UPP Names Third Set of Candidates to its Slate


The United Progressive Party presents three additional members of the slate expected to contest the upcoming General Elections.


They are:


Gladys Potter                   St. John’s Rural South

Anthony Smith, Jr.         All Saints West     

Algernon Watts             St. George


Their brief biographies are attached for your perusal and publication.


GLADYS POTTER, St. John’s Rural South

A multicultural and multi-national daughter of the soil, Gladys Samuel Potter, was born in Grays Hill to a Dominican Republic mother and St. Lucian father.


She is a graduate of the Ottos Comprehensive School and the Business Studies Programme of the Antigua State College.  Working nights and attending classes during the day shaped her sense of industry and her drive to work for what she wants.


Gladys recognised the value of professional development to her progress and successfully completed courses in risk management; a Chartered Director’s course under the auspices of the Caribbean Governance Training Institute; and the Antigua & Barbuda Investment Authority’s Mind Your Business course.


These prepared her to take on a management position in a multi-business operation comprising a service station, restaurant and auto-body repair shop. There she managed personnel issues and also the business’ financials.


For thirteen years, from 2005 to 2018, Gladys worked for a gaming-software company, where she held supervisory and management positions.  She did several tours of duty overseas on the company’s behalf, including assignments in Bulgaria and in The Philippines, where she trained staff in the area of risk management.


A past vice president of the St. John’s Cooperative Credit Union, she also served as chairperson for the organization’s Human Resources Committee.


At the same time, Gladys and her husband, Mark, were involved in a number of personal business ventures, including the family-run farm, for over 20 years; and,  since 2018, she has been famously known as the proprietor of an ice cream parlour and restaurant.


But Gladys is just as famous for her volunteerism and community service – particularly to the benefit of the youth and the elderly.


She is a past president of the Mary E. Piggott Primary School’s Parent Teachers Association. During her tenure, considerable funds were raised to outfit the school’s remedial reading department, construct outdoor seating, and purchase school supplies.


In 2016, she inaugurated the Shine Your Light Expo, a yearly exhibition to highlight the talents of artisans, food and beverage manufacturers, performing artistes, and more, as a springboard for them to monetize their skills.  And since 2017, she has hosted an annual Senior Citizens Dinner in her community and garnered nationwide support for this event that benefits the elderly.


Gladys heads up the UPP’s Welfare Committee, providing assistance to the elderly and the needy, and is actively involved in the Party’s Women’s Forum.   Her colleagues describe her as a hard-working team player who creates solutions, not problems.


She is an active member of the Mountain of Fire and Power Ministries, where she nourishes her faith.  A dedicated family woman, she is the mother of three sons and a daughter, all of whom she describes as “amazing.”


Gladys Potter, affectionately called “Amalia,” is the genuine article: sincere and committed to developing her community and country. Her empathy for others and her ability to create partnerships for community-development projects embody the UPP’s “People First” philosophy.  Her aim is to be the refreshing breeze that blows away the current staleness of “business as usual” and brings lasting change to Rural South.



ANTHONY SMITH, JR., All Saints West


His political aspiration is driven by his passion for helping.  According to Anthony Smith, it is in his blood:  the legacy of his mother, father, and near-legendary grandmother, “Teacher Gen” from Potters, who were all dedicated to assisting the less fortunate and to community development.


As a child in school and in his village, Anthony gravitated to philanthropy, contributing wherever possible to the lives of the people around him.  Now, as an adult, he recognizes that a political opportunity will enable him to serve a greater number from a wider platform.  Therefore, he is grateful to have been designated by the United Progressive Party’s All Saints West Branch to represent his people.


Tony spent his early years preparing for such an opportunity, starting on the path to leadership at the early the age of 17.  It was then that he became heavily involved in the Sea View Farm Football Club, going on to hold the positions of Treasurer, Vice President, and President, testimony to his advanced professional development and desire to serve.


At present, Smith is the General Manager of the newly reconstructed Western Union and also runs the Easy Grabbs establishments at Jabberwock Beach and  Antigua Village.


To these positions he brings over 12 years’ experience in banking, customer service and investment solutions, having worked in various positions at the Community First Credit Union.  During his time there, he completed training and certification in Investment and Savings and in Compliance.


He particularly enjoyed his last position, Youth Savings Officer, which enabled him to develop a national program that taught young people the principles of finance and money management, savings and economics.  In addition to opening over 10,000 accounts, Smith is proud that he helped  to show students the importance of staying in school and getting a good education.


A proud graduate of the Antigua Grammar School, Smith is a strong believer in education’s power to transform.  Accordingly, he is looking forward to completing his Master’s degree in Leadership and Management at St. York’s University in England.


Newly married, Smith also believes in family and godly principles; in humanitarian improvement and church work; and in the advancement of women.   However, he says the men must not be left behind.  In order to build strong families, he recognizes that opportunities in business, sports, skills training, and spiritual development must be available to them.


