UPP Leadership Independence Day Message (+VIDEO)



On behalf of the leadership, executive and membership of the United Progressive Party, we wish all nationals, at home and abroad, and those who have come to make their home among us, a very happy Independence 40!

Like last year, the coronavirus pandemic has restricted our celebrations, and in the interest of safety, we encourage everyone to respect and practice the regulations that are now in place.

However, there need be no restriction on the thanksgiving we express to almighty God who has brought us over the often rocky road of selfdetermination. Our patriotism and the fierce feelings of pride and belonging it generates need not be limited today as we sing our nation-building songs, wear our national dress, fly our flag, eat and drink our signature
foods, and allow ourselves to embrace the festive spirit of this occasion.

It has been a tough year for most of us as unemployment, business closures, illness, and death have plagued us since March 2020. As a nation, it has been a time of testing of our ingenuity, our tenacity, and our resilience; however, we are confident that, together, we will not simply endure, but come out of this a stronger people, a people who understand that independence means relying on ourselves first.

We can do better! So be assured that our party is observing. consulting, and working to develop partnerships and plans for restoring Antigua and Barbuda to the standing it once enjoyed, and for advancing the interests of the people in the fair, democratic, and
collaborative manner for which we are known.

We believe that good governance and bluer skies are ahead; and the United Progressive Party is committed, with your help, to building – for all of us – a true nation, brave and free.
May God bless and redeem Antigua and Barbuda. Stay safe!

Hon. Jamale Pringle

Harold Lovell

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  1. No thanks. Will read the message coming from the DULY ELECTED LEADER OF HER MAJESTYS LOYAL OPPOSITION the Hon. Jamale Pringle.

  2. Nice and short, surprisingly. Key theme togetherness, Well done Harold, you were able to hold back the bitterness. Happy independence to all

  3. TENMAN happy independence to you and all your comrades on ANR. Of course the political leader never engage in bitterness in his independence addresses. Please advise Smh that Harold is the leader of the UPP and the message should rightly come from him and not the Opposition Leader. I do not know how long it will take for many of the comrades to appreciate the difference in both positions.

  4. Please, Mr. Tabor, you know full well that the Hon. Jamal Pringle is the LEADER of the UPP in the Parliament. Harold is NOT. Mr. Pringle is the offical and recognized LEADER of Her Majesty’s Offical Opposition. Harold is NOT. That’s why we want to hear from Mr. Pringle, who is able to speak in an OFFICIAL capacity. Harold at this point is only a wannabee. He is NOT the Leader of the Opposition, and has NO position in Her Majesty’s Government, but the Jamal Pringle IS. Nonetheless, he did say a lot of good “stuff” as a private citizen.

    • CErmle yes Pringle is the leader of the UPP in Parliament but Harold is the leader of the Party. Pringle speaks for the Party in Parliament. Harold as the leader of the Party has more power than Pringle and is the person who has the responsibility to speak for the Party on all issues. An independence day address is one such occasion where it is the leader of the party who would be required to give a national address and not the Opposition Leader. If Harold chooses to delegate that responsibility to Pringle he can. However, the address is ex officio his call and not that of Pringle. Again, you guys need to stop confusing the roles and functions of the Opposition Leader and leader of a political party when the positions are not held by the same person.

        • DINOSAUR I would not waste my time to get into any serious debate with you since given your apparent intellectual capacity you still might not understand. I only wish to ask you, was it ok for Joanne Massiah the leader of the DNA to give an independence day address to the nation? If your answer to that question is yes, then why shouldn’t Harold Lovell as leader of the UPP be allowed to also give an independence day address. You guys are just trying to play politics by arguing that Jamale Pringle as leader of the Opposition should rightly be the person to give an independence day address on behalf of the UPP. Again, DINOSAUR that obligation rests with the leader of the Party and not the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. As the saying goes, where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise.


    STOP promoting weak LIMB.LOVELL.Lovell days are DONE. Tabor ,you should listen to KNIGHT recent recordings about UPP , GISEL ISAAC . SHAME UPP..

  6. HAROLD.LOVELL…CHUPTZ CHUPTZ. We are tired to see you face. Go hide. Harold Lovell BIGGEST LOSING POLITICIAN in the WORLD.

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