UPP ends major campaigning confident of victory on Wednesday


The main opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) ended its public campaign for the March 21 general elections on Sunday night telling supporters that it “is time for a change” in government.

“Wednesday is the day of reckoning. March 21st is when you must stand up for Antigua. Stand up for Barbuda. Stand up for your heritage and your land, your identity and your culture,” UPP leader Harold Lovell told the party’s rally.

Lovell H
UPP leader Harold Lovell surrounded by supporters

“It is the moment when the “X” that you place will determine whether you are for democracy or dictatorship!  Whether you want decency in a leader or decadence.  Whether your children and grandchildren get a future or you give their future to Gaston’s children.  Whether jobs are created for your development or reserved for outsiders’ remittance,” he added.

Lovell, a former finance minister, who is leading the party into a general election for the first time, said that while “this is the last time in this campaign that we will meet like this…make sure your family members and friends go out to vote.  Win them over to our cause.

“Be our scrutineers and warn those who would attempt to vote illegally.  Raise the alarm when you see them trying to snatch our victory away,” he said, criticising the Gaston Browne administration of turning the country into a dictatorship.

“Pray. Pray again. And pray again after that, knowing that we are wrestling against “principalities and powers, and against the rulers of the darkness of this world,” Lovell said, telling supporters that his party is not about to play God and declare the outcome of the election.

“But we are going into the polls on Wednesday morning, after a night of supplication to the Almighty, to remove this government and to redeem our country.  And He is going to hear and answer us.  Through the help of God Almighty, the UPP is going to win,” Lovell added.

He told supporters that on attaining office, the UPP administration will seek credible outside investors and build-up the local business class as well as implement policies for the socio-economic development of the country.

He is also promising to seek an audience with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regarding the re-establishment of visa-free travel to Canada.

“When we tell you that we will go to Parliament and enact legislation so that the Rastafari community can safely celebrate their Holy Sacrament in designated places of worship, you can trust us. When we tell you we are going to repeal the Barbuda Land (Amendment) Act and the Paradise Found Act, you know we are going to do it. When we promise you that we will go back to making Good Friday a day on which alcohol will not be sold, you can go to church on that,” he told the rally.

Lovell said that the Browne administration had been such a failure, it was impossible for it to have continued until the end of its first term in office.

Browne called the elections more than a year ahead of the constitutional deadline because of the need to safeguard several multi-million dollar projects in the pipeline, but Lovell told the rally in just under four years, all the gains made by the country under the UPP administration until 2014 “have been reversed, reduced, or erased.

“Gaston Browne and his Labour Party have been showing us, these three years-plus, that they cannot go the distance. And this early election proves they are doubled over, “blowing short,” winded by what it takes to manage a government and run a country,” Lovell added.

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    • LMAO!! Politics101. Event he DNA is confident of victory. Even if you know in your heart of hearts that you’re not gonna win, do NOT admit defeat or entertain any talk of it. PERCEPTION=REALITY

    • I do not rejoice in other people’s pain and misery. I have compassion for them already. And I will be there to give them a shoulder to lean on and lots of toilet paper and alcolado and limacal.

  1. Wondering if UPP paid any international big artist or offered any enticements like free gas and so to get ppl to show UPP last evening….🤔…. Looka ppl!!! Even if they lose this time around they wld definitely be benefiting from gained experience. Say what u want abt our prime minister, but he made a wise move by caln snap elections. He couldn’t run the risk of UPP really firing up their base. May the best team win!

  2. UPPITES it’s was same tune in 2014, the result was 14-3. This time around it would be 16.5-.5 in favour of the ABLP. Let not your hearts be troubled…

  3. Hahahahaha what happen to all the UPP sponsors they don’t have the money to put on the big hoopla like they use to in 2014. Butch not backing you guys up or y’all don’t give up.

  4. MSJMC ,Please,please,get an extra line up of Emergency room workers,you will need it.. Believe it or not,not for the UPP hierarchy ,they know they will not win,but for the idiotic supporters who really believe they will win because the leader keeps driving it home.What a Ting.

        • Can’t wait for this silly season to end cause you comment maker chat some real s**t in here and at the end of the day all the politicians are friends and you guys just made yourselves some real pappyshows

  5. Anyone recalled this from the Former PM,BS? ” LORD UP THERE” The same games are been played again, These people are so deceitful that they are even attempting to deceive the Almighty..

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