UPP: Jolly Beach Workers Still Holding Empty Bag as PM Promises Another Opening Date



Jolly Beach Workers Still Holding Empty Bag as PM Promises Another Opening Date

The long–suffering former workers of Jolly Beach are once again being taken for a ride, as this administration has issued yet another timeline for the resuscitation of the now decrepit property.

The Gaston Browne-led ABLP told the nation, last week, that in 60 days the hotel will be up and running as government will purchase the property and Apple Vacations will manage it.

By the last count, there have been six separate announcements of buyers and that many opening dates.

At every announcement, the former workers were told their just due will be prioritized.

As early as September 2020 Sunwing pulled out of the deal; In December, a 300 million dollar investor from Holland was identified.

In May 2022 a prospective buyer who would invest 200 million dollars was announced. And then again in the same month, Elite Island Resorts was tipped to manage the hotel.

In July Cabinet announced that the Barett group was no longer interested. On July 9, Gaston Browne declared government will purchase the property and turn it over to Apple Vacations.

Were it not such a serious issue, with the lives of the patient staff literally at stake, it would be laughable.

Following one of the announcements of a sale, government “discovered” that there was a 15 million dollar caution on the property and that no sale could take place without it being lifted by the court.

The PM noted in Parliament on Monday that the court is expected to make its decision in September.

The question then becomes: Is the Jolly Beach matter one of gross incompetence? Why have all these attempts to secure investors failed? Where does the true problem lie? What will Apple Vacations do differently? More importantly, why continue to make these premature announcements before details are finalized?

Is this just further evidence of this administration’s mishandling of the nation’s affairs?

This Jolly Beach saga illustrates the need for a credible body to create a climate for bona fide investors as was demonstrated under a UPP leadership. The Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority provided such.

UPP Political Leader Harold Lovell says “With all of the ABLP claims of supply chain issues that have been associated with fixing the water issues, are we to believe that a Jolly Beach Resort can be fully refurbished in 60 days? The Gaston Browne administration has the record for the greatest number of failed projects anywhere in the world. This is largely due to playing politics to make headlines, as opposed to being prudent in managing the affairs of the country.”

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  1. Oh, the Jolly Beach workers will get their money 💰 before election time – no doubt about that!

    As I’ve said time and time again, there is no better opportunity for workers (past or present) to get their hard-earned cash from the ABLP’S magical money 💰 tree. 🌳


    • Ask the ABWU where are the workers thrift funds! That’s not the government’s fault. Put the blame where it belongs – ABWU. Poor representation!

  2. UPP Will you honor this one to? I am checking your HONOR ROLL to date and will number then and I want one of the #UPPNEARGA to let us know where the money going to come from.

    • What’s up with $8million Deluxe Cinema bail out? What’s the status on that? What’s going on in that building?

    • Just saying this is for you. In today’s OBSERVER on page 7 para 8 on an investigative study on the CIP, the journalist revealed that $25,000 yes $25,000 was spent by the ABLP Cabinet members on a meal at a popular restaurant.

      How many pensioners could have been paid.

      If you are so worried about where the money is coming from perhaps you could ask Comrade Max to give back the money that tax payers gave him.
      Oh, you don’t have a problem with Comrade Max getting a bail out. But you worried where the UPP getting money from.

  3. Hold the government accountable they cannot manage a payroll try to put all the blame on covid. 85% is the incompetence and 15% is due to covid. Even up to this day they are blaming UPP. To continuously blame is the number sign to look for an incompetent government that is in power

    • Can you tell me who in the present slate of candidates are competent to run any ministry much the government?

      • When you look around Antigua does it look like a country that is being run competently? Are you satisfied with the government you have now? Time for them to go!

      • The labour governments have been the worst people for Antigua. And the worst thing is that a lot of Antiguans are still living in the twentieth entry. Don’t worry, UPP has enough qualified individuals to help in the development of Antigua. The labour government has Gaston Browne. Is anybody else in his government allowed a say? You think labour government people are so smart. Yes they are smart at using their position in government to get rich.

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