UPP Member Calls For PM To Reconsider Jonas’ Reappointment To Cabinet


George Wehner, Mobilization Officer of the United Progressive Party (UPP), is calling on Prime Minister Gaston Browne to reconsider the reappointment of Dean Jonas to a new post, Minster of Social Transformation and the Blue Economy.

In January of this year, Jonas was relieved of his position as Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs after what was termed as a toxic environment between him and his ministry and farmers; however, he was reappointed to the Cabinet two weeks ago

Wehner recalls a number of incidents as reasons why Jonas is not fit to hold any ministerial position. These include an incident in Barbuda, following Hurricane Irma, in which he called law-enforcement officers on Council Members and citizens for standing up for their rights.

Wehner says that Jonas’ performance as Minister of Agriculture is a cautionary tale of what is to come under his new portfolio.

The UPP Mobilization Officer says that Jonas’ poor showing is evident not only in his former ministry, but at the constituency level, as well.

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  1. Isn’t this the same man who had a video with guns pointed at MP’s? Recall him being charged for “terror video”. Has he even apologized? With all of this he still campaigned to be a MP in 2018. Recall his party defending his actions. Yet he argues Jonas should not be a cabinet member because he called the police on someone. The time before when Jonas did not call the police, a judge concluded he was wrong. Can understand Dean now not wanting to take matters into his own hand

    • Tenman, as far as Dean Jonas goes, “pump & pride,” may make you look good from certain perspectives; yet, whenever viewed from other angles, said pump & pride let the air out of, the pumped up persona. Hey, but perception is Crypto, and gold in this political era!

      Now, speaking of gold; MP Samatha Marshall has really shown, and is showing what I mean, in regards to Dean Jonas’ – Pump & Pride! Her recent work(S) with the Agriculture Industry, in the short period, that she’s being there, not only shows Dean’s inability, to direct, mold, nurture, enhance a very VITAL Industry to HUE-manity, it shows he’s not of that type, of leadership material, as a forward and progressive thinker. He’s a Stoic – and, in this New Norm, STOICISM is dead!

    • @Tenman: Are you afraid of guns.I like my guns.They are all well cleaned and ready to go.Guns are not a bad thing.The persons who used them to do harm to others are bad.Like as those who used knives to do evil.So are knives bad.Why should Wehner apologized.I have never seen where you and Sidelines.Have ever asked Gaston Browne to apologized to anyone.He castigate all and sundry on radio and Facebook.He publishes personal information on others without an ounce of apology.So stop your DAMN double standard.Gaston Browne is no better than anyone.He lives,he dies,he would be buried into a hole and be covered by dirt like all else.All of his earthly goods would be unloaded by death.

      • Tuna no doubt if US officials or a family member was the target, your mouth would be different. As far as gun’s go, at an early age (about ), I recall a friend of mine (he was about 8), putting his father’s gun into his less than 5 year old brother mouth and pulling the trigger. He thought as in a cartoon. it would not kill him. Suspect most Antiguan’s, around at that time would remember that sad day. You call me two faced (admittedly I have a bias towards ABLP) yet just the other day, Tabor(one of the bluest among us) was saluting my response re the PM sharing a document which he states a opposition member had sent to him. I challenge you to state even one time the PM has threatened anyone’s life. As far as apologies, PM does not need to be pressured to do that (one of the reasons I support him). Its natural for him to apologize Some say too easily. Sadly, the problem with persons possessing the high level of bias you do, is you only see events that fuel your bias.

        • @Tenman:When the Prime Minister did relieve Dean the Jonas from his Cabinet.The Prime Minister,had some very unsavory things to say about one Dean Jonas as Minister of Agriculture.To include Jonas’ personal real estate dealings while as a Substantive Minister.About wanting to lease his personal property to the Government to housed Cubans.Now the Dean is back in full confidence of Gaston Browne.What has change from then to now,I ask of you.As an insider into Gaston Browne’s ways of thinking and motives.I am not so bright,I have my suspicions.

  2. @George Wehner. As an ELECTED Member of Parliament and Leader of a formidable political party, I am quite sure the PM will give serious consideration to your request.

    Any request for your party to RECONSIDER its LEADERSHIP? Slamming down a firearm on a table in the midst of a meeting to “prove” you are bigger and badder and in charge of everyone is a sure sign that you are a “leader” who is NOT in control.

    Are you George Wehner willing to RECONSIDER that perhaps the gun slammer is NOT the best fit for LEADER of a party?

  3. George Wehner…Please leave our MP for St. George alone . Hon. Gaston Browne does NOT need your advice. George Wehner just to let you know that you will NOT get back your deposit for election 2023. You can NEVER win St. George. We in St. George are VERY happy with Hon. Dean Jonas.

    Wehner you should be studying your DEFUNKED UPP Party . You should be talking about your Leader Harold Lovell. You should also be talking about Jamale Pringle Whom the UPP Executives are trying to get rid of…..Hon. Dean Jonas is the Man for St. George . God Bless Hon. Dean Jonas.

  4. George Wehner should NOT be running on any ticket. George is NOT fit to run for Parliament. We can remember the GUN situation. You should NOT raise your head in the POLITICAL realm.

  5. When I read the article in Antigua News Room I laughed so LOUD. SHAME on George Wehner. UPP will nerver win a seat in 2023.

  6. GEORGE WEHNER and UPP want to be relevant. George Wehner should take the High Ground and withdraw His Candidacy for the UPP ( ST. GEORGE) . George does have the INTEGRITY to run for PARLIAMENT. George just want to make news. I am surprise that ANR will publish GEORGE WEHNER NONSENSE.


    Last election I campaigned for UPP in St. George. Going DOOR TO DOOR in St. George most Persons were telling me that They made a BIG mistake and elected Jaqui Quinn for two terms which They thought was a BIG BIG mistake . They also expressed that George Wehner would never win in ST.GEORGE. I would tell George Wehner that He should try another Constituency. St. George will be RED ( ABLP ) for a long time. Just first hand knowledge for George Wehner. I campaigned for you in the last election. George please take my advice.

  8. Is he the same person who made a video with laser pointing at certain members of the House plotting to take them out one by one? What an embarrassment to the ABDF.

  9. Why people think the dude is bad? because a person have guns doesn’t make them bad….ah who get the first shot off and hit target. The opposition supporters in St. Georges should be ashamed of themselves for voting for a person from way up east to represent them in parliament. You mean fuh tell me throughout the entire St. Georges constituency they cannot find an opposition person within to represent the people? Same ting dem min do in 1971. Come on St Georges what does that sy about the people?

  10. @ALEX
    NO ONE living in St. George will run on a UPP ticket . St . George tried Jaqui Quinn from the UPP for two terms. Never again. UPP NOT good for ANTIGUA.

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