As a young man, himself, he is concerned that too many youth are struggling to make a mark in the economic development of the country. “We need to create policies that help young people acquire wealth,” he says.  “Only a chosen few are doing well, while the others are struggling.  We must create a path to help poor people to climb; to give everybody a chance to reach the top.”


He is convinced that a United Progressive Party Administration will achieve that.





Algernon Watts, internationally known as “Serpent” of Observer Radio’s Snakepit fame, is brand-new to elective politics.


For nearly 20 years, he has shaped public opinion on social and political issues and earned himself a devoted following here and in the diaspora.  But given the economic, moral and political decline of the country, he has decided to “be the change he wants to see ” – and he sees the United Progessive Party as the vehicle for that change.


A favourite son of the Pigotts and Potters communities, Watts is steeped in the values, personalities and loyalties of the people he aspires to serve.  Accordingly, he was overwhelmingly selected to become the Party’s candidate for St. George, a constituency that is both large and diverse, and he proclaims himself ready and capable of doing just that: bringing representation to the people.


A man of many gifts, Watts is currently the Managing Director of the country’s largest media house, NEWSCo/Observer/Hitz FM, and a renowned disc jockey.  At the same time, he is a farmer and debt-collector, an events organizer and promoter, a feared researcher and respected archivist.


Watts is a founding member and was the first president of the good-governance advocacy group called The Movement.  Under the tagline “Ready to Rebel,” he was responsible for galvanizing protest action against the current administration on a number of controversial issues. And he has proved his mettle, time and again, by championing numerous social causes and mobilizing assistance for needy persons.


Most notable is the role he and The Movement played in welcoming and provisioning the people of Barbuda immediately after the devastation of their island in 2017.


Watts is also one of the movers and shakers of the patriotic group The Faithful Nationals, a coalition of organizations and individuals fighting for the interest of Antigua & Barbuda.


He has served the sporting community as the manager of the Rattlers Cycling Club; the calypso fraternity as an emcee and promoter of the art form; and lent his voice and influence to numerous fundraising and charitable endeavours.


A graduate of the Antigua State College’s Engineering Department, Watts completed his secondary education in Trinidad after leaving the Seventh Day Adventist School.


A devoted father, he considers his children not only his greatest accomplishments, but his inspiration for changing the status quo in Antigua & Barbuda



    • @just Saying:You are one nasty,dirty,bad minded Antiguan.You are the types my late Mother told me to stay away from.Man,did I listen to her.What is shallow about those three Nationals of Antigua and Barbuda.They have the rights to select and represents any Political Party they choose.What is shallow about doing so.You Labor Party people do not bring anything of note to this discourse.Those in the present Administration are very deep like the Oceans.Yet for over 6 years.What have they done with their deepness.Look around Antigua without your blinders on.Tell me with your naked eyes.Things you would have seen in 2014.Are still there and many have deteriorated to the point of disrepair.The leaders of the country are not shallow.Just wished they were.Perhaps they would have done a better job for the people.

      • @BLACK MAN
        Do you honestly think that the names presented so far can win an election in Antigua ?
        If you believe so in your heart something is wrong with your HEAD. BLACK MAN You will be complaining for the next 30 years. UPP is doomed. The BIGGEST joke is SERPENT. We will make a BIG joke of SERPENT in ST.George’s

      • @BLACK MAN
        You sounded very DISAPPOINTED of the UPP Candidates thus far. Patiently waiting for last FIVE Candidates to be submitted. Sure win for ABLP. ABLP 17 sests….UPP 0.

    • Curious to know, shallow about? Shallow in what way??? Shallow in comparison to, both past and present?? Just curious!!!

  1. You low-life in the Labour Party always know something about people, when I examine the people who speak on behalf of ALP they are convicted drug smugglers and users, women beaters, addicts, thieves even them and them pickney theif government money, gay prostitutes standing outside Paradise Casino at nights, gamblers, theif church money. You all are the last set a people too open you all mouth, you all have no shame. I must repeat what top dawg said about his supporters on Saturday, when he speaks he is speaking to the lowest set of people in the society. “Need I SAY MORE” Hell no!

  2. Congratulations my Snakepit people Serpy and Mrs. Potter make us proud. True Antiguans and Barbudans

      WELL , WELL. Now this will CONFIRMED ABLP will GOVERN Antigua / Barbuda for the next 30 YEARS. This is really the BOTTM of the barrel. Knight you have a lot to give you a heart attack until 2023. Your UPP cannot be serious. Waiting for the remaining five Candidates. WOW.

  3. The ABLP will retain office not because of great accomplishments but because the UPP has failed to recruit suitable talent.
    The Anthony guy seems helplessly sexist. He says he believes in women’s empowerment but says, “the men must not be left behind. In order to build strong families, he recognizes that opportunities in business, sports, skills training, and spiritual development must be available to them.” He cites the things men are traditionally involved in such as sports and business instead of saying something like he wants to see parity in these areas between genders.
    I also find it disappointing that the things of note in Serpent’s biography are very recent such as The Movement and the Hurricane Irma situation. A man of his age seeking political office should have had more accomplishments under his belt.
    And Gladys, they really dug deep to make it seem like you have done anything notable. It’s just a bunch of hogwash.
    Thank you for giving the ABLP an easy time to continue to govern Antigua and Barbuda not through merit but through the wash your foot and come people you all want to run.

