UPP Executive Members Picket Government House


The United Progressive Party today picketed the official residence of the Governor General today to press for the inquiry into the shooting of a customs officer.

The picketers chanted, “Who shot Benjy? Call the Inquiry!” while one placard reminded the Governor-General of his powers under the Commissions of Inquiry Act.

UPP Political Leader Harold Lovellwants “a full independent inquiry” into the shooting of Cornel Benjamin and the $3 million fraud and forgery reported by Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

A UPP team met with the deputy Governor General in November but the party says there has been no further communication from the Governor-General.

Lovell, who is currently off island, says the picket had his full support. “It sends the right signal for the start of the New Year,” he says. “It is obvious that the intention is to cover up the fraud and attempted murder [and] we should not let it die.”

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  1. With such a MASSIVE CROWD, the GG is sure to be trembling in his boots and will surely capitulate to the demands of this MASSIVE CROWD that picketed Goverment House. Will this MASSIVE CROWD also picket Police Headquarters and Raju Baddu’s barbershop as well?

    It is pellucidly clear that the UPP is definitely “Ready To Govern”

    This is a well thought out and highly strategic move on the part of the UPP.

    Well played Chaku.


    • Very humorous sarcasm! I trust this comment will stir sense into the members of UPP who will seek more efficient strategy for problem solving.

  2. I am having the BIGGEST LAUGH for 2020. Are these Guys for REAL ? They call this a PICKET.I would call it ” TIME WASTERS” .BIG JOKE.CHAKU do not shout too loud. Your FALSE TEETH will fall out of your mouth . Remember this happened a few years ago. JOKERS

    • It’s funny and sad at the same time. It reminds me of The Emperor’s New Clothes. You laugh at the emperor parading the streets naked, but pity him for not realizing his rearend is exposed to the public.

  3. LOVELL: “It sends the right signal for the start of the New Year”

    If this is the right signal that will set the tone for the rest of the year, then UPP will continue to spiral down into the abyss.

    Lovell does NOT listen!

  4. These GUYS ARE seniors. Where are the YOUTHS ? The UPP should examine the Party to find why They CANNOT attract 18 to 35years . UPP is finished. These Guys could get SUNSTROKE. Be careful Guys. I am worried about your welfare. CHAKU be careful your FALSE TEETH do not fall out your mouth.Take it easy.

  5. PS: Will somebody please tell the Governor General to rip down that grey wall so the People can at least see the building they are picketing. That wall is a holdover from colonialism, as a barrier between the People and the Colonial Governors. It has no place in today’s world. Replace it with a see through fence, if you must, but let the people see their house. Tourists also would be drawn to take a look at our most important building. It’s time to TEAR DOWQN THAT WALL.

  6. UPP MEMBER January 4, 2020 at 7:26 pm

    SERPENT on Observer Snakepit behaves as if He is the Leader of The Opposition in Parliament and also Leader of the UPP . Serpent talks as if UPP is afraid of HIM. Why the Hell my Party is allowing this to happen. I am very concern about what is going on with the UPP. I read in the Observer Newspaper that The UPP was PROTESTING outside Government House. This PROTESTATION was a BIG Failure . NOTHING was said to the other members. The turnout that I saw in the paper was SHAMEFUL. If We want to win Seats in 2023 Our Party must distance itself from the following the Persons

    If We continue under our current Leadership…We are doomed to FAILURE . Let Us SMARTEN Brothers and Sisters.


    • You’ll are already doomed to failure,regardless of who you bring in 2023..Unless you can resurrect or turn back the clock.The UPP dead..

  7. @ Gr8
    UPP need to take a good look of what is going on. Are you telling me that there was a PICKET and only certain members knew about this PICKET ? This tells me that We are having internal problems . Chaku , Gisel and others seem to be doing Their own thing. Something is just NOT right. Brothers and Sisters We have Gaston Browne and ABLP to face in 2023. We need to start some serious planning . These People ( ABLP ) are not easy in election. I believe that We should show to the General Public our UPP SLATE for 2023.

  8. @ JHA
    I do not believe that the UPP is doomed. UPP need MAJOR RESTRUCTURING. It beyond me the EXECUTIVES Cannot see what is happening out there . I wonder the UPP read the on this medium 90 % of the comments are against the UPP . Something is wrong. It would appear to me that the ABLP supporters control the Internet. Brother Harold Lovell …Let Us do something quickly. We DO NOT want the results as 2014 and 2018.

    • No. The ablp supporters do not control the internet. Even on their own politically-aligned radio station, the YOUNG PEOPLE HAVE SAID THAT UPP HAS NOTHING TO OFFER THEM. I wonder if Harold Lovell and company chewed on that and allowed it to digest or they just spat it out.

    • I can recall back in 1976,as a very young Girl,i use to hear my Parents say,PLM was over.It was proven over the decades that they really were..I see the UPP facing the same demise. Restructure or not,that’s it for them,along with the restructuring ,they should try a name change to.

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