UPP: Last-minute attempts to rush through several programmes on the eve of the general elections.

New school under construction

Senator Damani Tabor is condemning the Gaston Browne Administration for its last-minute attempts to rush through several programmes on the eve of the general elections.

At present, several major roadways are being patched, fences are being repaired, infrastructure is being put in place, houses are under construction, and water tanks are being distributed across Antigua.

While these are projects that should have been undertaken over four years ago, the Antigua Labour Party Government makes no apology for failing to undertake them earlier, says Works Minister Lennox Weston.

Leaving things undone and then engaging in a flurry of activity in the lead-up to the polls is simply part of the Administration’s strategy, he said in a recent radio interview.

But Senator Tabor says these rush jobs are not satisfactory and the people will no longer be deceived by them.

Tabor, Public Relations Officer for the United Progressive Party, says the UPP will do a better job of running the country and of ensuring that the people benefit from its plans and programmes.

He reminds residents that the Labour Party Administration has embarked on many ventures during its eight-year tenure and most of these have failed or failed to materialize.

Accordingly, Tabor says, the last-minute rush will not make up for these broken promises.

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  1. DAMANI TABOR must apologize to all Antigua women for His outlandish comments about Antigua women . No one should read what this Guy writes. Damani you need to wash your mouth with vinegar. Awful Guy.

    • You ALP propagandists are so pitiful. Either you all cannot read or understand. Why don’t you repeat Tabor’s outlandish comments so all can see the liers and spinners that you ALP and Gaston’s blind followers are. Anyway, the country soon get rid a all ah are you.

    • What did he say exactly? Did you listen to him yourself or the twisted Gaston Browne version? You need some vinegar to scrub your lying tongue. Dirty liar!! Propagandist. Have you heard all the stuff that Gaston Browne says about people? What have you said to him about his disrespect? Always trying to start some nonsense. Nobody is buying it!

    • You ALP losers need to get a life. Tabor said women want running water because they are big on personal hygiene. Is your failed government against that now? Seems you guys oppose everything women need like the MOM (child support assistance) program and the reduction in customs duties that would make feeding the family is easier. And let’s not forget Gaston said no stimulus money for single mothers because they will “waste the money on hair and nails, while the children go hungry”. What mother would starve her child? Sick!

  2. Beg dem fix the water first. We know is Election Water but please we tired wid the throw up water now jack. Sun too hot a day time!

  3. These projects will not be finished and should the ALP win, they will be drop where they stop the day before election and become a source of irritation which they will not care about. Everyone can see that this is what will happen. Just take for example the bridge on Fort Road.
    What will it take for Antiguans to understand that these desperate last minute actions will not end well for them? What more do they want to see to convince them?
    The Labourites are frustrated about the water problem that they are told is fixed. Yet they are still throwing up water, but you know what they say? Ah me party. Me nar say nutten against me party.

    So they call their party radio station and beg nice for water, and everybody could hear how they are holding back the anger and frustration in their voice. Wat a ting!

    The Darg need to call the election fast before they all die from all this suppressed stress.

  4. Kudos to the government for lighting the motorway from Mount Joy service station all the way to Wiliky.

  5. Airport and fries hill road was done when?
    Houses at Paynters, Villa and Denfields when built when?
    The Port project started when?
    The rebuilding of fire victims houses started when?

    When I read these comments , I’m able to realize it’s a single person that made all those comments trying to look like many persons commenting….. can fool a few but NOT the Majority.

    • Gaston, one red person use plenty, plenty names:

      LYNN B
      V GORMAN
      GT ARBOR

      You, Gaston know what your red side do.
      So you think other people like you

  6. What happen to YIDA and Western Imperial Economic Zones? Where you ever hear one investor suing the other? Gaston Browne really know how to make history. And then the investor rents the PM’s house and disappear leaving a mountain of unpaid bills. Watchman, truckers, grass cutters, carpenters and masons. Mr Singh don’t pay none bady!

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