  4. Congrats and Potter .. so glad to see the young people everyday people with the best interest of the country in mind .. not only to line their pockets .. the country needs young fresh blood… it these old people there in politics for years not moving or not doing anything modern for the country

    • @ LILY
      Will Someone really vote for Gladys Potter to govern this Country. UPP is trying to FOOL Antiguans. I honestly believe that the next election the UPP will disappear. I have not seen a VIABLE Candidate so far. I voted UPP la0st election.In next election I shall vote DNA. UPP is JOKING.

  5. I am happy to see that these three candidates have named the secondary school they graduated from in their bios. Now what about ALLISTER THOMAS?? Which secondary school did ALLISTER THOMAS graduate from? When did he GRADUATE and from WHICH SECONDARY SCHOOL please thanks.

  6. Let’s not forget Driftwood and Lamin were products of the snake pit Lazarus too.

    Serpent has my vote.

    Ms Potter I am sorry but you should know yourself and give way… ..

    • @Melchesidec
      I do not believe you are from St. George’s. If you are from St.George’s you must be the only one voting for Serpent. Serpent is an UNLIKABLE Person. We want Him in St.George’s. DEAN JONAS all the way .

      I followed your postings on ANR. Do you honestly believe that the CANDIDATES submitted thus by UPP can form GOVERNMENT? The Candidates so far is a sure win for ABLP.

  7. When candidates are released to the public for the first time, the party must put out an official statement with official pics.

    Uniformity and cohesiveness is a first impression.

    Let the releases look and sound as if you know what you are doing.

    All the candidates must have a certain look and posture and wearing the same or similar outfit.

  8. @Mel:This is a Political Party.Not a part of a Para Military and or Military Establishments.There is no need to have them all dress alike.

  9. Congrats to Gladys Potter on achieving the position of candidate for St John’s Rural South on your second try without having to go into a primary.
    As one of your constituents and branch members, I have a couple of questions. Are you going to expect Kyron Simon to work with you to take back the seat? If so, then it will be a bit far-fetched, won’t it? When you contested with him for the 2018 elections, he won, despite the fact that the party bigshots changed the date of the primaries to please you because you felt he had the drop on you.
    When he was stubborn enough to still win, and you were asked if you would work with him, I believe these were your words: “I cannot work with someone I do not believe in.” You never congratulated him, you proceeded to ignore him from start to finish, refusing to campaign with him or for the party for that matter, and you badmouthed him every chance you got.
    To come now and expect him to work with you would be, to find the proper word, evil.

  10. Anthony Smith, who are you? Where were you all the time? How come you are so lucky? Parents have deep pockets?
    What is your political affiliation? UPP, do you want youth so bad that you are prepared to rob these clothless cradles? What is this preoccupation with youth, by the way? Most of them will sell you out for the latest Iphone or a tablet.
    UPP looks desperate. The young man has nothing much going for him. No political savvy. The UPP members are asking who is he? My biggest problem is, with what I heard from him, he sounds boring, snoring boring.

  11. I heard Serpent say a few weeks ago that Lovell was a nice guy, but ALP tear him up so bad, he might as well move on. He said so more than once. Today he said his captain is the best there is, and he believed in his captain and he had his fullest support. See why some people like me don’t like politics?

    Harold, your days are numbered in the leadership of the UPP. In fact, the UPP days are numbered. As soon as Cleon Athill has been confirmed, Serpent will make his move. Chairman and Vice Chairman reunited in UPP. He will throw you out, and because so many of the UPP members are in the Movement, they will make the transition easily. You probably meant well, but you just destroyed the party when you let the creature who dragged on its belly in. Your memory is either short or you don’t care. He, Beef and Knight dismantled the UPP in 2014. He gave Gaston Browne the microphone at Observer and left the studio. True, things did not work out like the wanted. His dating partner did not live up to his expectations.
    Watch the snake well, Lovell, or he will make you a lump in his belly.

  12. We have had the Board of education in place since the late 90’s yet none of those listed above have been able to achieve a first degree. I recall in the past UPP would pat itself on the back for having candidates who excelled academically, what has caused the shift? I can accept perhaps one without such but is the message that a undergraduate degree is useless? Persons with such qualifications run from the UPP? The UPP is now the party of the academically challenged?

    WELL , WELL. Now this will CONFIRMED ABLP will GOVERN Antigua / Barbuda for the next 30 YEARS. This is really the BOTTM of the barrel. Knight you have a lot to give you a heart attack until 2023. Your UPP cannot be serious. Waiting for the remaining five Candidates. WOW.

  14. UPP expects to win the next election? From what I am seeing UPP IS DOOMED. From these CANDIDATES… NO WAAAAAAAY.

  15. THE MOVENENT and UPP are confused. UPP is now taken over by THE MOVEMENT. These two organizations are the WORST to happen to ANTIGUA !!!!!

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