Candidates just protesting for POLITICALS Gains. BIG JOKE.Shame on UPP and Their Candidates. OPPORTUNIST.

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