UPP Hosts Successful Public Forum in Atlanta

UPP Hosts Successful Public Forum in Atlanta
The UPP hosted a public forum in Atlanta, GA last Thursday, as part of the Diaspora Connect Roadshow.  The first stop on this three city US tour featured four panelists:  Political Leader Harold Lovell, Deputy Political Leader Jamale Pringle, UPP Candidate for St. Mary’s North, Johnathan Joseph and UPP Candidate for St. Phillip South, Sherfield Bowen.
This initiative held under the theme“ Partnership for Investment and Nation Building,” targeted Antiguan and Barbudan nationals and those linked to the country by friendship, business, education, interest or affinity.
“This format aligns with the UPP’s philosophy and practice of tapping into people-centred ideas. We want to empower Antiguans and Barbudans in the Diaspora who have the means – and the interest – to invest in their country and to contribute to nation building,” said Harold Lovell.
The Political Leader also announced that the Linking Experts and Advocates in the Diaspora (LEAD) project will be established to engage highly qualified experts, professionals and advocates, to tap into their skills and expertise.
“It is important to engage the Diaspora in national conversations since many of UPP plans and programs will also affect those who have an interest in returning home or establishing a second home, “ Lovell said.
Going forward Lovell will make several announcements about a structure that will facilitate Diaspora Direct Investments (DDI), as well as special investment packages.
Several nationals also used the opportunity to express their grievances and discontent with the ABLP Government’s continued dire performance in office. They spoke of issues such as the inadequate supply of water, increase in crime, a lack of development in the business landscape, the Government’s persistence in using temporary solutions when fixing potholes, and many more. Drawing on their professional experience  in healthcare, agriculture, business and other disciplines they provided in-depth, knowledgeable analyses of problems and workable solutions.
“The discussions at the forum were of a very high quality, demonstrating the tremendous intellectual capital that remains untapped, undeveloped and under-utilised throughout the Diaspora.  These contributions will be given serious consideration by the UPP leadership as we finalize our plans and policies,” Lovell said.
A similar forum will be held in New York on Monday October 3rd. These programs are livestreamed and available for viewing on UPP’s YouTube channel.

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  1. Congratulations UPP for your proactive approach with your marvelous initiatives. BIG UP.
    Gaston Browne and his 28 failed projects and his investors that are in jail like Peter Virdee, Saab MORAN and Xiao Jianhua.
    Plenty groung faking by the ABLP!

  2. Might be a good idea for UPP to ensure people are aware they are voting for the party & it’s proposed policies.
    NOT just for a PM. A vote for ablp is a Gaston vote.

    It also would be good to know what their plan is if they indeed win the election but the current political leader does not win his seat.
    From talking to people, that’s the biggest concern around voting , as there are energized candidates who would be a refreshing change to the same old faces, be they red or blue.

  3. Same script. remember they did this before and Erol said they had countless investors 25 nautical miles west of Antigua ready to row in if the government changed. All now still waiting. Girls went and row from Europe to Antigua and still reach before dem investors UP had promised since 2004.

    • @ Talk about same script. Let us talk about the wiping off electricity arrears. Yes, directly from the ABLP PLAY BOOK .

      You have been silent on that one.

      • @JARVIS…Economies are run based on fact not on fiction like what dem #UPPNEARGA is pushing. The fact is that the Antigua and Barbuda economy is on a rebound and the government has seen it fitting to offer ANOTHE stimulus. Though I will not qualify since I pay my bills on time, the initiative has my support. 5 MORE YEARS IN DEM TAIL PART.

  4. This is the most RIDICULOUS article. You should have said successful LODGE meeting.
    From the 6 Persons posting , the ROADSHOW was a DISASTER. Gaston call the election in June 2023 when the UPP is completely out of CASH. Gaston remember to release the names of the FRAUDULENT Candidates within UPP as You mentioned on POINTE FM on Saturday.

  5. Wait. It was so successful that they didn’t even give us video clips of the meeting.
    Maybe ANR dropped the ball and forgot to publish them

    • @From The.. yep they hiding the truth. Saw some images and outside of the panelist, thee was hardly anyone else there. Plenty space to run cows

  6. @Knight in Shining..et al. UPP can’t find an investor even if the person came looking for them. Now dealing with the lies being told regarding how much government has made from CIP (Some claim billions) As I have often wrote, its about 100 million EC a year since 2014. 2021:123 million EC, 2020 was 115.7 million EC, 2019: 98 million ec, 2018: 59 million EC, 2017 : 64 million EC, 2016: 117 million EC, 2015: 68.1 million EC (see https://www.imidaily.com/intelligence/antigua-barbuda-cbi-applications-up-36-in-2021-govt-revenue-reaches-us46m/ . Knight in Shining Armour, try and grow up, you are too old to be acting so childish

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